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  Early Arrivers at Ozark Rendevous
  Posted by: mjamja on Mar-26-13 10:28 PM (EST)

Things are lining up so that I could be at the Rendevous on Tue-Thur (30th to 2nd) (actually arriving Mon night). Just wondering who might be available for paddling on Tue,Wed, and Thur and if I should plan on being at Twin Bridges those days or if there is some pre-event paddling at another location.

Info is probably buried in the other thread but I just did not want to try and wade through all of that.


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  Posted by: pblanc on Mar-27-13 7:17 AM (EST)
There was some talk about the possibility of doing a trip on the Buffalo in Arkansas, or some other relatively nearby river (such as the Eleven Point in southern MO or the Spring in AR) either before or after the Rendezvous but nothing has been set and it will depend on water levels on the Buffalo.

Assuming there is not going to be a trip prior to the Rendezvous, I could be there Monday evening.
  Early arrival
  Posted by: pgeorg on Mar-28-13 7:24 AM (EST)
Good mornin'

I'm going to be arriving before dark on Tues, and will be looking for paddle partners Wed & Thurs.

Will arrive in a Volvo with CT plates.

I'm an old wimp and I've booked a cabin (number 8, I think) to stay dry and warm at night.

  I am thinking of going and it would
  Posted by: kayamedic on Mar-28-13 7:36 AM (EST)
be early too.. but I have to see if I can swing a second long trip in six weeks.

Nice to see the two Petes going!
  Cabins are really trailers!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Apr-10-13 4:36 PM (EST)
Someone in our group booked a "cabin" last year and was not happy at all. They are really not cabins but trailers. Just want you to be informed!
  Eyes open
  Posted by: pgeorg on Apr-11-13 7:07 AM (EST)
Thanks for the warning. My expectations are not high. I'm taking a "cabin" to avoid being in a tent should one of the formidable squal lines come through while I'm there. Just too old to deal with high winds and torrential downpours in a tent.

Looking forward to seeing all of you again.

  Me too
  Posted by: vic on Mar-28-13 11:16 AM (EST)
Plan on getting there Monday night or some time Tuesday afternoon. So I can't wait to paddle the morning after I arrive. It's been a long time since I had a canoe on the water.

Hope I remember how.

But with Pete, PJC, Terry, thebob, and all my other paddling friends around I'm sure they will help me relearn how to float a canoe and avoid fish counts.

Well, other than thebob on avoiding the fish counts :-)
  No words to describe
  Posted by: deuce on Mar-28-13 11:56 AM (EST)
how bummed I am to miss this. Don't know how to make a frowny face emoticon, so imagine one here.
  Remember Vic
  Posted by: pblanc on Mar-28-13 1:37 PM (EST)
The hollow side goes up.

Hope you can make it, Kim.
  Thanks Pete
  Posted by: vic on Mar-28-13 4:31 PM (EST)
I may be getting old but I do remember that the hollow side goes up. What I'm not sure I remember is HOW to keep the hollow side up.
  Vic, take your naps
  Posted by: kayamedic on Mar-28-13 7:04 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Mar-28-13 7:18 PM EST --

(all us "seniors" seem to need them) on shore. I have only met one lady who at the age of 86 could nap upright in here canoe. You simply are not old enough to have developed that skill.

Jim and I will be there ...can't wait. I will leave the couscous home.. We will be early and probably paddle the Buffalo after.

pgeorg email me if you would like to share a cabin. I lost your email address. Is your better half coming?

   ill be early
  Posted by: yakjak on Mar-31-13 11:24 AM (EST)
sun. evening or monday early and would like 2 paddle over on the 11 point mo. and spring river arkansas both rivers are not to far from rendezvous headquarters.. should have reservations in soon... A Vacation Sure Sounds Good Right Now.... jack
  Posted by: pblanc on Mar-31-13 4:42 PM (EST)
I don't know that paddling both the Spring and the Eleven Point, or a multi-day trip prior to the Rendezvous would work out for me, but I could probably meet you Sunday evening and plan to paddle either the Eleven Point or the Spring (I would prefer the Spring) on Monday and then head to the Rendezvous that evening.

