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  Edisto river, March 22-24
  Posted by: string on Feb-01-13 6:20 PM (EST)

There are several already going but anyone is welcome. We are camping at Givhan's Ferry State Park. We'll decide what section(s) to paddle when we get there.

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  I wish I could join you.
  Posted by: castoff on Feb-02-13 9:35 AM (EST)
But have prior plans for that date.
  I am about 95% IN
  Posted by: yatipope on Feb-02-13 5:24 PM (EST)
This should be a good weekend for me! Look forward to meeting some great paddler-people!
  Reservation info for campsites.
  Posted by: string on Feb-04-13 11:37 AM (EST)
I reserved site # 17 at Givhans Ferry for March 22-24.

The # for reservations is 866-345-7275.
  Just booked our site
  Posted by: baldpaddler on Feb-08-13 3:43 PM (EST)
Now the stringMan is going to haveto listen to RedCrossRandy snore...
  looks like Randy and
  Posted by: baldpaddler on Feb-10-13 2:24 PM (EST)
Pat have a site so there will be an extra space for another tent on my site.
  Good to hear Pat is coming. We have
  Posted by: string on Feb-24-13 7:51 PM (EST)
a female paddler coming from the Upstate.
  Sorry I will miss you
  Posted by: kayamedic on Feb-08-13 8:32 PM (EST)
We will be camping at Givhans about ten days before. Its a very nice camping area..although a bit distant from dining out opportunities. We did find good Mexican in Walterboro.

Any other eatery recomendations appreciated.
  KM, get the ranger to give you
  Posted by: string on Feb-09-13 1:42 PM (EST)
directions to Duke's BBQ in Ridgeland, about 15 min. away. Southern eating at it's finest for $8.50. Several types of BBQ , fried chicken, and a great selection of vegetables.
Summerville is also very close with any restaurant you can imagine.
  its 66 miles to Ridgeland
  Posted by: kayamedic on Feb-14-13 5:14 PM (EST)
from GFSP..a little far for dinner
  Posted by: canoeswithduckheads on Feb-17-13 3:27 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Feb-17-13 3:32 PM EST --

The usual southerner has a long lineage from the likes of Cale Yarborough to those Petty types to instill within them the ease with which to traverse 60-mile-plus distances in less-than-fifteen minute increments, especially when attempting to allude the revenuer man, or to obtain desirous non-queued barbecue. Admittedly, it usually requires one to possess a finely tuned V-8 or Veed-larger engine, though those possessing one of less cylindric count honed by obsessive German or Italian engineers might also traverse those kudzu'd quarters with the mad alacrity needed.

Mind you, unracking one's quiver of paddle craft (especially if you're one of those New Hampshire boys of the frugal, homemade roof racking bent, oft prone to indiscriminate jettisons - I've heard it told as cause-n-effect of the wayward paving perusing moose, or perhaps the slippery metal closet rod inconveniently rattling twainst over-sized-n-duct-taped flea market purchased suspect roof towers), is highly advisable, lest you're not emotionally contorted by the passage of your expensive holy hull composites takin' free-flight into scum-laden highway ditches, or the occasional Fruehauf trailer.

  Posted by: paddler098 on Feb-12-13 6:20 PM (EST)
site 18
  So all thwe old guys are together.
  Posted by: string on Feb-12-13 9:57 PM (EST)
Where are the babes?
  KM, I almost had RIDGEVILLE right.
  Posted by: string on Feb-14-13 7:39 PM (EST)
  woops! wrong city
  Posted by: GSchnak on Feb-15-13 5:35 PM (EST)
When I did a Google maps search it somehow got me to Ridgeland not Ridgeville. Dukes in Ridgeville is only 8.7 mi from Givhans Ferry. I stand (fall) corrected!
  Just to complicate matters
  Posted by: kayamedic on Feb-15-13 8:57 PM (EST)
there is a Dukes in Ridgeland too. Is Duke a common Southern name or is this a chain?
  Posted by: tmikels on Feb-21-13 8:08 PM (EST)
No not a Chain. Dukes is a family name in the area. Its more of a style of bar b cue in the area. SC has distinct types of bar b cue in different areas throughout the state.
  What happened to half this thread?
  Posted by: string on Feb-24-13 7:49 PM (EST)
  I didnt do it!
  Posted by: kayamedic on Feb-24-13 9:10 PM (EST)
You told me about paddling below Givhans.. but I did not save the advice re a 16 mile section. I am not sure our octogenarian would go for it. I would. But she would beat me with her...paddle if the winds were up.

