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  Fall Ozark Rendezvous '13 Oct 15-20
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on May-20-13 1:41 AM (EST)

Thought I'd go ahead and start the thread. We agreed to hold the Fall 'Vous the 3rd weekend of October on a permanent basis last year. For newcomers, it's at Pulltite Campground on the Current River in MO. We do day-trips from a base camp. Some arrive earlier and/or stay later.

For those who don't want to camp, Emminence, MO has lodging 30 minutes south:

Also, a physician I know owns a place about 15 minutes away called "Wild Creeks" which is 3 different houses set on Sinking Creek on Hwy A just up Hwy 19 from Pulltite.

Hope to see some of the old crew that missed out on the Spring Rendezvous!

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  Ozark arts & crafts festival
  Posted by: ozarkgal1 on May-20-13 11:23 AM (EST)
is on Oct 12 & 13 if you want to go that is the weekend before. If you love crafts and leather wallets etc. it is a fun place to visit. Is at circle B campground, and Terry got a nice leather wallet there and has had it for a long time and it was only ten dollars back then but well worth it. Hope to see you there if anyone is interested.
  Think I'll Check This Out ...
  Posted by: vic on May-21-13 10:25 AM (EST)
I think I'll go down there and see what this Fall Ozark Rendezvous is all about.

Hope there's no axe murderers at Pultite.

Click photo to enlarge or click here to change viewing preference.
  Classic Photo
  Posted by: osprey on Jul-05-13 9:13 AM (EST)
Just now had to call my wife, Gretcha, over to see the photo again. She remembered it from way back when. She was a little concerned about me going off to meet "internet friends" for the first time.

We are checking calendars here hoping there is no conflict that has her traveling in a different direction.
  Got My Fingers Crossed!
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Jul-05-13 11:44 AM (EST)
Hope to see you!
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on May-21-13 10:40 AM (EST)
....I LOVE that picture, Vic!
  I love that photo too!
  Posted by: on May-23-13 5:29 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: May-23-13 5:33 PM EST --

As a matter of fact; a copy of it is hanging in my garage.
I call it "The mad trapper & the trusting novice".

The trusting novice: "There aren't any dangerous animals around here, are there?

The mad trapper under his breath): "Just me my pretty"!


  My line for the story is...
  Posted by: TexasLady on May-23-13 8:24 PM (EST)
Make a photo postcard of this pic and send it to your family..."Mom, you can stop worrying about me traveling alone. I've met the nicest people while on vacation."
  Posted by: TexasLady on May-23-13 8:25 PM (EST)
I smile every time I see this photo and remember the trip and the friends.
  Posted by: PJC on May-24-13 7:27 PM (EST)
Gentleman Jay, Jarvis, and ChuckIL made that a great stopover after the regular 'vous. Don't see enough of any of them anymore and they are all first rate folks. Let's hope we see some or all of them this fall!
  Posted by: PJC on May-21-13 2:08 PM (EST)
I guess I might also. Probably would be good for me. I was in a dour mood there for a while. But I'm feeling MUCH BETTER now.
  Yeah Pat:
  Posted by: vic on May-21-13 3:02 PM (EST)
"I'm not dead!"
"Here -- he says he's not dead!"
"Yes, he is."
"I'm not!"
"He isn't."
"Well, he will be soon, he's very ill.
"I'm getting better!"
  good picture!
  Posted by: old_user on May-22-13 5:40 PM (EST)
I was reading this at work, saw the picture, and let out a laugh, just as the boss was walking by. Dang...caught in the act!

But my justification is that he wanted me to list my vacation days, and I needed to know when the 'vous is.

I hope my back holds out for the trip this year!

  fall vous
  Posted by: yakjak on May-23-13 7:31 AM (EST)
vacation dates are in the book and will be looking forward to another great vacation w/friends on the current...
  Vacation already approved!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on May-30-13 5:27 PM (EST)
October will be here before we know it. Hope to see some of you local folks on the river way before that!

Hope everyone has a great summer!
  Coming this time
  Posted by: apgoss on May-31-13 2:14 AM (EST)
Hi...yes I am planning on coming for this of my most favorite places to paddle...and in the Ozarks w/ the fall colors changing...WOW

Anita from TX
  I've had it ...
  Posted by: vic on Jul-17-13 8:53 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jul-17-13 8:54 PM EST --

I've had it. Second day in the 90's with over 60% humidity and three more just like it in the forecast. And it's not even August yet.

I am ready for an October canoe trip on the Current River RIGHT NOW!!

Us old guys can get grouchy in hot humid weather.

  Me too
  Posted by: puffingin on Jul-18-13 10:30 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jul-18-13 10:33 AM EST --

It was over 90 and humid in Duluth last couple of days too. Thank goodness I could turn can on groundwater heat pump to "Cool" and keep the house comfortable. Only make short forays outside which means the weeds are taking control of my garden and flower beds. Still have flowers to plant. But I'm not a grouchy old guy like you, Vic. I'm a grouchy old lady! Maybe I'll come down for the fall rendezvous but will need to watch the forecasts before decided. Too late light in the am and too early dark at that time to go down for crummy weather.

  Hope you can come
  Posted by: pblanc on Jul-18-13 1:10 PM (EST)
It would be nice if you could make it down.

Just watch out for that guy with the axe.
  Hot here, too
  Posted by: PJC on Jul-18-13 1:39 PM (EST)
And nobody wants to see a guy with an axe coming when its this hot. Especially the guy. There is just no reason to be chopping wood in this kind of weather.

Great to hear from you Ginny. Doesn't L. Superior temper the heat a little?
  Depends on wind direction
  Posted by: puffingin on Jul-18-13 8:05 PM (EST)
Pat, If the wind is blowing off the lake, yes, the lake does moderate the temperature. Right now winds are SW (21 mpg with gusts up to 25) so no help right now.

  Sweating in CT also
  Posted by: pgeorg on Jul-19-13 9:29 AM (EST)
I did a short run on the Housatonic River in CT yesterday and it was HOT!! On the way home the in-dash thermometer topped out at 102 deg.

I'm hoping to join everyone again on the Current River in October and looking forward to cool temeratures.

  rain and wind
  Posted by: puffingin on Jul-19-13 9:34 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jul-19-13 9:36 AM EST --

I saw by radar yesterday that bwca/quetico go significant rain and wind. Haven't heard any more today but I'm so glad my brother-in-law and his group came out Tues. They had to fight headwinds even then and instead of getting to Moose L. landing around noon (as would be normal based on fact that they camped the last night on N. Bay), they got in at 3:30. All four, strong paddlers, were pooped. Hope the folks up there now are okay.

And as far as meeting with with the guy with the axe, consider this:
ha ha

  Hi Ginny
  Posted by: vic on Jul-19-13 1:19 PM (EST)
Good to hear from you. Somewhat surprised about your heat and humidity. Wasn't it still winter a few weeks ago? :-)

It would be great to see you on the Rendezvous, but if not I will see you on the Namekagon. That's still on isn't it?
  amazing what a few weeks can do
  Posted by: puffingin on Jul-19-13 3:51 PM (EST)
Yes, was very cold and often wet through June. Late getting any gardening going and plants or seeds just sat not doing much. Then, warmer & drier and things started to grow. Now the plants and and the weeds are flourishing.

Yes the Namekagon gathering is still on for 2nd wk of Sept. I'm going to set up another after hours tour of the canoe museum too. Rena has been writing and sending the emails so watch for something from her. We're a team on getting things setting up and contacting friends who are coming. Would you like to volunteer to be in charge of weather and water levels?

