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  Labor Day week Sep2-Sep8 South U.S.
  Posted by: old_user on Aug-19-13 1:16 AM (EST)

A buddy and I are looking to do a 3 or 4 day trip on a river within around 300 or 400 miles of south louisiana. Basically east TX, AR, LA, MS or AL. We will have about 7 days so we don't mind driving a day there and back. We were looking at the buffalo in AR but don't think there's gonna be enough water. Any suggestions. We will be kayak camping and would prefer something with good current and class I to II if possible. Any suggestions???

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  Buffalo watershed is small
  Posted by: kayamedic on Aug-19-13 8:50 AM (EST)
It can go up quickly. Below Tyler right now river levels are good. Watch this site.

You can also do the Current which is more spring fed. Its in southeastern Missouri.
  Try spring-fed streams
  Posted by: puffingin on Aug-19-13 11:21 AM (EST)
Don't know how much further for you, but the Current River in MO and some others in the area are spring fed so water levels stay much higher when ppt has been sparse. Many others on board who live in MO can give you specifics so hope they'll chime in when they see your post.
  Thanks for the replies
  Posted by: old_user on Aug-19-13 12:11 PM (EST)
Haven't thought much about Missouri. Googles showing 665 miles to Akers ferry. Probably a 12 hour drive. I was hoping to keep it under that more around 7 or 8 but it's something to think about. Could also pass thru mammoth springs on the way and check it out.
  Any idea
  Posted by: old_user on Aug-19-13 12:45 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Aug-19-13 12:45 PM EST --

On how much shuttles would be on the current for about 70 river miles for 3 kayaks???

  Last time I checked on a Current River
  Posted by: deuce on Aug-19-13 1:52 PM (EST)
shuttle from Pultite to Two Rivers I was quoted $150 as I recall. That was the cost to leave my truck at the takeout (Two Rivers) in the dead of winter, so you may not find it as expensive since there's more coming and going this time of year. The Current is really nice, but if you want to do the Buffalo you can do the lower any time, especially in kayaks. The way it's been going lately you may hit the jackpot and have your pick of sections. There ain't a bad one. Whatever you decide be sure to post your plans. There's a good chance you'll be able to piggyback with another group for shuttle purposes.
  Sure thing.
  Posted by: old_user on Aug-19-13 3:27 PM (EST)
I will definitely post our plans. We should decide within the next few days what area we will be going to. For now the plan is to try the buffalo and if the water isn't there then current river or white river it will be unless I hear about another river I don't know about. Not to familiar with the area so anything in ar or mo will be new to me. I've only been kayak camping for a few years and have stuck to weekenders in south louisiana and mississippi.
  Current River
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Aug-19-13 5:25 PM (EST)
Well, I'm kinda partial since it's in my back yard. Sounds like a "Shuttle" business might be a good second job for me? Wow, I could shuttle folks a lot cheaper than that!

I think that sounds like a good plan Shoot for the Buff, and if the water levels aren't conducive head a few hours north. We had some flooding about 10 days ago, but water levels coming down to normal now. Heck, if I had 4 days on the water in a kayak I'd put in at Cedar Grove and head to Two Rivers, about 40-45 miles.
  BTW, MY Public Service Announcement
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Aug-19-13 5:35 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Aug-19-13 5:35 PM EST --

Every year people die on this river and you hear these words "They were a REAL good swimmer." On the river, $h!+ happens sometimes. Sometimes we'll rescue someone who found that out. I'm wearing my PFD whether it's 100 degrees or 10 degrees, whether the river is a 2000 cfs or 100 cfs. Occasionally I'll paddle by and hear some wise a$$ say "I guess he can't swim?" Please, don't become another statistic! We've had 3 or 4 of them on the Current this year. Don't let your vacation turn out badly because you're too macho or too cool to wear a PFD!

