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  West PA Solo Canoe Rendezvous 2014
  Posted by: 85dragonfly on Sep-28-13 12:20 PM (EST)

The usual way in advance heads-up so y’all can mark your calendars - The 7th Annual Western PA Solo Canoe Rendezvous will be held on the first full weekend of June in 2014. This is Friday June 6 through Sunday June 8. It will be held again at the usual site at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Portersville PA. The Rendezvous is a gathering of solo canoe enthusiasts in particular (though tandems are very much welcome also). It features various manufacturers and designers of canoes with demo models of their boats available for test-paddling; demonstrations of, and informal instruction in, FreeStyle paddling; assorted programs on various aspects of canoe design, construction, and use in the real world; food; generally some live, and very informal, “ entertainment” on one or both evenings, courtesy (?) of whichever members of the Floating and Amorphous FreeStyle String Band may be in attendance; Dead Fish Polo, if you’re into it; a heart-stoppingly Exciting and completely Silly Giant Schlalom Race; a Candlelight Paddle to music-over-the-night-darkened-pond on Saturday evening if the weather smiles; perhaps a pick-up paddling trip on local streams/rivers; informal gear/boat sales and swaps; a pot-luck Vegetarian dinner on the Friday night that can’t be beat: and Goodness Knows What-all. We make it up as we go along. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in solo canoes for 60 some hours (or more) to the exclusion of all other reality. An event which is informal and laid-back to a fare-thee-well.
Everyone is encouraged to bring their own solo craft, since at least part of the experience is being able to look over (and perhaps paddle) a large array of classic solo canoes that you just don’t see all that often.
There is no charge for the Event per se, though the Campground does charge a modest fee for Day-Trippers, and of course assesses a fee for camping. This early in the game precise details as to scheduling (such as that is), who will be attending, and the like are by no means set. We will provide such info as it becomes available on the Rendezvous’ website so check with us periodically. That website will also contain info on directions to find us, and a link to the campground’s website so you may contact them directly as regards camping reservations (though there’s many acres of space in the area where the Rendezvous is held, and reservations are generally not really necessary). We’re also on Facebook, so look for us there – and feel free to post comments and pics there too. We’d like to hear from you.
And speaking of the website – one of our attendees in 2011 was Nelson Hermance, from the Chicago area. Nelson’s business, Fischer Software, is (among other things) the creation, design, and maintenance of websites. Nelson and Fischer very graciously offered to rehab/redesign the site, and make a number of changes, and continues to maintain the site for us. For this Becky and I could not be more grateful. The archived pictures from our first six years give one a pretty good idea of what the event is like. Thanks Much, Nelson and Fischer Software.
So please do come – like the sign says, it’s a Very Nice Affair Indeed.

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  West PA Solo Canoe Rendezvous 2014 updat
  Posted by: 85dragonfly on Apr-02-14 4:02 PM (EST)
An updated reminder that the 7th Annual West Pa. Solo Canoe Rendezvous will take place on the first full weekend of June, which this year is June 6/7/8. As always, and each year, the Rendezvous will include a random and ever-changing collection of solo canoes (many of them classics), paddlers and paddling of all descriptions, some FreeStyle demos and instruction, canoe builders/designers, assorted informal “events”, some beautifully restored wooden canoes from our local Three Rivers chapter of WCHA, possible pick-up trips, and assorted other and sundry with the usual laid back make-it-up-as-we-go approach. The emphasis as always is on the solo canoe, but Tandemites are welcome too. We know that Hemlock Canoe, Colden Canoe, and DogPaddle Canoe and Woodworks will be on hand; and are pleased also to say that this year Placid Boatworks will be back with us after an absence of a couple years. We await word on several others, and will include that info as it comes to us on our websites. Speaking of which, the website and our Facebook page are the place to go for details, directions, pics, and updates. And still, no charges for the event per se, but the campground does assess a camping fee, and a very nominal charge for day-trippers. Hope y’all can be there.
  West PA SoloCanoe Rendezvous 2014
  Posted by: 85dragonfly on Apr-29-14 7:52 PM (EST)
Another Update for this year’s Rendezvous…in addition to the manufacturers we have previously mentioned, we expect that the one and only Charlie Wilson will be with us again this year. A more knowledgable and experienced canoe person one would be hard-pressed to find. Not quite sure yet, but Swift Canoes may be present in some capacity. More on that as we know it. We can also say that our great friend Rick Lalonde, from the Province of Ontario, will once again offer to instruct any and all comers in the art, and art it surely is, of Canadian-style paddling.
A long-standing Rendezvous tradition is the Friday night Vegetarian Pot-luck dinner, and we’ll reprise that again this year. All are welcome, irrespective of culinary preferences. If you are so inclined, bring along a vegetarian dish/assemblage of some description, but please do come on over, contribution or not, ‘cause there’s always tons of food and we’d love to have you. You’re welcome!
As in previous years, we’ll have coffee and some assorted donuts, bagels, etc on the Saturday and Sunday AMs; we’ll also have sandwich fixin’s and assorted chips/drinks for Saturday lunch. In keeping with tradition, these will be available for a donation-in-the-can. For Saturday dinner we will have a “catered” dinner which will most likely consist of fried chicken, along with an assortment of general “picnic fare” ( potato salad, cole claw, etc, etc)(and some kinda desert-ish thing, like brownies maybe) For this repast we will ask a charge, which is usually in the range of $7-$8 (It varies a bit from year to year). Otherwise, food-wise, you’re on your own…but there are several nearby options for vittles if you’re inclined to purchase rather than bring your own.
We don’t mention this enough, but there is always an informal gear/boat swap/trade/buy/sell thing going on. If you have stuff you’d like to try to pass on to another who could use what you got and don’t need, bring it along. Or, feel free to use our website ( or Facebook page (Western Pa. Solo Canoe Rendezvous) to let folks know about that and connect independently . We’ll have some sort of area for that on site as well.
So do come, and be prepared to just Wing It. Your “event providers” wing it too. More than you know.

  Less than two weeks to go.
  Posted by: Yanoer on May-27-14 9:42 AM (EST)
It's unlikely I'll make it, due to car issues. I'll get ther one of these years.
  wpascr '14
  Posted by: 85dragonfly on May-28-14 3:43 PM (EST)
Hitch a ride Yanoer! We'd be pleased to have you there.
  I don't know of anyone to catch a ride
  Posted by: Yanoer on May-30-14 6:39 PM (EST)
with. I don't know of anyone from this part of IL that attends that event.

I'd really like to be able to test paddle some of the Placid and Swift solos. I don't have access to any in central IL or anywhere near here.
  Had a great time last year
  Posted by: RedCrossRandy on Jun-02-14 10:20 AM (EST)
But since we'll be coming up the following weekend for a wedding, I just can't make 2 trips to PA from NC on back to back weekends...
  Question re Sunday
  Posted by: just1more on Jun-06-14 9:28 AM (EST)
A few years ago i came early morn sunday and most everyone was gone and the rest were packing up. It states Sunday again but is that just the same again with no events?

I have a firearms class I committed to help teach Saturday so Sunday is my only day.
  Pretty much IIRC
  Posted by: kayamedic on Jun-06-14 11:14 AM (EST)
some folks have all day drives home
  ok thanks Kim
  Posted by: just1more on Jun-06-14 1:19 PM (EST)
Its a good drive for me and that way I wont waste my day also. Have fun.
  You might email 85Dragonfly
  Posted by: kayamedic on Jun-06-14 1:23 PM (EST)
I have a conflict so I can't go to WPASCR..
I was speaking from history. Things could change.


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