Looking forward to seeing you and others there.
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Jul-19-13 4:09 PM (EST)
And I was thinking an escape to the northwoods would be a nice break from our upper 90's? That's o.k., 3 days on the Eleven Point next week anyway. If it's cool enough for trout, it's good enough to keep me cool!
  Sorry we couldn't get it together for
  Posted by: deuce on Jul-19-13 4:38 PM (EST)
the Spring back in May/June. There are some fat sassy trout in there. Other fishies too.
  Hottest day this summer!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Jul-19-13 9:36 PM (EST)
Today was 98 in STL - hottest day so far this summer, let's hope it stops there. Looking forward to a "cool" down with some rain that is coming in. Hopefully next weekend it won't be raining or hot as I am taking my 3 best friends from childhood down to the Current. Everyone pray for me as they have never paddled. They are all renting sit on top kayaks and I get to play river guide. Can't talk Rob into going, wonder why??? Lord help me!

October can't get here soon enough! Hope to see you Ginny!

Everyone stay cool!
  All together now ...
  Posted by: vic on Jul-20-13 8:47 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jul-20-13 8:51 AM EST --

let's pray for our sister Pam.

PS Pam: What did you expect? Rob's mom didn't raise a dummy :-)

  Posted by: puffingin on Jul-20-13 9:00 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jul-20-13 9:01 AM EST --

You beat me to it, Vic. I was just scrolling down, reading as I went. Saw Pam's note and said to self, "you are a brave lady!! I will pray for you."

/weather: Much better here now: Predicted highs in the 70s for next 5 days. Fingers crossed--someone else can have temps in the 90s (sorry Pam). 90-92 were our highs for 3 days this week!

I'm seriously thinking about the Ozark Fall Rend. Miss those who I haven't gotten to see for a while.

  Cooling thoughts
  Posted by: puffingin on Jul-20-13 10:08 AM (EST)
View from my kitchen window. Not today; 2 yrs 8 months ago:
  Thanks for the prayers!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Jul-21-13 5:00 PM (EST)
Vic and Ginny, I'll take all the prayers I can get! But Bob has taught me well and I think I can get them all down the river in one piece. I'll let you all know how it goes!
  Know you'll make it fun
  Posted by: puffingin on Jul-23-13 10:16 AM (EST)
and a good learning experience for them. Have a great time.
  Deep thoughts.........not really!
  Posted by: on Jul-23-13 4:31 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jul-23-13 4:33 PM EST --

Since they sound like newbies..........

Don't allow them to bunch up on those long, sweeping curves; especially those with root wads, or stainers
at the end of the curve.

Lead, don't follow.
You have a better chance of helping them if you are downstream when they dump.
This will also (hopefully), allow them an opportunity to watch you negotiating the path of least resistance.

If one boat dumps; all boats pull over & stop.
No need to add to the chaos with multiple dumps at the same location.

If one of them dumps; have them hang onto their paddle, stay with their boat, and try to swim to shore asap. This does not apply if they are about to be swept into a strainer, or any solid object. In that scenario; to hell with the boat! Get safely to shore.

Nobody should ever be out of sight of the others in the groups for more than a few seconds.

Explain to them about moving water & foot entrapment.

Getting on the river early will lessen the number of river dorks you have to deal with during the trip.

People first, boat second & then gear.......

You know what you NEED to do; just do it.

Have fun.
Good luck.


  Now Bob
  Posted by: pblanc on Jul-23-13 5:58 PM (EST)
You know as well as I do that all she has to do is bring some John Deere ball caps for them to wear on their heads backwards, and plenty of Bud Lite to swill, and no harm can befall them.
  Bob thanks for the reminders!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Jul-23-13 10:16 PM (EST)
Oh trust me we will be having a long "talk" on shore before we even get on the water. They all will have life jackets on as well. Looks like weather is going to be perfect, so a good time should be had by all. If drunks can get down this river with no instruction then I think I can get 3 women down it with what I have learned from all of my paddling friends (no drinking for us until we get back to camp). Wish us luck! Thank God we won't be on the Meramec, crazy people over there. I don't think my friends have heard about the guy being shot to death, which is good, otherwise they may have second thoughts. I'll post how the trip went!

See ya,

  Posted by: old_user on Aug-02-13 1:09 AM (EST)
Well this is pretty local to me if it's ok with all y'alls to deal with a newbie, I'd like to come join up..
  Posted by: pblanc on Aug-02-13 9:43 AM (EST)
Considering the personal attributes of the regulars who attend this event, it is difficult to imagine an individual who would not be tolerated.
  Posted by: old_user on Aug-03-13 10:36 PM (EST)
Thanks I'm looking forward to meeting y'alls.
  I'm ready
  Posted by: vic on Aug-29-13 12:14 PM (EST)
I'm ready for the Ozark Rendezvous, but it's still seven weeks away.

Temps here have been over 95 for about the last week with forecast highs today and tomorrow of 99; and our local go-to river is running at less than half the suck point.

Well at least the Darryl Memorial trip on the Namekagon is only two weeks away.

I'm jonesin to get my canoe on a river.
  I'm fairly excited about this
  Posted by: old_user on Sep-02-13 4:03 PM (EST)
That said is anyone going out next weekend? I'm trying to find a partner to go out with otherwise I'm going to be out somewhere on the Truman lake.
  The Current
  Posted by: bacshortly on Sep-03-13 1:58 PM (EST)

Always looks better from the water.....
  Posted by: on Sep-04-13 10:36 AM (EST)
Can we look forward to seeing you at the Rendezvous?

  I've watched
  Posted by: bacshortly on Sep-04-13 11:53 AM (EST)
this group the past several years and would love to hook up with you guys for some fall or spring paddlin.... Timing has been the key, other waters or commitments during those periods.

But I'm keeping an eye out for the opportunity Bob.....

  Posted by: on Sep-04-13 12:20 PM (EST)
Can't make the Fall 2013 Rendezouvs?

Start making plans for Spring 2014 Rendezvous..........

  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Sep-04-13 10:43 AM (EST)
The waters with signs that you're familiar with are not "Administered" by the Department of Interior, the National Park Service, are they? While the folks working for Ozark National Scenic Riverways here in MO are good, hard working people, they can only do what Washington Bureaucrats tell them and allow them to do. I could fill a book on the ridiculous things I've seen take place between Washington D.C. and the Riverways over the decades! I betcha the folks that WORK for ONSR could fill several volumes of such a book!

As for "Signs," the only one I've seen added in decades is the new "Private Property" sign in front of a recently built house on the "Protected" upper river. Of course, if you're a government "Big shot," such land deals can be made and you can even have the NPS make you a sign!
  Sorry, Can't Help Myself
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Sep-04-13 11:03 AM (EST)
But EVERY TIME I think about my favorite section that I THOUGHT was PROTECTED being defiled with a new house, I get furious. And when the NPS put up a SIGN and a FENCE to keep out us pesky rif-raff like us? Well, it just rubbed salt into the wound. That particular gravel bar was one of our "Break stops" during the Rendezvous'.
  Know what you mean, Terry
  Posted by: PJC on Sep-04-13 7:49 PM (EST)
Ya' know, when I hear a river or section of river, particularly one I have come to be especially fond of, is declared "protected" or even granted some sort of special status that implies protection of some sort I feel a sense of relief. Management zones requiring a set back along the banks or protections to preserve bird, mussel, or fish species are hard won things that have required a lot of hard work and cooperation of a LOT of people. Its always gratifying, and sometimes a little surprising, to see so many care so much about something we care about.

