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  Current River Trip
  Posted by: deuce on Dec-20-13 12:33 PM (EST)

Copied from the ACC message board:

Fri Dec 20, 2013 9:43 am

This post started over in Recreational. There's not a whole lot there yet, so I'll just start afresh here. Love the new section!

My friend Paul Smith and I will meet in Eminence late morning Thursday, December 26 for a float down the Current River. The section we'll run is all class I with a nice flow due to its constant replenishment from numerous springs. There is some boat control required, and cold weather gear is a must. This float is suitable for any type of boat, but keep in mind this is a multi-day trip so you'll need gear space. It will likely start at Cedargrove and end at Round Spring, but that's not set in stone yet. We do plan to be off the river in time to be home at a decent hour Saturday night.

Now that that's out of the way, here's the plan. We'll launch late Thursday morning and float, fish and gawk our way down river until we find the gravel bar that will be our home for the night. We'll sleep in the next morning and eventually start making our way down river again when we're warmed up a little. We'll repeat.

This is an every man for himself trip with the following caveats. I'll have a grill that can accomdodate whatever anyone wants to cook over the fire. I'll also have a big four burner stove that will be fair game for anyone who needs it along with quite a bit of table space. Those of you who roll with me also know I'll have a Dutch Oven or two along that will likely yield some treats I'll need lots of help eating.

If you've never floated this river In the Bleak Midwinter you need to. There's a lot to experience, and just as importantly one thing we won't experience is the River Dork hatch that keeps me off that river between May and September. There are big springs, old homestead cabins and caves (one of which can be paddled into) easily accessible from the river, and the coyotes will sing us to sleep at night. We'll build big white man fires, drink vast quantities of hot beverages, cut up and enjoy each others' fellowship. The bringing of kids is encouraged.

I realize this is kind of short notice and many folks won't be able to get a yard pass for the days immediately following Christmas. Heck, I was surprised when Mrs. Deuce gave me one, but she knows how stir crazy I get when I've been stuck inside too long. I intend to depart central Arkansas around 5:00 Thursday morning and will welcome passengers and/or convoy members. Details will follow as they emerge, and if you want to talk to me directly just dial or text five01951eight63five any time. Merry Christmas and happy paddling!

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  Thinking about it
  Posted by: pblanc on Dec-20-13 1:22 PM (EST)
Can you give a better estimate of when you plan to meet in Eminence late Thursday morning? It takes me about 5 1/2 hrs to get there from where I live.
  Takes me around five hours and I
  Posted by: deuce on Dec-20-13 1:44 PM (EST)
plan to leave at 5:00, so I'd say 10:00 give or take a few for pit stops, late ocnvoy members etc. I'll be taking a raft this time, so if you were so inclined you could arrive later and not have to wait around while we rig it. On the other hand, consensus is the rigging process is quite entertaining. Some have taken to calling my poor gear pig the Clampett barge.
  Clampett Barge?
  Posted by: pblanc on Dec-20-13 1:57 PM (EST)
If I bring along a rocking chair and a long white wig do I get to be Granny?
  I would be honored
  Posted by: deuce on Dec-20-13 3:22 PM (EST)
to squire you around in just such a state. You probably know the Donaldsons. The first time I ever met them to float was up there. My buddy and I pulled up and started uloading the raft and all the accoutrements and Al and Ana's eyes got bigger and bigger with each item we unloaded, and by the time we inflated the raft and put every bit of it aboard then hopped on top they were in stitches. It was then that Al christened it the Clampett Barge.
  Or a red suit and a belt and a sack
  Posted by: kayamedic on Dec-20-13 4:06 PM (EST)
and be Santa on r and r.
  Well, this is a three day trip,
  Posted by: deuce on Dec-20-13 4:19 PM (EST)
and there's plenty of room to pack a wardrobe. Hmmmmm.
  Jed Clampett
  Posted by: pblanc on Dec-20-13 4:50 PM (EST)
Christian Ludolf "Buddy" Ebsen, Jr. was born in my hometown.
  Well Doggies!
  Posted by: deuce on Dec-20-13 6:30 PM (EST)
  Too Bad
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Dec-23-13 1:12 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Dec-23-13 1:40 AM EST --