How does that sound to you? Give me a call if you like. I will be paddling some whitewater down on the Tennessee Cumberland Plateau next week from Wednesday through Sunday but will be back the following week.
  Posted by: yakjak on Apr-02-13 4:35 PM (EST)
I will be happy to meet you at twin bridges ,river ton or at the Putin on the spring either mon. Or someday evening ... Hopefully we can paddle the blue river or sugar creek beforehand and discuss it
  How does this sound?
  Posted by: pblanc on Apr-10-13 2:56 PM (EST)
We should probably make some definite plans, even if they are tentative. I made reservations for Twin Bridges campground arriving Monday April 29. It is about a 6 hour drive to Mammoth Springs Arkansas from Evansville.

How about if I met you at the Spring River put in at noon on Monday April 29? I assume you would prefer to run the 7.5 mile stretch down to Many Islands Campground rather than the whole 15 miles? We could then go back to Twin Bridges after and decide what to do on Tuesday.

For those who might be interested in the Spring River, it is a spring-fed stream arising at Mammoth Springs just inside the Arkansas border and not too far from Twin Bridges. It has quite a few ledge drops of 1 to 3 or more feet and one nice S-turn rapid but all Class I-II. Some folks might prefer to run this in a Royalex boat (although I have run it in a composite and will likely do so again). The whole run is 15 miles but there are intermediate take outs allowing for runs of 5 - 7.5 miles.
  OK Pete
  Posted by: vic on Apr-10-13 5:02 PM (EST)
Although I can't make it down there for the Spring, I hope to arrive at Twin Bridges by Monday night and ready to paddle on Tuesday.

There is a chance I won't get there until sometime Tuesday if I get groggy on the road Monday and have to take a motel Monday night. In my old age I have learned that I can't make those long hours behind the wheel like I used to do when I was fifty.

I am still open for a few days on the Buffalo after the Rendezvous if there is enough water. My guess is that Rendezvousers can discuss this while we're down there. I'll pack my downriver gear just in case.
  Composite boats on the Spring river
  Posted by: on Apr-10-13 9:50 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-10-13 9:54 PM EST --

A few years ago, Pat II took his brand new Bell Flashfire down the Spring river when it was in boney conditions.
Brought tears to my eyes when I heard the hull of that beautiful Flashfire going over some of those ledges. You know the sound that fingernails being dragged across a blackboard make? Sounded just like that!
Finally I had to avert my eyes & plug my ears with my fingers........
It was too painful to watch, and listen too.

The horror! the horror!


  Oh man up, you weanie.
  Posted by: pblanc on Apr-11-13 8:38 AM (EST)
That's what they made duct tape for.
  Gel Coat
  Posted by: gremmie on Apr-11-13 9:49 AM (EST)
is too thick on those ugly assed boats anyway. They need some whittling down.
  I am bringing an ugly assed boat
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-11-13 10:03 AM (EST)
Your description...not mine.. Call it ugly to its face and DragonFly will bite yours!

But I really wanted to post with a legitimate question..are there tables at Twin Bridges or should I bring one?
  Yes and no
  Posted by: pblanc on Apr-11-13 10:29 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-11-13 10:53 AM EST --

There are tables at some of the campsites back in the "meadow" where our group has been sequestered in the past but the sites are not really well-demarcated so where you set up camp may or may not have one. But if you arrive early you can probably take your pick.

There is a nice pavilion where the breakfast kitchen is which can also be used.

  Is there a prize
  Posted by: pgeorg on Apr-11-13 6:58 PM (EST)
For the ugliest assed boat? If so, I think I have a winner.

  Sorry Pete....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-11-13 11:41 PM (EST)
....that prize would go to Margaret's Starfire. But, at least it aint as ugly as it was!
  Not even close! My ugly Lady Bug
  Posted by: Yanoer on Apr-12-13 1:25 AM (EST)
that I paddled at the 2011 fall Rendezvous is the ugliest boat ever paddled on the Current. I defy anyone to show an uglier boat.
  Duct tape................
  Posted by: on Apr-11-13 12:01 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-11-13 12:15 PM EST --

Duct tape on the hull creates drag...........

I want to be operating at maximum efficiency all the time. Loss of milliseconds due to "duct tape drag" could easily ruin my whole paddling day.

Also, I do not find duct tape aesthetically pleasing to my discerning eye.

Get that garbage scow of yours out of the way; you, you......infamous, lollygagging, sawbones!


  Question for Bob
  Posted by: vic on Apr-11-13 2:21 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-11-13 2:38 PM EST --

Two of the same boats are being paddled by the same paddler. Which is faster - the red boat with duct tape or the green boat without duct tape?