I, and many others I think, (incorrectly) tend to believe that such achievements are like crossing some sort of finish line - like a job well done. (Never having to be done again.)
That's not how it really is, though. It just buys time, and sometimes not so much of that. (And NEVER very much in the geological sense of time that a river really ought to be considered in.) As long as there is someone who can figure out a way to (maybe) make a buck by trashing to some degree or other what so many have worked so hard for so long to protect... well, they'll sure 'nuff take a shot at it. Muir was right - "nothing 'dollarable' is safe."

What is protected will have to be protected again and again. What is lost once is lost forever.

The hope, I think, lies in those of us who responsibly paddle, fish, travel such rivers. Eventually we truly get to know them, appreciate them for what they are, come to love them, introduce and encourage others (children especially) to do the same. Nobody loves what they've never known. Nobody will work to preserve something they're ignorant of.

But I'm preaching to the choir...
Feel like Roseanne Rosanadana. "Never mind"

BTW, Nice Trip Report bacshortly!

  Well, Pat....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Sep-04-13 8:02 PM (EST)
....I can't wait to discuss such matters with you "In person" next week!
  Nor I
  Posted by: PJC on Sep-04-13 8:50 PM (EST)
Ya' know... One of the first times Darryl & Ginny and I spent some time together (though we were busy) was on the Namekagon (a "scenic & protected" river) trying to bring attention to the 150' power lines American Transmission Company were then trying (and succeeded) in putting up every 250' along a section of that river. BLM opposed it, the tribes opposed it, a half dozen citizens groups opposed it - It was near where Muir and Sig Olson had roots. Gaylord Nelson himself was there. It got all kinds of news coverage.

And still we lost. Scenic and Protected indeed.

Darryl and Ginny worked like champs landing canoes at the shallow steep-banked Springbrook landing, helping folks in the 70 some canoes we had on the river that weekend to publicize the situation. It all happened at the next landing upstream from where we'll be camping.
Beautiful memories, good people trying to do good work... on a beautiful river.
  We'll be there....
  Posted by: miriamcanoe on Sep-16-13 9:57 PM (EST)
Can't wait to see everyone and paddle the beautiful Current River.
  Have Missed You Two
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Sep-17-13 8:51 AM (EST)
Will be good to see you again!
  Thanks Terry....
  Posted by: miriamcanoe on Sep-17-13 11:28 PM (EST)
I remember the day that picture was taken. We sure had a good time two years ago.
  Can't make it
  Posted by: pgeorg on Sep-17-13 1:26 PM (EST)
to the Current this fall. I hoped to bring my wife out there to meet all of you and see the very special river that you paddle every fall. But, scheduling will not permit it this year. If age does not close in, and the bank account does not collapse, We'll try to make it next fall.

I'm going to miss the fall 'vous and all of you.


  Will Miss You Too, Pete
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Sep-17-13 4:42 PM (EST)
Hopefully next year and you can bring a couple more New Englanders from Maine with you?
  Uh the Volvo would be crowded
  Posted by: kayamedic on Sep-17-13 6:39 PM (EST)
so we will bring another vehicle. Next fall. This fall am in school and also planning some local paddling though I leave for the north shore of Superior again the last week of October.

Next fall is a given God willing, as we will be in serious Ozark withdrawl
  Ozark Fall Colors Stuff
  Posted by: vic on Sep-23-13 4:04 PM (EST)
The Fall Ozark Rendezvous is a good time to plan an add-on trip to view the fall colors in the Ozark region. If I am lucky I may add on a few days before or after the Rendezvous for such a tour.

Here is a link to a good web site on Ozark Fall Colors “Fall Foliage In The Ozarks - home page” Plenty of good links from this home page on Ozark Fall Colors and places to see them.

Here is a link to the Ozark Fall Foliage Color Reports web page from . The page still has the 2012 fall foliage color reports. I have left them a voicemail to inform me when they will start posting 2013 fall foliage color reports. I will update my post when they return my call.

Here is a link to a web page “When Is Peak? Ten Things To Know About Ozark Foliage”

You also might want to browse through the Mark Twain National Forest web site, especially the maps and publications page.

Here’s a link to the Mark Twain National Forest home page

Here’s a link to the Mark Twain National Forest maps and publications page

See y'all in about three weeks.
  Now I’m getting pissed off
  Posted by: vic on Sep-30-13 12:28 PM (EST)

Looks like a government shut down could affect the Rendezvous. When the political bullshit in Washington starts to affect the Ozark Rendezvous they have gone too far.

I saw this on the NBC News web site this morning:

“All national parks would likely be closed, as would the Smithsonian museums, including the National Zoo in Washington. Visitors using overnight campgrounds or other park facilities would be given 48 hours to make alternate arrangements and leave the park. Among the visitor centers that would be closed: the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island in New York, Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Alcatraz Island near San Francisco and the Washington Monument.”

If this happens I guess we could call the press (is there any around there?) and get coverage of the Park Service kicking us out of Pulltite. But if there is a government shut down where will the Rangers come from to kick us out?

I guess we could move to Akers, but I don’t know about toilet/outhouse facilities.

Maybe we should just look for a giant sandbar and camp there? If they close the river how would they enforce it without rangers. Or will it only be closed to non-locals?

Could be the most interesting Fall Ozark Rendezvous yet. Time to practice our civil disobedience procedures from the 60's.

“Don’t Tread on the Ozark Rendezvous.”
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Sep-30-13 12:52 PM (EST)
Well, I e-mailed Congressman Jason Smith last noc and called his Washington office this morning to express my concern and disgust with congress. I called Ozark National Scenic Riverways and they will show up for work in the morning (and many have long drives to work) and find out if they have to go home. I HOPE EVERYONE REMEMBERS how ineffective congress has been next November! His Washington DC Office number is: 202-225-4404 if anyone else wants to call. PLEASE, all of my friends planning on attending the Fall Rendezvous, you NEED TO CALL!
  Ozark Nat'l Scenic Riverways Numbers
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Sep-30-13 7:00 PM (EST)
Here you go:
(573) 323-4852 or 573-323-4844
  I called.................
  Posted by: on Oct-01-13 1:25 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-01-13 5:15 PM EST --

I called the Supt. office.............

Got message: "Leave a message & "we'll get back to you".
Yeah right!
I ain't holding my breath on that!
They're on furlough..........

I'm not going to sweat it until the middle of the month. Pointless, until the "clowns" get their act over with.

The more I think about it; old Billy was right.
Let's kill all the lawyers; let's kill em tonight!
What's the difference between a lawyer, a burearucrat & a politician?
Damn little!

As I understand it; Capt. Zero, the senators & the Representatives are still getting paid.
No worries; let the peons pound sand!


