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  Ozark Rendezvous Potluck
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Mar-12-13 11:36 PM (EST)

We'll bring some Chili again.

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  ill make
  Posted by: yakjak on Mar-13-13 4:54 AM (EST)
That salad w/strawberries and almonds w/homemade poppy seed dressing ... that gets eaten well ... and i will do somthing else as well but not sure what yet. its 4am and trying to get through this 12 hr brains not running at the usual 42%.. the caffine is wearin off..,
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Mar-13-13 9:48 AM (EST)
....I know how those night shifts are, Jack. Caffeine can only be expected to do so much (LOL)!

Sounds great, that's some good stuff!
  Edible food
  Posted by: Rena on Apr-03-13 2:05 PM (EST)
Count me in. I'll figure out what to bring as it gets closer...gotta see what's growing in Wisconsin so I can make it fresh whatever it is!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Apr-03-13 9:47 PM (EST)
Of course I will have some "treat" of some sort. Have a few new recipes that I found on Pinterest that I have to try out on someone! I'll also bring something else just not sure what yet but I'm sure ya'll will eat it.

See ya soon,
  Bring Brownies!
  Posted by: ozarkgal1 on Apr-16-13 7:18 PM (EST)
My mouth is just watering thinking about them:)
  Brownies ...
  Posted by: vic on Apr-16-13 9:50 PM (EST)
"special" brownies?
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-16-13 9:59 PM (EST)
Yah think we Northerners are stupid?

We learned. But the lobster will be at an undisclosed location.
  Posted by: on Apr-17-13 12:03 AM (EST)
That'll go good with the 2 cans of Dinty Moore we're bringing.
Couple of bottles of Mad Dog 40/40 to wash it down.
They still make Mad Dog don't they?


  Posted by: vic on Apr-17-13 12:11 AM (EST)
Never said I didn't like couscous. As a matter of fact make it with olive oil, kalamata olives, feta cheese, roasted red pepper, lemon juice and zest, and it tastes damn good.

And Kim, if the lobster's undisclosed location is in the couscous I bet you'll get some takers.
  Can an old hand
  Posted by: pgeorg on Apr-18-13 10:11 AM (EST)
tell me how far we are from a grocery store at Twin Bridges?

  You mean more than a general store?
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-18-13 10:42 AM (EST)
Google Maps shows West Plains 21.7 miles away. Its a small city! 11,000 people.

That said I am buying recreational beverages at home as I know the rules and where to buy it here. Not sure where to buy wine and beer there.

Probably do most of the rest of shopping at home too; have cooler.

Pretty good size Wal Mart in Salem. Much bigger than the local WM here.
  Posted by: PJC on Apr-24-13 6:43 PM (EST)
For what its worth, I know a brew master at a local microbrewery. He does good work and gives me a price break. I'm a gawd-awful cook, so out of mercy I make beer my usual contribution to the potluck. (Though I vary rarely drink anymore myself.) It is my hope that such information as this may save you some space in your cooler.
  It will!
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-24-13 6:51 PM (EST)
I always appreciate fine locally crafted beer..ahem I should be we..

We can bring some local brew from here too. In your honor, even if you do not partake!
  There Is Bread and Milk....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-18-13 11:56 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-18-13 11:56 AM EST --

...and a few odds and ends AT Twin Bridges. There will also be a small open air snack bar. The previous lady passed away, so not sure if the new cook will be as good?

There is a small diner at a gas station in nearby Dora. I ALWAYS swear off "Gas station food," but this is the one exception. It's a REAL CAFE in the back and it's really good. There are also grocery items here.

As for LARGE grocer, like Super Walmart, that is in West Plains, about 20 minutes east.

  Twin Bridges...
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-18-13 12:32 PM (EST)
...almost forgot to make MY reservation, but just did so. Jim said the new cook used to own his own restaurant and is a very good cook. Margaret and I will be eating breakfast there, since it's kinda nice to not have to mess with cooking and cleanup before paddling.
  Posted by: osprey on Apr-20-13 5:34 PM (EST)
I'll bring tamales again.

And Terry I'll bring coffee and tomatillo salsa too!

  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-23-13 12:06 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-23-13 12:07 PM EST --

...I owe you BIG TIME! I hadn't bought that coffee in about six months, since the shipping went up to more than the cost of the coffee! I've got a couple hand-made Ozark gifts coming your way.

  Is there a coffee contest? NM
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-23-13 12:42 PM (EST)
  Taco Dip
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Apr-24-13 11:24 AM (EST)
I think I will bring taco dip along with a dessert of some sort.

See ya'll soon!
  No worries!
  Posted by: osprey on Apr-24-13 3:36 PM (EST)
Just have to remember to get to the store in an organized way!
  Posted by: loon on Apr-25-13 11:07 AM (EST)
I'll bring my grill and be cooking bratwurst and Hot dogs.
  Damn good idea Brian...........
  Posted by: on Apr-25-13 1:55 PM (EST)
Those brats were very tasty the last time you made them!

  bringing Sebago Boathouse Brown
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-25-13 3:26 PM (EST)

Maybe Allagash Black too.
  Another good idea.............
  Posted by: on Apr-25-13 4:20 PM (EST)
A frosty, tasty, adult beverage will compliment the flavor of hot brat with mustard.



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