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  Central Illinois Paddling
  Posted by: cd1 on Mar-11-13 2:09 PM (EST)

Hello, fellow paddlers. Long time since I've been paddling and on Pnet--long story, but essentially, life got in the way. Plus I had a lousy truck for paddling Well, life is getting more free, and truck is swapped out, and I'm hoping to hit the water.

Anyone from the old central IL crew still online now? Used to be this board was lit up like starting lights at a drag race at this time of the year, but relatively quiet now. Hmm.

Chime in, y'all. Thanks Steve

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  some are here
  Posted by: pblanc on Mar-11-13 4:11 PM (EST)
Yes, it has been pretty slow on this board considering Spring is upon us.

Gremmie and yanoer are around and I'm sure some others as well.

There are some folks in central and southeastern Indiana (of which I am one) who paddle. I don't go over to Illinois as a rule, although I might possibly be tempted if the right opportunity came along. Do you ever paddle Sugar Creek in west central Indiana?

If you don't mind driving a few hours you might consider going to the Spring Ozark Rendezvous in south central Missouri coming up the first week in May. There is a thread pertaining to it on this subforum.
  Pick me! Pick me!
  Posted by: Yanoer on Mar-12-13 12:20 AM (EST)
I'm still around. Little Red and Chuck_IL are still around, though Chuck doesn't post much.

We haven't had many group lake outings since you've been away.

I've been doing most of my paddling by myself.
  Posted by: Guinness1759 on Mar-12-13 9:51 AM (EST)

Good to hear from you. I am still doing my best to embarrass the sport of paddling. Have even considered selling the Capella.
  Posted by: cd1 on Mar-13-13 2:20 PM (EST)
OMG, the old crew (or what's left of it). Last I saw brother Guinness was in Geneva the day you were picking up the canoe for your young family. I know that keeps things super busy. I understand. Yanoer, last time you and I paddled it was, what, Clinton Lake? pblanc, many great ideas there. Thanks.

Well, since I last saw you, I have grown old.
  Yes it was Clinton Lake.
  Posted by: Yanoer on Mar-13-13 2:46 PM (EST)
My hair and beard are much grayer, now, also.
  central illinois
  Posted by: hammbone on Mar-13-13 2:34 PM (EST)
My name is David Hamm. I've been looking for people around here to go kayaking with but am having problems finding people.Contact me if you would like to get out ang go.
  I'm in Urbana, where are you?
  Posted by: Yanoer on Mar-13-13 2:47 PM (EST)
I presume from your profile, that you are in the Peoria area.
  Posted by: cd1 on Mar-15-13 1:18 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Mar-15-13 1:29 PM EST --

I'm shocked to see these boards so dead. Is the paddling boom over? It was never like this 4-5 years ago. Not even close. Not just this Getting Together Board, but all the Boards. As I recall in the past, springtime was the most active time on the Boards, full of enthusiasm, yet unchallenged by the summer heat.

What happened? I'm being serious...has paddling's popularity waned?

  You were a big part of that activity.
  Posted by: Yanoer on Mar-15-13 1:47 PM (EST)
You were the driver and the organizer of the local lake paddling trips.

The river trips are still going strong when water level & weather cooperate, but the east central IL trips are usually coordinated via email list by Mike Metz and the Champaign Ski Club and the more westerly central IL river trips are usually coordinated via the Mackinaw Canoe Club website, facebook page or meetup site.

Events are still happening, though on a smaller scale and most are river paddling, rather than lake and most of them are posted somewhere else than

I look forward to paddling with you soon. It's been too long.

  agree, friend
  Posted by: cd1 on Mar-15-13 8:54 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Mar-15-13 9:12 PM EST --

we will hit it soon. another month or so.

not just central il, tho. all boards are soft. must be kayaking boom over.

ukulele underground forum bustling, if anyone into ukes. lol

  I'm around
  Posted by: Highlander_821 on Mar-18-13 7:45 AM (EST)
I still check the boards here pretty regularly. Been a while since I went on one of the big coordinated trips, but I'm on the Salt Fork whenever I get the chance. My wife doesn't like for me to go by myself, though, and it has been difficult to line up water levels and weather with the availability of at least one other paddler.

I have never met you, CD1, but your trip report with the Catcher in the Rye reference is the greatest thing ever! Hopefully we can paddle this year.
  You should do the 30 mile paddle
  Posted by: tsunamichuck1 on Mar-18-13 6:14 PM (EST)
you have all spring and summer to train
  God, your memory is uncanny, tsc!
  Posted by: cd1 on Mar-19-13 12:01 PM (EST)
That's amazing.

I'm finally getting some reprive in my work schedule (as in, maybe punting on the whoe thing), and would love to paddle with you again, Chuck. I never use Facebook, but did log on recently and see your awesome awesome photos--you sure are an active paddler.

Yanoer, thanks for the tip onnthe Ski Club. I can't really do short notice stuff yet (still spend time in Geneva) and hate shuttles. But, I'l check out the website.
  32 miles today
  Posted by: tsunamichuck1 on Mar-20-13 12:10 AM (EST)
From near Berkeley out the Golden Gate and back to Jack London Square in Oakland. This travel nurse gig is awesome
  Posted by: cd1 on Mar-20-13 12:45 AM (EST)
  Get on the Champaign Ski Club
  Posted by: Yanoer on Mar-18-13 7:10 PM (EST)
email list to be aware of multiple short notice trips with plenty of people to do shuttles. They're a fun group.

Also get on the MCC meet up group to be in the loop for short notice (as well as long notice) MCC trips.
  Still check boards some times.
  Posted by: MagicPaddler on Mar-20-13 6:49 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Mar-20-13 6:50 PM EST --

I still check out what is going on occasionally. My main adventure is still the far north trips but do some local (Lemont IL) paddling also. Something I will probably do again this year is the Rockford Campout and canoe trip. Would love to join the group for a paddle day again as soon as the weather warms up.
Link to Rockford Camp out.

  Salt Fork, Central IL
  Posted by: redrocket on Mar-24-13 9:29 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Mar-24-13 9:35 PM EST --

I still go pretty regular all year around. Some people for the group opposing the bulldog mine are organizing a spring paddle to raise awareness, a date has not been hammered out yet. In some other paddling news from our area. Me and another eagle scout from troop 40 in saint joseph have paddled from urbana, il to cave in rock,il. June 9th we are leaving cave in rock and attempting to paddle to the gulf. We will be raising money for the troop to purchase some badly needed canoes. Not meaning to toot my own horn, but I thought you might find that interesting.

  Good to hear from you, CD
  Posted by: Chuck_IL on Mar-28-13 1:58 PM (EST)
I'm still paddling a lot locally, often with various groups that don't use to organize trips. Many short-notice trips. Gwen and I also paddled some last year in Nevada, Utah, California and Minnesota and expect to do the same this year. Hopefully I'll make it to the Ozarks this year as well.
  You paddling the Salt Fork Saturday?
  Posted by: Yanoer on Mar-29-13 12:37 AM (EST)
I'd like to, but have family obligations.
  Middle Fork
  Posted by: Chuck_IL on Mar-29-13 11:35 AM (EST)
I plan to paddle the Middle Fork Vermilion River tomorrow (30 Mar 2013) with members of the Champaign Ski & Adventure Club and others.
  Going paddling
  Posted by: MagicPaddler on Mar-29-13 1:05 PM (EST)
I plan on paddling the Des Plaines putting in at Lemont at 9:00 AM and going up stream tomorrow (March 30) I would be glad to have company if interested.


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