  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-01-13 2:01 PM (EST)
...I've been going to Congressman Jason Smith's Facebook page and commenting. He doesn't give a crap that he's hurting his constituents in Dent, Shannon, and Carter counties with this BS.
  The plot thickens.
  Posted by: deuce on Oct-01-13 3:04 PM (EST)
According to this the liveries have been threatened with punitive action if they put anyone on the river. Does that mean if they allow people to camp and/or launch/land privately they'll be punished? Certainly seems plausible. Furthermore, the article states that even "rivers that flow through" national parks are off limits. Does that mean if we float by Pultite someone will come drag us off the river? Ay caramba!
  Salem district ranger
  Posted by: paddledad on Oct-01-13 5:14 PM (EST)
says that the Mark Twain NF is still open to hunting. IMO, if that's the case, then the ONSR should be open too.
I say WE RIDE!
  Start thinking Plan B
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-01-13 9:36 PM (EST)
I know we all hope and pray that the idiots in Washington (all of them, I don't care what "party" you support, and really don't care) get a clue and get back to work, working for us the people! I think everyone needs to remember that we the people put them there and if we don't like it next election we get them the hell out. Ok - this post isn't about politics but about a Plan B just in case. Anyone have any thoughts? I just looked at the level on the North Fork of the White and it is at 2.59 which is low, but doable, rain would help, but I am not seeing much of that in the forecast. Thoughts, comments??????
  OK, this is ridiculous
  Posted by: paddledad on Oct-02-13 4:33 PM (EST)
Call me stupid. I'm determined to float MY Current River in defiance of the ban.
Akers and Carr's won't put me on the river. No problem with that at all.
"Can you shuttle my vehicle to Round Spring for me?".
Akers: "For what?".
"Oh, I just want to hike from here down 19 to my car".
Akers (obviously on to me): "No, we won't do that".

OK, fine, I think to myself. I'll bicycle shuttle.

"Can I PARK my car in your (private) lot?".
Carr's: "You can, but if it's not been towed yet, there'll be a $125 ticket placed on it by the NPS. It's already happened. They're writing tickets to people coming off the river now. A couple had to cancel their wedding they planned for on the river".

Grrrrr. Are you kidding me?

  Seeking clarification................
  Posted by: on Oct-02-13 5:50 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-02-13 6:02 PM EST --

If you park your car on Carr's private lot, which I assume is "private property"; what justification would NPS have to write you a ticket, or tow your car?
You would be on private property, with permission.
What's the offense/charge?

If they are really doing that; that's really funny...........
It says that NPS is ready & willing to ticket, or tow unmanned vehicles.BUT......... when river dorks, dopers, and buffoons are creating problems on the couldn't find a NPS Ranger if your life depended on it.
What does that say about the NPS?


  Good questions
  Posted by: paddledad on Oct-02-13 9:44 PM (EST)
Only going by what the person who picked up the phone at Carr's told me, Bob. As of right now, sometime next week it's my intention to find out.
If I camp at Round Spring STATE Park and put my toe in the water, am I trespassing? And if I can do that, stands to reason I can launch your old Rendezvous and lollygag in the water as well. Can MO park rangers enforce this ban?
  North Fork as Alternate
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-02-13 12:35 AM (EST)
I was thinking the same thing. I know the one access is NFS, but that's it. At least we know we can camp at Twin Bridges. I guess that's one benefit to so much private owned land, huh?
  Here's Some North Fork Pictures....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-02-13 12:40 AM (EST)
....with water at those lower levels for comparison. The nice thing about those water levels is no contorting and canoe limbo to get under the bridges!
  North Fork!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-02-13 12:42 PM (EST)
Might be our best bet, let's give it a little more time and see what the "idiots" in D.C. decide to do. I say we the people fire all of them and start over - LOL!
  how it affects people...
  Posted by: TexasLady on Oct-02-13 8:13 PM (EST)
David told me about an NPR radio program today. He said this guy has been waiting 10 years to get a slot to go on the Colorado River. His dream of a lifetime. Finally got his slot and paid the outfitter $3000. Spent mega bucks getting his family outfitted, getting his kids out of school, making reservations and travel plans. Has spent THOUSANDS of dollars for this trip...and guess what? You know the answer...trip is now off due to the shutdown.
  gasconade is a big long river
  Posted by: yakjak on Oct-02-13 8:26 PM (EST)
dont know if its any good ..but Wally said somthing to me about paddling it seems theres alot of water in that great state of MO. sureley we can find a good alternative if the National Park Unservice closes the Current
  MO State parks?
  Posted by: PJC on Oct-02-13 9:26 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-02-13 9:52 PM EST --

Surely there are some rivers in MO that could be accessed at two points by State Parks. I don't know the state as well as you natives, but what about the Eleven Point or any of these others that folks talk about... or are there any State Parks mixed in among the National ones on the Current? State facilities are unaffected, right?

And we don't really need water or facilities of any sort for a river trip - only a place to park. Though they're kinda' handy for a larger group, we don't really need any of their "services". We can river trip; Its what many of us usually do anyhow. We can pack out what we take in (don't need no stinkin' dumpsters) and we can fill water jugs (don't need no stinkin' pumps)in Salem. Bears sit in the woods and they don't even pay taxes. How often have we ever seen anyone from the Park Service when we're at Pulltite in the late season anyhow?

I don't see exactly what the charge could be for being on the river itself or camping the banks. I don't see how anyone could justify charging American taxpayers for being on an American river specifically paid for and set aside for that very purpose. I especially can't see how anyone could justify paying law enforcement salaries (and health insurance BTW) to deny access to a river while saying they can't afford lesser salaries to allow people on it. How much do they think it costs them to make a river run downhill anyhow? (I's gotta' be "a bargain" compared to anything else taxpayer money is spent on - even compared to those "cannonball" parks out East.)

And if there is a charge, whatever that charge might be, I'd be proud to be charged with it. Attempting to deny Americans access to America is grounds for civil disobedience if ever there was.

Actually, you guys would be the finest cellmates a guy could hope for.

  Well, Bob and Paddledad....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-03-13 12:42 AM (EST)
.....Carrs, Windy's, Aker's, et al are licensed by the NPS. They have to abide by their rules. Stinks, it does. And Round Spring is no longer a State Park, but NPS since ONSR came into the picture decades ago. There IS Current River State Park (the old Alton Club) above Roundspring. Not sure where you could park downstream, though?

As for the Eleven Point, it's USFS, I heard the campgrounds and some accesses are closed.

Gasconade? Ashamed to say I've never paddled it, but that river, the Meramec, Courtois, and Huzzah Creek may be options? They have accesses owned by the state and/or private parties. It's looking more and more like we're going to have to find an alternate site?

  Posted by: paddledad on Oct-03-13 8:59 AM (EST)
Thanks WW, guess I never looked at the signs. Public campgrounds aren't my thing. I guess I could try Montauk, but it would be pretty bony up that way. And if someone's going to come thru the shallows to arrest me, I need some deep water to flounder in.

I stopped by Current River State Park 2 weeks ago. It's not open for overnighters yet and they said I can't launch or take out there. They weren't sure if it would ever be allowed. As you can see from the river, access might be kind of sketchy right there.

The Eleven Point is designated a National Wild and Scenic River but the land is owned by the Forest Service. If the Mark Twain NF is open, this is too? For others, the EP is highly recommended though camping on the river is a little different.

Gasconade is nice and all, but it's mostly frog water. Clear, but not a classic Ozark steam.
  Just throwing this out
  Posted by: paddledad on Oct-03-13 11:46 AM (EST)
A good option for the Meramec would be to camp at Maramec Springs. Great secluded campground, lots to do. Catch and keep trout fishing in the spring branch, historical ruins and close to St. James for non-campers. Also close to I-44 for out of staters. Good access points for 10-15 mile floats both above and below the spring.
Not quite as sporty, but really under-rated stretches, IMO.
  national highways?
  Posted by: TexasLady on Oct-03-13 12:58 AM (EST)
Golly gee...closing the national rivers and parks is one of the stupidest things I've heard of. Will the national highway system be next? Will the national guard put up roadblocks or barricades to freeway entrances? Stupid, stupid, stupid. We need less power in the government, fewer politicians, and a lot more common sense.
  Amen, Sister!
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-03-13 9:37 AM (EST)
"We need less power in the government, fewer politicians, and a lot more common sense." This same game of "Chicken" is why we lost the campground at Akers during the Reagan years. Pulltite was less busy when Akers had a campground. The NPS spent tens of thousands to tear apart the campground rather than let the Maggards at Akers take the fees, empty the trash, and mow the lawn.