But man you are not hallucinating and no one had bad manners!
  Just confirming that Pat isn't coming
  Posted by: RedCrossRandy on Feb-25-13 10:10 AM (EST)
so Charlie has a site and I have a site. So if anyone needs one, we've got the space...
  KM, there is a shorter trip from
  Posted by: string on Feb-25-13 1:14 PM (EST)
Martin's to just below Jacksonboro.
  Day trips?
  Posted by: booztalkin on Mar-01-13 11:53 AM (EST)
It's looking more and more like I might drop by Givhans and try to catch up with this gathering. It's been on the radar as I shuffled around dates, piecing together a visit with Florida relatives. At this point, I'm 80% probable to attend.

Will you be base-camped at Givhans and making day trips? Or is this the kick-off for a down river camping trip?

I haven't done anything about securing a site. When I was at Givhans Ferry SP on a weekend in January, there was nobody there. Is there any reason I should not expect to find space available upon arrival?

  Posted by: kayamedic on Mar-01-13 12:01 PM (EST)
Last year the first weekend of March the sites were pretty much full. But I am sure some of those were drive ins.

So far so good. It probably depends on the weather
  booztalkin,if you have a tent, we s/b
  Posted by: string on Mar-01-13 9:09 PM (EST)
able to fit you in. There are at least 2 sites reserved with only one camper. Our primary trip will be Saturday , most likely the 20+ miles from US 15 (Colleton SP) to Givhans.
I hope you can make it. So far we have seven confirmed and 2 maybes.
  I'd like to go
  Posted by: foamfollower on Mar-02-13 4:17 PM (EST)
I'm interested in trying to go with you. I take it you're spending both nights at the Givans Ferry park. Can an old guy (60) keep up in a royalex solo open or are you guys a bunch of racers? I can do a 20 mile day, but it takes all day.
  If Randy
  Posted by: baldpaddler on Mar-02-13 7:06 PM (EST)
and I can keep up you can. This is not a training run.
  And you can all keep up with me.
  Posted by: string on Mar-02-13 11:27 PM (EST)
Anyone got a tow line? I may need help.
  food plans
  Posted by: foamfollower on Mar-06-13 8:34 PM (EST)
I'll plan on coming then. I'll show up Friday evening after supper. Do you cook breakfast or get something on the way to the put in? Lunch on the river and sounded like Dukes for supper. I guess that is Saturday night. What's the plan for Sunday or is there one?
  Our plans for Friday are like yours.
  Posted by: string on Mar-06-13 8:48 PM (EST)
A couple of us have talked about going to Summerville for dinner after we are set up
There is no convenient place to get breakfast. I usually bring some sweet rolls and OJ. Lunch is whatever you bring on the river.
Saturday dinner is at Duke's.
Sunday morning is pack and leave. There is a Waffle House on I-95 that I may hit on the way home.
Looking forward to meeting you. I am at site 17.
  Breakfast Saturday
  Posted by: foamfollower on Mar-07-13 7:45 AM (EST)
I'll do breakfast then Saturday morning if that's OK. Bacon, eggs, toast. Bring your own juice and coffee. I'll figure about 10 and we'll see who shows up. I still have a kitchen box packed from our Everglades trip in January so I'll have everything we need.
  That is a great offer! there will be
  Posted by: string on Mar-07-13 11:19 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Mar-07-13 5:28 PM EST --

about 10 of us there. Do you have a campsite? I made 2 more cowboy candles today. A group campfire won't be a problem.

  Posted by: foamfollower on Mar-08-13 7:03 AM (EST)
I have not gotten a site yet
  Posted by: foamfollower on Mar-08-13 4:19 PM (EST)
I just reserved site 16 for Friday and Saturday nights. If someone needs a spot that's fine. I'm by myself so far.
  Plan to be there.
  Posted by: booztalkin on Mar-08-13 12:44 AM (EST)
there's two of us and I went ahead and got a site. I'm planning on arriving there on Friday.

We'll bring our own breakfast, thanks.

  Got room for one more?
  Posted by: Kayak_Ken on Mar-08-13 8:58 AM (EST)
Had another change of weekend plans and now it looks like I will be able to attend. Anyone got room for one more on your campsite? Wonder if we could get one of the group camping areas?

  Ken, you are always welcome.
  Posted by: string on Mar-08-13 7:41 PM (EST)
My site has 2 already, but it looks like there are at least 2 with only one person.
  River is moving right along
  Posted by: kayamedic on Mar-09-13 7:35 PM (EST)
there is a sweeper between Messervy and Good Hope Landing that crosses about 95 percent of the river. You can try going right or just forcing yourself through the crown. Both work without upending paddlers.