  Posted by: pblanc on Apr-11-13 3:15 PM (EST)
does completely covering a green boat with red duct tape make it go faster?
  Red boat............
  Posted by: on Apr-11-13 6:22 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-11-13 6:43 PM EST --

Red boat is faster than green boat; even if red boat is covered with duct tape.
There is vast amount of difference between speed of red boat vs green boat. Even with drag caused by duct tape; the red boat will pull away & leave a green boat, with little effort on part of a red boat paddler.


  Green boat............
  Posted by: on Apr-11-13 6:41 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-11-13 6:51 PM EST --

Green boat will always be slower.
Cover a green boat with red duct tape, or red spray paint; it's still a green boat. Thus, it remains slower than a red boat.

The "red rule" does not apply to motorcycles.
A green Harley is still a Harley; even if you paint it red. No matter what color(even red)a Harley is, or what color you paint a's still as slow as a 20 year old, 3 legged, one eyed cat with the mange.
In fact, if you don't cover up a Harley with $5,000.00 worth of chrome; it looks a whole like a mangy cat.

There is a reason why Harleys are not involved in racing. They'd get lapped so many times during the course of a race; they'd be like having a stationary object in the middle of the race course, making the course similiar to an obstacle course.


  Well then
  Posted by: pblanc on Apr-11-13 6:59 PM (EST)
if I wrap myself up completely with red duct tape will I go faster?
  Posted by: vic on Apr-11-13 8:45 PM (EST)
OK Bob, I think I understand about red and green boats and duct tape (as opposed to Red Green and duct tape.)

Maybe a new wrinkle ... how about blue boats?
  Let's find out
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-11-13 11:07 PM (EST)
wanna race?
  Sorry Kim
  Posted by: vic on Apr-11-13 11:26 PM (EST)
Sorry Kim but my racing days are about 40 years behind me. Now I am a confirmed lollygagger - just ask Bob.
  If you wrap yourself................
  Posted by: on Apr-11-13 11:34 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-11-13 11:38 PM EST --

Try this Pete.
Let someone wrap you in red duct tape, don't wear your pfd, let someone help you get seated in a red Hemlock SRT, and then flip it.

You will go quickly.........quickly to the bottom of the river.


  Blue boats................
  Posted by: on Apr-11-13 11:47 PM (EST)
Blue boats are in a special class, all their own.
A few of them are so pretty; it doesn't matter if they'll go fast or not. In fact, you kind of hope they don't; so they'll stay around longer for you to admire.
The two I have in mind are Miriam's kevlar Bell Wildfire, and Pat's (I shouldn't have sold that boat!)Blackhawk Ariel.

  But I thank you anyhow
  Posted by: PJC on Apr-12-13 7:22 AM (EST)
I don't think I've ever seen another blue Blackhawk of any kind. Blue-green, but not blue.
The Ariel is almost too pretty to take on the Northfork, though I didn't scrape much in the high water a couple years ago and maybe I'll bring it this time.

Been working a lot lately, there should be some decent paychecks coming, I need more royalex in my storage shed - whatcha' got to sell, Bob?. Anything in green or red? Do I have to hurry or not? Which sells faster?

PS: That thing of Yanoer's was indeed an ugly-assed boat. Like a disruptive camo pattern in primary colors.
  Argosy? Though I am not bringing 3
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-12-13 9:44 AM (EST)
boats to Rendezvous. I would have to buy something.

Rubber. The Argosy is red. PS I like Yanoer's primary camo.. No one will steal it moreover. Nor could brown lose it.
  I think
  Posted by: pblanc on Apr-12-13 12:33 PM (EST)
you should try paddling Bob's MRC Flashback.
  with brown and gold duct tape
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-12-13 1:11 PM (EST)
so it doesn't get lost...
  Finally, the well deserved disrespect
  Posted by: Yanoer on Apr-12-13 1:21 PM (EST)
for the Ugly Bug.

Thanks for coming through, PJC.
  Posted by: PJC on Apr-12-13 1:56 PM (EST)
But it moved along right well. Maybe there should be a new racing class set aside for such color schemes? Or maybe just a "most creative color scheme" class of canoe competition.

There's a guy I run into up here on the Wisconsin sometimes who has a dark red/forest green/gray maple leaf camo pattern aluminum that he often carries a bicycle in the front of. I see him fishing in the Lone Rock area. He solos it well. It might rival the Ugly Bug in the "most creative color in a canoe" category. There's another aluminum canoe I sometimes see in Madison that's all done up in a WWII Luftwaffe winter camo scheme. That's a contender also.