That's what happens when you have two political parties with too much power controlling everything and acting like badly behaving children.
  Paddledad's Suggestion
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-03-13 5:08 PM (EST)
I've actually trout fished at Meramec Springs a few times. Pretty place. Meramec as an alternate site would suit us. As I said, Huzzah and Courtois are also in the area. Sounds like a good alternative?
  here is a map
  Posted by: kayamedic on Oct-03-13 5:51 PM (EST)
  Meramac is really too low!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-03-13 7:12 PM (EST)
Meramac is at 1.74, Rob and I usually paddle that at 2,5 to 3", you would be doing a lot of dragging . And Huzzah and Courtis will be REALLY LOW. Not sure that is a great option, and it's just an ok river. I still think North Fork at low level is better than Meramac at low level! We still have some time for the "idiots" to get it together !
  Pam is correct
  Posted by: paddledad on Oct-04-13 9:09 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-04-13 9:20 AM EST --

about the sections above the spring, probably too low. But at 1.74 on the Steelville gauge (which is pretty reliable for sections above that as well) that's 219 cfs, which is a pretty good level for Ozark streams.
After the spring dumps in, I've never floated it when it was too low. Not trying to sway, just my perspective.

But then, I've got this scow that Bob dumped on me and don't worry too much about occasional scrapes. :)

  Wait for response from Pam
  Posted by: on Oct-04-13 12:22 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-04-13 12:52 PM EST --

Rec'd email from Pam last night.
She is on good terms with the owners of the campground at Twin Bridges, on the North Fork.
She said she would be kind enough to call them, and attempt to get "the skinny" on river condition, availabilty of campground space during Rendezvous time, and possible problems with the government "law dogs".

While time is getting tight; there is still time to wait & listen to what she has learned.

I still have hope that "Zero & the Bozos" will get their s--t together, and the Current will be reopened.

Paddledad: You did not acquire a "scow" from me; I don't buy or sell scows. You must have gotten you boat from someone else. Either that, or you took a quality boat, and turned it into a scow.
Choose your words carefully, you risk your mortal soul for lying; just as you would engaging in murder, rape & pillage. Hell is full of nasty Vikings; waiting on new victims to torment!


  Sounds Like A Plan
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-04-13 12:34 PM (EST)
North Fork is a nice river even if the water is a little low IMHO.

I've talked to the folks at Akers Ferry, whom I've known for years. This morning they verified that several folks have been ticketed this week. They are not "Allowed" to put any canoes in. Towing has been threatened, but none they know of yet.

In essence, the National Parks, which were being held in trust "For the people," is off limits to those "People" it was saved for? Just makes my blood boil to be a "Pawn" in the sick game our politicians are playing!
  North Fork Update-Need input from folks
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-04-13 3:51 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-04-13 3:52 PM EST --

Ok - so I talked with Don at Twin Bridges this morning, he is one of the new owners as of 10/15. He said that they will be open all year round and he would love to have us if that is what we decide to do. River is lower then what we typically do, but it is doable. Hammond Camp is closed since it is US Forest Service, you can pass it via the river but can't park there or put in or take out there. So to do The Falls you would have to go from Twin Bridges to Blair which is 15 miles, it can be done but at low water you would want to get on the river earlier then we usually do. Other paddles would be Hebron to Twin Bridges 5 miles, Hales Ford to Twin Bridges 9 miles, Blair to Dawt 8 miles. He said above Twin Bridges is floatable, but it will be lower then what we have done in the Spring. I asked him about camping prices and he said he would do what Jim has done for us in the past which is $ 8.00 per night, per person (normal is $ 12.00, Jim's prices). We'll have to see next Spring what we can work out on camping rates, with all the improvements the new ownership is planning (expanding the RV park, new shower house and new café with bar) I am not sure we'll continue to get that rate. If we do end up there maybe we negotiate for Spring before we leave.

So, we need some more input from other folks on what they want to do and when do we make this decision? I hope like everyone else that the "idiots" in DC get it together and we can still do the Current.

I told Don at Twin Bridges that this would be a last minute decision and that I would let him know.

As a group we have some decisions to make so I hope others will comment.

See ya,

  North Fork OK with me
  Posted by: pblanc on Oct-04-13 4:54 PM (EST)
I would prefer the Current if things work out, but I am not optimistic.
  I'll be there
  Posted by: vic on Oct-04-13 9:13 PM (EST)
I'll be there, wherever there is, most likely Tuesday afternoon.

If this federal bullshit is over I'll go to Pulltite. If it is not I'll go to Twin Bridges.

Either way me and my canoe will be in the Ozarks a week from Tueday, or a week from Wednesday the latest. The whole damned federal government can't keep me away.
  It's all good
  Posted by: paddledad on Oct-04-13 4:43 PM (EST)
Guess you missed the smiley face.
  Vikings still get to torment others when
  Posted by: Yanoer on Oct-04-13 11:25 PM (EST)
in Hell?

Dang, it's good to be a Viking.
  North Fork Votes
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-04-13 4:17 PM (EST)
Well, two votes from us. We are planning on a Tuesday arrival and Friday evening or Saturday morning departure since I have family coming to the farm on Saturday. I've paddled the North Fork at present levels and it's similar to low water on the Current like we've had the last few years.

BTW, what happened to Jim?
  BTW Shorter Falls Paddle
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-04-13 4:27 PM (EST)
Boyscout and I found a dirt road access about 30 minutes above the Falls. Only about a 2 hr paddle, but......
  Not sure about Jim?
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-04-13 4:31 PM (EST)
I was in a store when Don called me back, but obviously Jim sold but not sure why. Maybe he is moving on to bigger things in life!
  Posted by: deuce on Oct-04-13 5:02 PM (EST)
I'll be up that way from 10/12-10/16 with an Arkansas Canoe Club group. The original plan was to be at Pultite most of the time and meet up with Pnetters as they arrived. Maybe that will still happen, but here's my (and some others') contingency plan. We will float camp the Eleven Point from Greer to Riverton Saturday night/Sunday (12th and 13th). Richard's Canoe has confirmed we'll be able to launch. I've never floated that stream, but the float camp we plan to stay at is only accessible by water, so they'd have to want us out of there bad for there to be a problem. Assuming Pultite is still locked down we'll go from Riverton to Boiling Springs Campground on the Big Piney. I'll stay there until I have to go home on 10/16. Where I paddle is up to me, so I may be able to join some of you on the North Fork one day. It's a bit of a haul, but only around an hour I think, which is doable. I'll definitely do the Big Piney at least one day, and if anyone wants to join me (us; may be others from my group) or even camp there I'd be honored. I believe most of the others plan to camp at Twin Bridges later in the week; Wednesday or Thursday as I recall. Of course if this nightmare ends in time I'll be base camping at Pultite as originally planned, but I just wanted to let everyone know what else was going on. It's a shame we can't count on our leaders to lead, but I refuse to let that prevent me from enjoying fall in the Ozarks. Take that, gubmint!
  Rewind & replay.............
  Posted by: on Oct-04-13 5:51 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-04-13 6:05 PM EST --

We agree to a very large degree with Pete.