Have to work Thur noc, Sat and Sun. Have a good time. Pete, let me know if you're coming this way. Here's a few upper Current pics from the last month to whet your appetite:

  Bummer Terry.
  Posted by: deuce on Dec-23-13 10:19 AM (EST)
Pete, still haven't firmed things up completely, but the greatest likelihood is a party of three floating from Cedar Grove to Round Spring. We'll probably launch around 11:00. One additional floater may join us for the day Friday. Bit of a drive for one day IMO, but to each his own. I'll email you the particulars in the next day or two, but if there's anything you need to know before then feel free to call or email. Hope you can join us!
  I Work 11-7 Thursday
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Dec-23-13 11:16 AM (EST)
Have to leave for work at 8:30pm. If I did the Cedar Grove to Akers stretch I would get home about 6:00pm, but no sleep. STILL, I'm VERY tempted to call my friend Dan and try to come for the day!
  My digits.
  Posted by: deuce on Dec-23-13 11:52 AM (EST)
Thought they were in the original post, but.......

Anywho, five01951eight63five.
  Posted by: pblanc on Dec-23-13 12:13 PM (EST)
I believe that you recently paddled Akers to Pulltite, no?

Have you by chance paddled Pulltite to Round Spring since the Fall Rendezvous? There was a river wide strainer (2 trees or a double trunk tree) down across the stream bed there in October after the park reopened. Pat C. wound up swimming under it with his boat.

Just curious if it is still there.
  Ruh Roh
  Posted by: deuce on Dec-23-13 12:20 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Dec-23-13 12:32 PM EST --

That could be a hassle. Maybe I should throw the chainsaw in the raft. Probably be the only thing I'm not taking at this point.

Edit: Just talked to CRC. He says Bill McKinney (no idea who that is but you guys probably know) and some others cut a "pretty good chunk" out of it. That's a good reminder not to take anything for granted.

  Not really a big problem
  Posted by: pblanc on Dec-23-13 1:07 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Dec-23-13 1:44 PM EST --

Even if it is still there. It is visible from upstream and there is a gravel bar to the right side that provides a short carry around it.

It just looked to us at the time as if it was one of those "speedbump" logs that could be jumped. The first trunk was but the second one, partially obscured by the first, was not. With a bit more water, it would have been.

Pat was in front of our little group and he and I decided to go for it. After clearing the first trunk, his bow smacked the second and hung up. My wife and I, following behind him in a 16' tandem with two dogs, could not stop, and with the first trunk in the way there was really no room to maneuver. So we helped drive Pat and his canoe under and onward. The current was not horrendously strong, however, so we were able to pretty easily come broadside to the tree and lean into it, whereupon my wife and I got out on the trunk, and I lifted the canoe over with the dogs still in it.

Mike C., in the third canoe of our group, watched this unfold and wisely decided on the short carry around on the right side gravel bar.

  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Dec-23-13 2:19 PM (EST)
Did that stretch a couple weeks ago. Trying to picture where it was? I THINK I know and think it was probably trimmed? It was pretty tricky earlier, but gone now. There's nothing river wide now. You know the strainer that was getting to be a problem right below Akers? The channel has now changed and goes to the right of it.

I've done everything down to Round spring in the last month and there are a few strainers that require some attention, but nothing too difficult. Dan swam after hitting that little stob in the channel going around the right side of the island above the Hwy 19 bridge at Round spring seen here:
But that was a matter of it sneaking up on him and low water. After snow melt and heavy rain last weekend the water level should be great. And I've seen otters last two trips, including in the channel on the right side of this island (left looking upstream).

I'm leaning toward seizing the day and going with you all!
  Woo Hoo!
  Posted by: deuce on Dec-23-13 2:31 PM (EST)
In the process of emailing shuttle thoughts now to Paul and Pete (wait a minute, Peter Paul and Terry!). FYI I should mention that we plan to spend the first night somewhere around Welch. I know that's not far, but we won't launch until 11:00ish and the best fishing is between CG and there I'm told. I'm sure we can work something out if you want to keep going. Just didn't want you to be surprised when we pulled up to camp so soon.
  Posted by: PJC on Dec-23-13 7:39 PM (EST)
Terry, it was just past the old teacher's retreat on what is now that new Mo St Park. It was shortly after the first sighting of the cell tower. When you see that, "heads up."