As far a racing goes, I still hold that it doesn't matter what color the canoe is. What you have to do is load down the front so the stern rides high like those drag race funny cars. That way, like them, you're always paddling downhill. That way you'll go real fast.
  There are no ugly boats
  Posted by: Boyscout on Apr-13-13 10:45 PM (EST)
Just board that are handled ugly.Some people in the rendezvous group that make any canoe look good. I'm not one of them.
  That's what's wrong with my RX
  Posted by: Yanoer on Apr-12-13 1:27 AM (EST)
Yellowstone Solo and Blackhawk Zephyr - they're green. No wonder they're so slow. I thought it was me.
  Ya know,
  Posted by: deuce on Apr-12-13 9:10 AM (EST)
there are all sorts of colors and patterns available in the Duck tape line these days. A few months ago I decided to see how one of my boats would look wrapped in their camo design. Haven't seen it since.
  Posted by: vic on Apr-12-13 10:59 AM (EST)
Maybe it's hiding with Bob's camo paddling pants.
  my vision
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-12-13 8:07 PM (EST)
on the canoe that brings.

So simple. Just brown and gold duck (t) tape. And stealth at 2 am.
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-12-13 10:46 PM (EST)
...ask Bob what "Brown" can do to for HIM (LOL)!
  Hey Terry ...
  Posted by: vic on Apr-12-13 11:03 PM (EST)
you beat me to it.
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-12-13 11:09 PM (EST)
I have visions of us all covered in stinky brown. And that would not be purty.

I come to the Ozarks for flowers..not dog "time bombs". They are in abundance here.. but did get a bit of powdered "sugar" today.
  What brown can do for me?
  Posted by: on Apr-12-13 11:40 PM (EST)

UPS sucks.

Can't find a 15 foot canoe on their own damn loading dock.

  The rest of the story
  Posted by: vic on Apr-13-13 12:38 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-13-13 12:43 AM EST --

Bob, you never told us the rest of the story.

Maybe UPS couldn't find it on their loading dock because it was a loading dock pattern camo canoe.

  I KNEW That Was Coming
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-13-13 5:25 AM (EST)
  Posted by: vic on Apr-13-13 9:10 AM (EST)
Ya know the UPS commercial only talks about logistics. They never mention ACTUALLY delivering the package.
  Yes Pete that works for me
  Posted by: yakjak on Apr-12-13 8:26 PM (EST)
Why dont we meet at many islands take out and we can transfer a boat and head up to the dam.... noonish ...
  Posted by: pblanc on Apr-26-13 9:08 AM (EST)
I just wanted to confirm that I am going to meet you around noon next Monday at Many Islands campground on the Spring River in AR.

Any early birds for the Ozark Rendezvous who want to join us for this Class II run are welcome. Mammoth Spring AR is just south of the MO/AR line. To get to Many Islands drive south from Mammoth Spring on US 63 and turn right onto Many Islands Road which will (eventually) lead to the campground and river access. As I recall, there is a sizable wooden billboard-like sign for Many Islands Campground at the turn. If you plan to meet us, post here and let us know so we will look out for you.
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-26-13 10:43 AM (EST)
I'll be distracted trying to teach my Basic Arrhythmia class Monday just thinking about that!
  just don't HAVE a basic arrythmia
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-26-13 2:35 PM (EST)
v fib and canoeing do not mix.
  I'll Just Have Sinus Tach....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-26-13 10:40 PM (EST)
....with a few PAC's, Kim, as the adrenalin and dopamine surge in my system while I'm thinking "I could be paddling on a river I never paddled before with my buds!"
  Arriving Sunday
  Posted by: loon on Apr-26-13 2:15 PM (EST)
I'll be down Sunday late afternoon. I already have reservations for Sunday night at Twin Bridges. Peter, I may just meet you guys Monday at noon at Spring.
  Early, too
  Posted by: pat2 on Apr-26-13 3:13 PM (EST)
Wow, Ramblin Jack, Pete, and Brian. I plan to make it too. I will be at Twin Bridges Sunday night and Many Islands by noon Monday.