Try to remain optimistic..........
Wait and see if those "scum sucking dogs" do anything.

If Pulltite opens up; we'll be there.
If it doesn't; we'll be at the North Fork, Twin Bridges Campground, and endeavour to perservere.

Has anyone paid any attention to Bryant Creek?
Have a map handy?
Note the Hwy 181 access(low water bridge at Hodgson Mill).
A spring there has avg. daily flow of 24 million gallons; ranked 15th in the state.
Very close to the North Fork; junctions with it just a short distance above Norfork Lake.

Somewhere on that has to be a section worthy of exploring & adventuring.

Thanks Pam!!!


P.S. paddledad.....Just yankin' your chain :^)
Have "aggravation problem" reputation to

  Bryant Creek
  Posted by: pblanc on Oct-04-13 7:02 PM (EST)
Check with Pat D. regarding Bryant Creek as I believe he has poled a good section of it. I am pretty sure that Pam and Rob told me they fished some of it.
  Bryant Creek..........
  Posted by: pat2 on Oct-04-13 9:07 PM (EST)
I saw very little of Bryant Creek. I poled up a little over a mile and it was too deep. Could have paddled the Merlin up it easier than poling. I can't remember where I put on. It may have been Sycamore. It was a wide, uniformly 3 to 4' deep river with a steady current a lot like the North Fork. I checked several access points and it looked about the same each place I checked. Remember, the rivers were up and flowing, so it may be very different now. If you were very adventurous and had enough water, Fox Creek looked like a challenge. Probably a lot of strainers, though. Have fun.
  im ok with North fork
  Posted by: yakjak on Oct-04-13 9:09 PM (EST)
will be happy to paddle the spring river while im there as well if anyone is game ... but i dont want to camp there lol...(the spring) Fn trains.... i plan on arriving sometime Tuesday in time to paddle.i hope but like everyone else the current would be my first choice if at all possible but thats not looking too good is it ..whats great about the Ozark Rendezvous is the family of paddlers that show up...Its going to be a great week no matter where its taking place.. im looking forward to seeing you all..
  Bryant Creek
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-04-13 9:24 PM (EST)
Rob and I put in at Hwy 95 low water bridge and we got out at Sycamore. I would not suggest doing this section as it was low water and slow and LOTS of strainers, (we had to walk boats over LARGE TREEES several times). Heck we were only a mile in and almost turned around and walked back up stream. Things opened up once a creek came in and we didn't have the strainer issue and we had water. Bryant is supposed to be a great fishing creek and that is why we were out there. I don't really remember how the fishing was because it was so frustrating with all the strainers plus it poured down rain several times. I was just happy to see the take out. If I were to do it again I would start at Sycamore.
  i'm in.
  Posted by: rhow on Oct-04-13 9:47 PM (EST)
Pulltite or Twin Bridges. Tues or maybe Weds.
Everyone have a safe trip.

  I'll be coming down
  Posted by: PJC on Oct-04-13 9:56 PM (EST)
to wherever it is we meet at. I'd prefer Pulltite, but Northfork is OK as a backup. I'll check in here before I leave and will, of course, be following the news. Only way it could screw up is if the shutdown ends while I'm on the road with the radio off. Not likely.

When I leave depends partly on whether there's work opportunities, but I'll fly just as soon as I can and stay as long as I can.
  Some Current River access open?
  Posted by: pblanc on Oct-05-13 9:35 AM (EST)
Per the post from Jim Anderson on this Facebook page it would appear that some Current River access might now be feasible:

I have no idea what river access might be open but perhaps someone who knows the Maggards at Akers might give them a call? Also, has anyone stayed at this campground near Akers Ferry:

If it is open the rates and facilities appear reasonable and it is not too far from the river.
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-05-13 11:02 AM (EST)
I know from several other posts that Terry has talked to the folks and Akers and they are not allowed to put anyone on the river and people are getting ticketed if parked on gov't land. Not sure how well you could get to the river from other "county road" access points. I for one am not looking to get a ticket or my car towed. I know Terry is at work this weekend but maybe since he knows the Akers folks the best in can inquiry on Monday. But I'll be honest I am not getting a good feeing.

Regarding Jason's Place in the past it has been known as a "party" place but not sure what it is like now or on off season.
  Current River closed!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-05-13 10:28 PM (EST)
Couple of articles I found:
  Plans for Upcoming Fall Rendezvous
  Posted by: apgoss on Oct-06-13 12:10 AM (EST)
Hi everyone...

In looking at how things are seems as though Twin Bridges could be the best place to go for the upcoming Fall will plan on that unless Pulltite opens up...but it seems reasonable to plan on staying at Twin Bridges since it is getting close to our dates to meet up.

If anyone gets word that the Pulltite NF campground is open and allowing people on the river...please post and I will be checking the threads of is so lovely there in the fall w/ the trees and the Current River is so much fun!!

Hope all goes well, so that we can get looks good for more rain up there...60% chance of rain tonight...40% on Monday week and the CFS is 447...anyone know what is ideal? I plan on calling the Twin Bridges campground to make my reservation, and will ask about that as well.

Til later,
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-06-13 11:58 AM (EST)
Not sure you really need to make reservations since this will be a last minute decision. And if you do and cancel not sure if you could get your deposit back. I told the new owner Don this would be last minute and he said that was fine.
  I Talked to One of the Maggards....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-06-13 10:47 PM (EST)
....on Friday. We discussed a few options, like launching from the bridge at Cedar Grove, a few spots on the Jack's around Emminence, etc. Problem is parking and possibility of a "Ticket and a Tow"
  ONSR Park Ranger
  Posted by: pblanc on Oct-07-13 6:41 AM (EST)
I was able to contact one of the furloughed park rangers through Facebook. He said he would attempt to get clarification from the Chief Ranger regarding the comments attributed to Superintendent Bill Black that appeared on Facebook. His understanding based on what he was told when he was sent home is that the Park (and river) are closed. He said if he finds out differently he will contact me.

It appears increasingly unlikely to me that the situation in Washington will change prior to Oct 17 at the earliest.
  More info
  Posted by: pblanc on Oct-08-13 9:20 AM (EST)
This was part of an email received by the aforementioned furloughed Park Ranger from the ONSR Chief Ranger yesterday:

"The solicitor has told us that we can not close the rivers since it is a through way, the same as state roads, but we can close all lands, facilities and services. Based on this if a person puts in on private or state land to boat or floats on the river to pull out on private or state land, then we are not making a big deal of it due to our limited resources. If they are on our land they will be asked to leave as the area is closed. If they move a barricade then they will have to see the Ranger."

It would appear therefore that floating the river would be possible, but impractical due to inability to park shuttle vehicles at reasonable locations.
  Yet more
  Posted by: pblanc on Oct-08-13 2:38 PM (EST)

So the bottom line is the rivers are open. You just can't get there from here.
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-08-13 4:52 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-08-13 4:55 PM EST --

It infuriates me because "Park land" is land that WE PAY FOR WITH TAX DOLLARS! So we'll kick taxpayers like me out of the Ozark National Scenic Riverways but let illegal aliens in the country? Doesn't make a lick of sense!

  Posted by: jhb8426 on Oct-10-13 12:45 AM (EST)
The other part that really "confuses" me is that most od these areas are not staffed during normal operations, so why is it so urgent to keep people out now, other than to drive home the point of how badly we need them???
  I don't suppose
  Posted by: Tazz on Oct-08-13 6:14 PM (EST)
Anyone have access to a helicopter? Never to late to begin your seals training.