There's a largish old trunk coming down steeply from the left bank and a newer, smaller trunk laying almost horizontally from the right. (Leaves were still on it.) It looks like you could skirt the left trunk and maybe go left behind it, skimming over the top twigs of the smaller tree. Don't try it - its a "no go" but you won't see that till you're in it. Swimming under it, though, I encountered no submerged branches and the water was deep and smooth, though cool. I there offered up a pair of worn out work boots that were hanging on my thwart to the spirits of the Current river.

On the way home I stopped at Akers and told the folks there about it. I was the second person in an hour that had given them that info. They said they'd pass the word on to the DNR guy who checks in with them regularly. I bet they had a path cleared by the next day. It wouldn't have been a difficult one to remove. We could probably have done it with patience and a Sven saw if we'd been carrying one.
  I Know The Spot
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Dec-23-13 9:18 PM (EST)
It did look like it got worse and someone fixed it.

Plus, here is a 5 Star gravel bar just downstream from Welch Spring and upstream from Welch Access. It's large, high, and nice little oasis for tarps. Good trout fishing from there too. Been there several times and camped there twice this year. If anyone hikes up to Welch from the access, though, the trail is across the river. But there aren't very many hardy souls on the river this time of the year:
  I think I know where you're at
  Posted by: PJC on Dec-24-13 9:50 AM (EST)
though I wouldn't recognize it from the photos. I think I recall Sloop and I hanging out there while folks tried to paddle up Welsh Spring on one of the early rendezvous. If its where I think the audio would have been great.
Sure looks warm... we got 8" day before yesterday and are pretty much in the deep freeze now - but its sunny.
Happy Holidays paddlers!

So is the Ark. group off the river yet? How was it?
  They're Going Thursday, Pat
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Dec-24-13 10:25 AM (EST)
Not too warm right now, but maybe high in the 40's Thursday?
  The Arkies and the honorary?
  Posted by: deuce on Dec-24-13 10:32 AM (EST)
Arkies depart on Boxing Day. Weather is supposed to get nicer each day. May be skinny dipping by Saturday.
  You realize
  Posted by: PJC on Dec-24-13 12:43 PM (EST)
That's a cruel thing to say to us northerners (who also love the Current) right now... :-) It hit -8 last night. I bet there's an awful lot of wind and cold, drifting snow between us and the Current R. right now.
  Do what they do in the Twin Cities
  Posted by: pblanc on Dec-24-13 1:19 PM (EST)
Keep saying to yourself over and over "We like it here" until your brain becomes numb and you drift off into a blissful stupor.
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Dec-28-13 5:41 AM (EST)
Nice meeting you'all, just wish I didn't have to rush off. Always good to paddle with Peter. Here's a few pics, a couple Pete shot of me:
  Very Nice!
  Posted by: PJC on Dec-28-13 8:17 AM (EST)
Good to see the river in winter and see you guys on it. Familiar faces in familiar places. Looks like you got some pretty good snow down there also.

  Great Time
  Posted by: deuce on Dec-29-13 1:53 PM (EST)
Really enjoyed spending time with Terry, Dan and Doc (my buddy Paul and I took to calling Pete that; hope he didn't mind too much). I have a bunch of pics, but I need to sort through them before posting a link.
  Great fun
  Posted by: pblanc on Dec-30-13 12:49 PM (EST)
The days were incredibly pleasant, with cloudless skies on Thursday, and Friday, partly cloudy skies on Saturday.

Warm enough to wear a short sleeve paddling jacket on Friday and Saturday, although I put a light long-sleeve shirt over it in the afternoons.

Nights were crisp with crystalline starry skies. Cold enough to nearly completely freeze an unopened gallon container of drinking water by morning with plenty of hoarfrost on my sleeping bag cover and both inside and outside of the tent. Shoes and everything else left outside were pretty well frozen by the AM.

Luke and Paul cooked great breakfasts and dinners with stuff like dutch oven cooked cobbler, cornbread, and biscuits.

Pat, someone had done good work on your tree opening up a good-sized channel on the left side. The upper part of the trunk and the branches are still there on the gravel bar and sticking out into the water on the left side of the channel but there was plenty of room for a raft to go through, which was fortunate since even a short carry over the gravel bar would have been a major PITA.


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