  Water Levels
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-27-13 5:25 AM (EST)
Likely to be up with all the rain of the last 2 weeks. Supposed to have another 2-3" today, so may have some pretty high water:,00060
  No dragging
  Posted by: Boyscout on Apr-27-13 11:27 PM (EST)
With levals like that i don't expect to drag. have second thaughts about paddling yes.
  my plans have altered slightly..
  Posted by: yakjak on Apr-27-13 7:45 AM (EST)
i wont be arriving until Monday but plan on meeting at many islands at noon. Mom has decided not to go to my sisters in Bentonville ...So I decided not to leave until Monday morning....saves me 12 hours of vacation time ...but commits me to Sunday at work ...yuck... Glad to see that Pat and Brian are coming early...That is just awesome.. Looking forward to seeing you guys.. as well as all the rest of this years rendezvous participants.. cant wait.... ramblin jack...
  Early arrivals.....................
  Posted by: on Apr-27-13 2:33 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-27-13 2:39 PM EST --

I heartily regret that I am unable to be one of the early arrivals.
Am in midst of hardwood flooring project that will not be finished until tuesday at earliest.
"Some people's priorities" interfere with my own.
A few more high priority/home imrovement projects may provide me with the motivation to live out two of my dreams..........paddling bum in North Carolina, and beach comber in Florida for winters.

If rain continues, you'll likely encounter some "sporty" river conditions...........

Suggested gear list for early arrivals/surge paddlers:
Dump bag w/change of clothes
Throw bag
Water pump, and/or bailer
First aid kit
Flotation bags???
Waterproof camera for "unique" fish count photos.

Yall go for it & have fun.

  How high is the water?
  Posted by: Boyscout on Apr-27-13 5:01 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-27-13 6:27 PM EST --

Does this mean that I won't scratch up the Reflection at this point.trying to decide which canoe to bring. Can't bring myself to scratch up such a pretty canoe(Dagger)

  Tuesday paddle?
  Posted by: pat2 on Apr-27-13 6:47 PM (EST)
Maybe we can get lucky and catch the upper Jacks Fork at a runnable level. It is 45 miles from Dora to Mountain View, so it would not take all day to get there. Anyone know the minimum level for an enjoyable float on the upper Jacks? Prongs down to Hwy 17 or maybe Blue Spring?
  Posted by: on Apr-27-13 7:38 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-27-13 9:38 PM EST --

Upper Jacks peaked at 9 feet today (for 7 day period 4/20 to 4/27).
Dropping now; already down to 7 feet.
Unless they get more rain it will continue to drop.

Mean avg is 631 CFPS.
Pumping 2,770 CFPS today.
Highest CFPS was 4,440 in 2011.

3 of us ran it the late 1990s at slightly above 4 feet, but we were in bagged out whitewater solo boats. It rained off & on all that day, and it was rising quickly when we pulled off at Hwy 17. Only took us a couple of hours to do nearly 7 miles. At that level you might take a long swim if you dump. Ever had that, "We're getting flushed" feeling???
I'd say that it would still be a sporty run at anything near 3 feet, or above 1,000 CFPS.
Other times I've run it were below 2 feet and pretty boney.

Not too many years ago we met a guy at the Hwy 17 put in who ran it at a lower level than 2 feet, and it ate his boat & gear. He had to walk out to Hwy 17. Don't know how good a paddler he was; obviously not good enough.

There are some narrow spots on blind curves where new strainers could be waiting. Ground is pretty saturated; more rain anywhere in that area could raise it up again pretty quick. If rain is in forecast; do not park anywhere close to the river.


  Spring might be too high
  Posted by: pblanc on Apr-28-13 6:36 AM (EST)
As of this AM, the Spring River is running about 10 1/2'. It looks as if it just peaked and is starting down but there is a 30% chance of rain for the area today.

American Whitewater rates anything over 7 1/2' (which corresponds to over 3000 cfs) as "too high". The Spring may or may not be below that by midday tomorrow.

I have no idea what the Spring looks like at 7 1/2' but my concern is that some of those ordinarily benign 2 and 3 foot ledge drops might have some wicked hydraulics with what amounts to twice the volume of a normal Ocoee River release flowing over them.
  Upper 11point option
  Posted by: yakjak on Apr-27-13 8:04 PM (EST)
How long is the run above Greer springs ? That could be a neat higher water paddle option for Tuesday....Brian your an 11 point veteran , what do you think? I'm not sure of how long it would take to get there from twin bridges but would surly be comparable to the Jacks if water levels were to high there
  50 miles
  Posted by: Boyscout on Apr-27-13 9:18 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-27-13 10:55 PM EST --

Twin Bridges is Only 50 miles from Alton. bet Halls bay would be a fun( not the good kind) run right now.1,910cfs 4.89ft rt now.