If Pulltite is reopened, I don't think anyone will be in the mood to reopen restrooms and turn the water back on for us this year. But we will see what happens.

The good news for us is that it is only about 10% further to drive to twin bridges than Pulltite. Laurel and I are planning on leaving here on Monday and should arrive somewhere either Monday night or Tuesday. Since the folks in washinghton can't remember what they are arguing over, my guess is that we will be at Twin Bridges.
  North Fork it is!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-08-13 9:29 PM (EST)
So I think from the post that I am seeing it looks like we are going to Twin Bridges. If nothing happens with the "idiots" I will call Don at Twin Bridges on Sunday to give him a heads up that folks will start arriving.

I will personally see folks either Tuesday or Wednesday (depends on weather). Rob on the other hand will not be there until Thursday evening.

I am ready to paddle, chill and have high tea, hope you all are ready as well!

See ya,
  Just called Twin Bridges!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-09-13 12:06 PM (EST)
We are set to go. There are several other groups/clubs that will be there the same week we are but they have plenty of room. So when you arrive stop at the front and tell them you are there and with the Ozark Rendezvous Group and they will direct you to camping spots which will be in the field. If you need electric she has one spot reservered for us right now as I know Laurel and Tom will need that. If anyone else needs electric please call down there to reserve a spot just so you know that you'll have. The phone number is 417-256-7507 and I spoke with Angela who has all the info and my contact info.

There is plenty of room for all of the groups that will be there, so no worries there. Should be fun, we'll meet some new folks as well.

See ya next week!
  Cafe also open!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-09-13 12:19 PM (EST)
Forgot to mention that the cafe at Twin Bridges is open!
  Good news bad news
  Posted by: loon on Oct-09-13 1:01 PM (EST)
Good News... started my new job today. Bad news... started my new job today. This means I will not make it to the rendezvous until Friday evening. But I will make it. See you all there.
  Have fun whereever you end up.
  Posted by: puffingin on Oct-10-13 11:20 AM (EST)
Can't help but watch this thread and feel some of the anger, frustration and even disgust you are feeling. Can't come and join you but I want to send my sincere wishes that you have a good time paddling and telling paddling stories, tall or otherwise, as you get together. The rendezvous is a time to celebrate with others who similarly appreciate paddling on the beautiful waters we have been blessed with.

I like this quote and maybe some of you might find something in it for yourselves.

“"maggie and millie and molly and may"

maggie and millie and molly and may
went down to the beach (to play one day)

and maggie discovered a shell that sang
so sweetly she couldn't remember her troubles,and

millie befriended a stranded star
who's rays five languid fingers were;

and molly was chased by a horrible thing
which raced sideways while blowing bubbles:and

may came home with a smooth round stone
as small as a world and as large as alone.

For whatever we lose (like a you or a me)
it's always ourselves we find in the sea.”
E. E. Cummings quotes (American poet 1894-1962

  Hope to visit with y'all
  Posted by: old_user on Oct-10-13 3:30 PM (EST)
About 6 - 10 of us from the Arkansas Canoe Club will be at Twin Bridges and hope to meet some of you. We were at Pulltite just as you started arriving last year, got to meet Pete Blanc, Pat from Indiana, Brian. We are from Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas. I really enjoy pnet!! You've helped me choose a couple of boats and just keep up enthusiasm for paddling. We're staying at Boiling Springs and paddling Missouri's Big Piney Sat/Sun if anyone is down early.
  Twin Bridges
  Posted by: pblanc on Oct-10-13 4:37 PM (EST)
There will be folks from our usual group at Twin Bridges from at least Tuesday through Sunday. Someone might even show up on Monday.

Ramblin' Jack S. and I might possibly paddle the Spring River on Tuesday afternoon before coming over to Twin Bridges. The Spring is about an hour away.

If any of you are interested in paddling the Spring I will post an update when I know for sure if we are paddling it.
  can I come?
  Posted by: camprcrafter on Oct-10-13 5:50 PM (EST)
Now that it is moved to Twin Bridges I can probably make it for Friday Night-Sunday. if there is room.
Have never been to a Rondezvous but always enjoy reading about them.

  Plenty of room
  Posted by: pblanc on Oct-10-13 6:02 PM (EST)
Our group has typically been camped in a field in the back along the tree line that runs along the river. There is lots of room back there.
  You will have a great time
  Posted by: kayamedic on Oct-10-13 7:51 PM (EST)
I can't make this one..budget is NOT that elastic for a three thousand mile voyage but you will meet some mighty fine people who will help you if your arse is ever in trouble on the water.

You really can't find better company.

And report on the Twin Bridges cookies. Are the same ones there. The food was awesome and so darn cheap in April.
  Bell or Mohawk?
  Posted by: miriamcanoe on Oct-10-13 10:27 PM (EST)
I haven't paddled the North Fork before. I know there are some small rapids. Anything bad that will eat my Wildfire up?
  May Be a Little Boney
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-10-13 11:30 PM (EST)
I'd bring the Mohawk. I'm bringing royalex, Margaret will have her kevlar Flashfire, but it's not exactly in the same condition as your Wildfire.
  Mohawk or Wildfire
  Posted by: on Oct-10-13 11:32 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-12-13 12:58 AM EST --

Don't know what you have?
Not of much consequence anyway.
Unless the river came up close to flood stage (not likely)a Wildfire would do just fine.
I think Margaret has used a Flashfire there?

JoAnne used her Wenonah Vagabond the last time we were there, and will likely be paddling her Mohawk Solo 13 this time.

*A consideration is the difference between paddling a royalex canoe vs a kevlar canoe; if you are concerned about wear & tear, if river is boney, and it may be.


  I have both
  Posted by: miriamcanoe on Oct-11-13 11:00 PM (EST)
Solo 13 & Solo 14. Carl heard on the news today that the shut down may be lifted. Any one heard anything about the Current River and the possibilty of paddling there?
  Last I heard on shutdown
  Posted by: vic on Oct-12-13 1:07 AM (EST)
It seems backroom discussions on a deal are taking place. Most mainstream news sources I checked on the web are saying that if a deal is reached Congress would not vote on it until Tuesday the earliest. Monday is Columbus Day a federal holiday.

It seems to me our best bet is to stick with the North Fork for the Rendezvous because of the late date, and if indeed they reach a deal, I doubt NPS could get everything open and unlocked for the Rendezvous next week.

However, if they reopen the Current some time next week I would considering staying down in the Ozarks a few more days to put some Current River water under my canoe ... especially if the fall colors stick around.
  Posted by: on Oct-12-13 1:18 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-12-13 1:48 AM EST --

We started out planning for a Current river Rendezvous.
When the buffoons started their political gamesmanship; we changed our plans to the North Fork.

We have heard nothing that assures us that the Current will be open. Not sure that we will hear anything that can assures us.

As for now; we plan on being at the North Fork. If the location changes again; we would probably show up at the Current? Probably a very short stay. If we had "any problem whatsoever", at any location, with the buffoon mandated gate guard/ barricade nazis; we would immediately head for home.


  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-12-13 8:52 AM (EST)
I agree with Vic I say we stick with the North Fork. I know some folks will start arriving on Tuesday and I am sure they would like to know where to go, my opinion is North Fork. We will be there sometime on Wednesday.

See you all in a few days! It's raining right now and looking like more rain for Monday and Tuesday, that would be a good thing, we need rain!