Its a few minutes after noticing a clearcut river right.

Dukes does not take CC. Its nine bucks. You will learn its not related to any other Dukes. Several posters are quite emphatic.

The river is rolling this weekend. 2.5-3.5 miles an hour without paddling.
  Thanks KM! 2 more weeks before we
  Posted by: string on Mar-10-13 7:35 PM (EST)
get there.
  Baldpaddler and I each have a site
  Posted by: RedCrossRandy on Mar-11-13 11:26 AM (EST)
so we have a spare...
  Looks like we own the campground.
  Posted by: string on Mar-11-13 5:11 PM (EST)
  Posted by: string on Mar-18-13 8:33 PM (EST)
The forecast is NOT looking good.
Friday A chance of showers. Cloudy, with a high near 60. Chance of precipitation is 30%.

Friday Night A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 46. Chance of precipitation is 30%.
Saturday A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 57. Chance of precipitation is 40%.
Saturday Night A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 41. Chance of precipitation is 40%.

I am past the time in my life when i want to spend 2 nights in the rain in a tent.

Should we move this out to the 3rd weekend in April?
  Really BAD LUCK with weather huh?
  Posted by: yatipope on Mar-19-13 12:50 AM (EST)
Yeah I am really uninterested in paddling/camping in 40-50 degree WET and GRAY conditions myself. Dang we have had some gorgeous weather lately but can't seem to match our paddle dates with decent weather. I have remained about 90% ready to meet up, paddle and camp but this fickle weather really puts a dent in the plan. IMO campfires are virtually essential as FUN FACTOR and wet weather just virtually precludes it,..unless you are Les Stroud or Bear Grylls!
  Showers does not =rain
  Posted by: kayamedic on Mar-19-13 7:54 AM (EST)
look on the rosy side. We had a great time in early March with temps below freezing at night and about 50 during the day with grey weather.

Most of the sites will take a decent tarp. Remember you can always plug in your electric blanket. (We forgot ours duh)
  I have heard from 5 other campers
  Posted by: string on Mar-19-13 1:26 PM (EST)
and the conclusion is to reschedule. How about APRIL 26-28? Even if it rains it s/b warm.
  I think you will be dropping a few...
  Posted by: jackl on Mar-19-13 2:59 PM (EST)
That is the weekend of the two day French Broad River Classique.
Why not the whole gang of you come up to Asheville and do it.
-Eighteen miles on Saturday, and sixteen on Sunday,
and the Saturday nights meal will be much healthier than any thing at a barbeque joint.

Jack L
  What's a little grey sky?
  Posted by: foamfollower on Mar-19-13 7:48 PM (EST)
I'm pretty well set up for Friday and rescheduling will be tough. I think I'll go ahead and take my chances. At those percentages it is unlikely that it will rain all weekend.
  Good luck!
  Posted by: string on Mar-20-13 1:01 PM (EST)
  70% chance of no precip.
  Posted by: Booztalkin on Mar-20-13 5:33 PM (EST)
So, I'm still on track to arrive GFSP on the 22nd. 30% chance of precip is not the most daunting forecast, and I will risk paddling, which is, after all, a water sport.

So, possibly we can still set a shuttle. If nobody else is going to show, I'd like to know that, so we can go elsewhere and take a paddle where we don't need a shuttle.

  It looks like foamfollower will be there
  Posted by: string on Mar-20-13 11:17 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Mar-20-13 11:19 PM EST --

You can get a good paddle in by paddling upstream from Givhans Ferry.The current isn't that strong.Also , there is an outfitter at Colleton SP who will help shuttle if needed.

  Posted by: Booztalkin on Mar-22-13 1:47 PM (EST)
I have rescheduled and will not be available for Edisto shuttle.

  Sorry for the inconveniece, Not really.
  Posted by: string on Mar-24-13 4:34 PM (EST)
It would not have been a real fun weekend.
  Toad-choker rain here in Columbia
  Posted by: yatipope on Mar-24-13 10:21 PM (EST)
Man we have had some serious rain in the last 48 hours. Hope those guys were a REAL HARDY group to endure that much cold rain! My hats off to ya'll!
  same in Greenville. 45 deg and
  Posted by: string on Mar-25-13 11:19 AM (EST)
blowing rain.
  Posted by: foamfollower on Mar-28-13 7:18 AM (EST)
I went up to our farm on the Dan River near Virginia instead since I have a dry place to sleep there. Glad i did. It was windy and cold and rained Sat night and all day Sunday. Then it snowed Sunday night some with blowing snow flurries all day Monday. River was running great. It looked and sounded good from my perspective in the camper.


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