  Posted by: old_user on Aug-19-13 6:19 PM (EST)
I was quoted a little over 100 from up by Akers to big spring. Down here we usually just take two vehicles but at the bogue chitto we use a guy that takes our vehicle back to the takeout for only 20. A lot of places don't do that I guess cause of insurance reasons.

As far as the pfd, totally agree. I was a first class swimmer in the navy. But being a good swimmer doesnt mean anything when youre swimming against a current in cold water after you're worn down from paddling all day. Then throwing alcohol in the mix surely doesn't help your stamina. They have multiple drownings on the rivers down here too every year. Most of them are the tubers that forget they're on a river and think they are at a water park or something.
  That might sound like a lot
  Posted by: kayamedic on Aug-19-13 9:16 PM (EST)
but it really isn't. It's quite a long drive and eats most of the day for the driver. There isn't really a direct route on that shuttle. Some rivers are easy shuttles. That segment just isn't.
  Yes, kayakmedic took the words
  Posted by: deuce on Aug-20-13 9:13 AM (EST)
out of my mouth. Pretty remote up there and some of the accesses are far apart by land. That and the fact that it takes two people, an additional vehicle and more gas can cause the cost to add up. You mentioned the White, but I wouldn't suggest gravel bar camping on that river. It's a tailwater, so the levels fluctuate often and without notice. That said, there are enough campsites accessible from the water to make float camping the White an option. Just be aware it's a different proposition than the Current and Buffy.
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Aug-20-13 10:08 AM (EST)
.....I LIVE here, I'm aware of the fact that the shuttles for multi day trips are difficult for the outfitters. My statement was, "Sounds like a "Shuttle" business might be a good second job for me? Wow, I could shuttle folks a lot cheaper than that!"

I was thinking out loud; my thinking was that I could meet folks from at the takeout and shuttle them upstream for a cheaper price. I was not saying that the outfitters are cheating folks. I know a few of them pretty well. They have to make their money in a short period of time and are at the whim of the weather as much as or worse than farmers. Then add in the exorbitant cost of liability insurance, canoes and gear trashed by renters, etc........ Running a shuttle for someone not renting a canoe from them is a PIA, especially a long shuttle. I understand. I was just thinking out loud that I could help some folks from and make a few bucks at the same time doing a service the outfitters hate to do. A win/win/win situation. Guess I'm better off keeping my thoughts to myself. And, upon further reflection, I think I'll rescind that "Offer."
  Actually, I was looking forward to
  Posted by: deuce on Aug-20-13 10:34 AM (EST)
patronizing your new shuttle service in the future. I wish you'd rescind your rescindment.
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Aug-20-13 11:29 AM (EST)
When I started typing the things outfitters have to deal with I thought about "Liability." You get paid for something and it goes awry and you're liable for damages. Better to just do it for free when it's convenient and forget about making a little extra cash!
  Change of plans
  Posted by: old_user on Aug-20-13 8:11 PM (EST)
Due to the low water, a LSU game, and family coming to town we've had to push our trip back to springtime. Instead we will be kayaking to horn island, ms for a couple nights of gigging and fishing. I do appreciate all the advice for the area and can't wait to get up that way.
  An LSU game???????!!!!!!!!
  Posted by: deuce on Aug-21-13 9:41 AM (EST)
Oh man. No more help for you.
  Posted by: old_user on Aug-21-13 10:04 AM (EST)
Yea my buddy acquired tickets to the game that Saturday so we would have to be back Friday
  It's funny, my tandem canoe is
  Posted by: deuce on Aug-21-13 10:29 AM (EST)
purple with ash gunwales, so it's almost purple and yellow. I got that color for my daughter (her favorite color), but I run into LSU fans on the Buffalo and they love to give me a hard time about it.
  That's awesome
  Posted by: old_user on Aug-21-13 11:32 AM (EST)
Are you dure youre not a closet lsu fan. Lol. My uncle lives in little rock and he's probably the biggest lsu fan I know. He gets more sh*t than anyone. I used to get it when I was stationed in Oklahoma City.


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