  See you there.
  Posted by: miriamcanoe on Oct-12-13 11:27 PM (EST)
We will be there around 6:00 or 7:00 Wed. evening.
  Missouri Governor to open Current River
  Posted by: miriamcanoe on Oct-13-13 3:59 PM (EST)
I called to cancel my reservation at the cabin I was to stay in next week this morning and the lady said she heard on the local news that the Governor was going to open the Current River. Has any one else that lives in Missouri heard about this? She was going to talk to a ranger that lives near her and get back with me later today.
  It's still a BIG GOTCHA
  Posted by: on Oct-13-13 5:28 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-13-13 6:47 PM EST --

Latest I heard: YES, you can "use" the river.

The GOTCHA!!!!!

NO, you can't use the campgrounds.

NO, you can't use the river accesses.

NO, you can't trespass to put in, or take out on private property; unless you have consent from private property owner. Chances are about 10% or less they will offer you consent to use their property.

NO, you are not to wander onto Scenic Riverway property while you're using the river.

NO, you are not to use the gravel bars while you're using the river.

Best bet: Hire a helicopter, and have them drop you & your boat into the river where you want to start.

If you have to relieve yourself; do it in your canoe.

If you want to take a break, or eat a meal while you're using the river; do it in your canoe.

At the place where you want to take out; call in the helicopter to pull you & your canoe out of the river " you can use".

It's a big GOTCHA! :^(

The Governor of Missouri is playing the "look at what I'm doing for YOU" PR game. He's been playing that PR game for decades. He's an ex attorney general & knows how to "play the PR game".

If I remember correctly, the Current river is a "National" Scenic Riverway; not a "State" Scenic Riverway. A Governor might declare that it is open. I'm not so sure he can close or open it on his own authority.
Did he close it?
Opening it sounds good; good PR.

But on the other hand; couldn't one of the "dumpster divers" on the Current river also declare the river was open?

Current River "dumpster diver" reopens National Scenic Riverway.
Politicians still playing games, and fiddling around as Washington burns.
Geat photo op for dumpster diver..........
News at 6.
Sitting & chatting with Leno.
Many media appearanes after Leno appearance.
Dumpster diver hires lawyer & PR firm.
Book deal.
Speaking tour.
Nobel Peace Prize.
New head of Environmental Protection Agency.
What a guy!

That's possible; isn't it?
Don't tell me there is that much difference between a "dumpster diver", and a "Chicago ward heeler".

If only "someone" could get Missouri's "river of meth" CLOSED! :^(
That would be an accomplishment. Missouri is always at the top, or near the top of meth producing states, in the United States.
NO good PR there.

Better open a river.


  Current River?
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Oct-13-13 6:33 PM (EST)
Yes, it is true that Gov. Nixon has told his staff to put together a proposal to open the Arch and the Ozark Scenic Riverways. But the state has to pick up the tab and they will NOT be reimbursed. I am sure there would have to be a vote of some sort. As a person that lives in Missouri I don't want to foot that bill, money needs to be used elsewhere. Also all the parks on the Current that are overseen by the feds are in off season as of 10/1 so that means camping is free anyway, so not like they are going to make any money there.

My personal opinion stays the same that we go to the North Fork, even if they open the Current how soon will it really be open and odds are they already turned off water and closed bathrooms since that was to happen on 10/1 anyway. Yes, we have gotten lucky every year that the water and bathrooms are open but because of this shut down not sure if they would reopen.

I know people are arriving as of Tuesday and with tomorrow being a holiday there would be no government business anyway. I think we have waited long enough and can't wait to "see" if they reopen. Our plan is to be at the North Fork on Wednesday.

See ya,
  Posted by: PJC on Oct-13-13 6:56 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-13-13 6:59 PM EST --

I have arranged for folks to watch my place, boats, food, clothes are loaded. New oil in the crankcase, new antifreeze in the radiator, Pre-flight is done, I'm ready to fly. I'll be heading out tomorrow and going to the North Fork. If there's a group change in plans after early tomorrow morning, could somebody please call Twin Bridges and have them notify me?

I've a little matter to deal with regarding the repair (or, better yet, arranging for the repair) of a clothes drier for the renters of a traveling friend of mine, but that should be done by about 9:00AM and then I'm on my way. My (roughly) estimated ETA at Twin Bridges is very late Monday PM or very early Tuesday AM.

Safe travels, everyone! Looking forward to seeing the gang again.

  Oya Senor....................
  Posted by: on Oct-13-13 6:59 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-13-13 11:44 PM EST --

Oya Senor; we are the federales, you know, the river police..........

"If you're the river police; where are your river police badges"?

River police badges; we ain't got no river police badges!
We don't need no river police badges!
I don't have to show you no stinkin' river police badges.

Treasure of the Sierra Madre dialogue adaptation.

See ya at the North Fork!
You long distance drivers be careful; don't run any roadblocks. or barricades.

  Posted by: vic on Oct-13-13 8:58 PM (EST)
Got the Forester more than half loaded. Need to put my clothes bag, camera bags, paddles, PFD in the car and the canoe on top tomorrow morning. Then heading out for Twin Bridges on the North Fork of the White.

Hi Yo Silver Away (it's a white Forester)

Have to make one stop for perishables before leaving town. Should be out of Des Moines by about 1pm Monday. Expect to arrive at Twin Bridges some time Tuesday afternoon.

  Posted by: miriamcanoe on Oct-13-13 10:25 PM (EST)
is the day we arrive....late. Look forward to seeing everyone. BTW the lady near the Current said she went and checked this afternoon and one barricade was up and one was maybe they are halfway shut down.
  Miriam Et Al
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Oct-13-13 10:36 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-13-13 10:37 PM EST --

Miriam, the idiots in congress and their MO State counterparts in Jeff City will NOT have resolved this mess before the Rendezvous. Tomorrow is a National holiday, so ANOTHER excuse for them not to do anything. The river accesses MAY open later this week, but you can't count on the campground. Plus, we already have people headed to the North Fork. You will like the North Fork, in some ways I like it as much as the Current. I just KNOW the Current a little better. If we're lucky, MAYBE we can do a day trip to the Current one day if the river is opened toward the end of the week? We have "Dog" issues so will be there Wednesday morning.

  Fer the love of rivers...
  Posted by: PJC on Oct-14-13 7:09 AM (EST)
Heading out... cranking up the volume.

It'll change when the sun rises...

See you there.
  Posted by: on Oct-14-13 12:57 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Oct-14-13 6:20 PM EST --

I love Led Zep's Kashmir, at about 11 on the volume control.

Speaking of tunes; I've got to find the Daredevil"s Greatest Hits CD. Some Rendezvous people have yet to start their day off with the beloved "classic". Chicken Train.

Motivational activity: Politicians running a 30 paddler gauntlet, while getting thrashed by canoe & kayak paddles.
Can't get on.........
Can't get off..........
Chicken train, take the chickens away.............


P.S. No disrespect intended; just a personal observation. Do you think "Queen" Michelle looks like she could eat corn through a picket fence?
I'm not be flippant; so you be serious too.

  led zep
  Posted by: yakjak on Oct-14-13 2:37 PM (EST)
houses of the holy is loaded and ready to play first on my way down tomorrow..Steeley dan to follow.. I wonder who got to take digger home last spring? Or if hes planning a return this fall? when i get home from work today, im going to finish packing and load boats... take the beautiful wife out for Chinese and gas up the truck.... Im ready for some chicken train may motivate me ,my sorry ass needs motivation....see yaall real soon... ramblin jack
  Posted by: pblanc on Oct-14-13 4:21 PM (EST)
What you need is a damned good paddling.


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