  Upper Eleven Point
  Posted by: on Apr-27-13 9:54 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-28-13 11:42 AM EST --

Put in at Cane Bluff, and take out at Greer is a 7.3 mile trip.
I would "never" suggest to anyone that it is a good idea to put in above Cane Bluff.Never! Have done it; ain't worth it, you'll have to trust me on that one. You go up there when water is low, and you'll be dragging your canoe for long distances. Nothing there to recommend it when water is high either.

Only slightly better: Cane Bluff to Greer has lots of narrow twists & turns. In most places the river banks are mud, or covered with woods that come up to the edge of the river. It's more like a flooded ditch in high water.
It is by no means scenic, even under the best of condition. Does have a few nice bluffs just above Greer.
Afer heavy rain, there is amost assuredly some new strainers, in very sharp bend & twists, and S curves in that section. The river will be muddy.

I used to take groups to Cane Bluff put in, but not for it's scenery. If you go up there in a 17 foot heavily loaded tandem canoe, when the water is low, it' a nasty slog. I knew that.
When it's up; you will work together with your canoe partner,or you will be paying the natural consequences of pulling your canoe & yourself out of the river on multiple occasions. I knew that too.
Natural consequences are an ass kicker, and the river did all the kicking. Great attention getting section for delinquents who think they know it all.

Don't go up there is my advice.

You want to "go for it"?
Check out Bryant Creek!
West of Twin Briges on Hwy 14.
4/28 update: Bryant Creek won't drop to what most would consider a safe level in the next 3 days.


  Spring River is too high for me.
  Posted by: pat2 on Apr-28-13 6:52 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-28-13 7:02 AM EST --

I am not equipped (or skilled) to paddle anything over class II, so I will find something else to do on Monday. Still plan to be at Twin Bridges Sunday night.

  agree with Pat Email sent
  Posted by: yakjak on Apr-28-13 12:31 PM (EST)
  Going anyway
  Posted by: pgeorg on Apr-29-13 6:44 PM (EST)
Well, I'm overnighting in Memphis with only another 3 - 4 hours to I'm going regardless of the water levels. I'm glad I bought lots to read and am wishing I was still drinking beer.

  lots of crap coming down the
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-29-13 8:13 PM (EST)
Meramec close to St Louis.

But lets pray for no rain and settling down. The Buffalo seems to be behaving nicely.
  Posted by: pgeorg on Apr-30-13 6:52 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-30-13 6:55 AM EST --

I do have a mountain bike in the car. We could organize time trials around the campground.

More seriously, a check of the gauge at the link WW sent shows 1860 CFS this morning and dropping. That is double the median.


  Early birds
  Posted by: loon on Apr-30-13 10:55 AM (EST)
Did jacks fork from 17 to Bay Creek yesterday. 84 with slight breeze, what a day. Only way it could have been better is if more people were with us. Jack, Pete, Pat and I are doing Prongs today.

  I'm jealous...............
  Posted by: on Apr-30-13 11:16 AM (EST)
Let us know how it goes; conditions should be great up there at CFPS & height it's running.

Watch out for the speed trap Brian!

  I'm not sure how to interpret the gauge
  Posted by: guideboatguy on Apr-30-13 1:43 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-30-13 1:44 PM EST --

The flow is "twice the median", but remember that flow is exponentially related to water level. Looking at the same curve on the elevation gauge shows that the level at this time is roughly 8 inches higher than that occurring at median flow, which is easier to picture than "twice the flow" volume. If median flow this time of year is nice and quick, the present conditions should be plenty of fun but by not too extreme. Just my guess. I won't get to see it until Wednesday, or paddle it until Thursday, and it's dropping pretty quickly.

  River levels
  Posted by: PJC on Apr-30-13 1:55 PM (EST)
Not being from around there and not intimately familiar with all these rivers at all these levels... I just have to wonder, "Is the North Fork high as it was two years ago?" Dawt's Mill dam underwater and "the falls" with a number of runnable slots rather than the standard one with the double-ledge on the left? But then I guess I'll just have to go take a look. Tomorrow evening, with any luck.
  Posted by: on Apr-30-13 3:32 PM (EST)
I concur with guideboatguy's assessment.
River should be "sporty", but not overwhelming.
I think water level will continue to drop; at least through wednesday evening.


  Posted by: Loon on Apr-30-13 7:08 PM (EST)
God level for Prongs. No events and a few play spots. Wish it would have been about 4 miles longer. See everyone tomorrow.


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