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  Wintertime Current Float
  Posted by: deuce on Jan-25-13 11:34 AM (EST)

Wanted to let you guys know about an upcoming float on the Current River. We plan to launch at Cedar Grove on Saturday, February 16 and take out at Jerktail on Monday, February 18. The dates are in ink but the route could change (unlikely) as necessary.

Group size may be two or twenty depending largely on the weather and could be outfitted in any combination of canoes, kayaks and rafts (not expecting too many tubers). There will likely be members (in addition to myself) of the Arkansas Canoe Club in attendance, but the trip is in no way sponsored or endorsed by them or any other entity except Fat Arkie Raft Travelers (they'll endorse anything).

Some participants (the sensible ones) will be joining us during the day and "camping" in cabins rather than on gravel bars.

I'll post details as they emerge, but it's unlikely the trip will be much more "organized" than it already is. Just keeping it real. Feel free to ax your questions here or email me. If it's anything like last year it promises to be a large time.

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  Thanks for posting this
  Posted by: pblanc on Jan-26-13 4:38 PM (EST)
I might join you guys for this one. It will depend a bit on the weather forecast.

Is it to early to know what type of shuttle arrangements folks will be making? Is everyone going to meet at Jerktail Landing or elsewhere?

If I do go I will have a truck with a wide rack that would accept another boat, and more than one, if necessary. I would just as soon paddle on down to Two Rivers rather than deal with Jerktail Landing, if anyone is interested in doing so.
  I've never taken out at Jerktail.
  Posted by: deuce on Jan-26-13 10:52 PM (EST)
Is it a pain? I'm amenable to going on down to Two Rivers. I just have to be sure we Arkies don't get home too late Monday night since we're working stiffs.
  I haven't use it either
  Posted by: pblanc on Jan-27-13 11:31 AM (EST)
But that is because the folks I paddle the Current with avoid it like the plaque. If you want to use it I would first check with wildernessweb (Terry) or (Bob) who post here a lot and have probably some familiarity with it.

To reach Jerktail landing requires a six mile drive on an unpaved road. If there is snow I doubt it will be plowed. Two Rivers is just over 5 miles downstream and has a large parking area. It would only take another couple of hours to get there even paddling at a quite slow pace and might be worth the frustration saved.

I also don't know how much parking there is available at the landing.
  Pete is on the money............
  Posted by: on Jan-27-13 1:16 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-27-13 1:20 PM EST --

Pete is on the money as far as I'm concerned.

Jerktail can be a pain to get in & out of; most especially if there has been snow, and/or rain.

I would NOT want to leave my vehicle at Jerktail Landing overnight. If I did, I would not leave anything of any value in the vehicle.

I'd factor in a couple of more hours of paddling, and take out at Two Rivers. You might save yourself a LOT of unnecessary hassle; might actually save yourself some time, and the Jerktail to Two Rivers is kind of a nice section.

There is something to be said for "backroad" adventures in winter. Been there; done that.
Now I'd like to spend my time & energy on the river; NOT dealing with unnecessary hassles.


  Thanks for the advice guys.
  Posted by: deuce on Jan-27-13 2:48 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-28-13 1:23 PM EST --

I had forgotten, but last year we camped at Jerktail one night and I remember thinking it didn't seem like the best access point. I'm too young to be forgetting stuff like that. We'll plan on taking out at Two Rivers provided we can swing it.

  What are the daily
  Posted by: Boyscout on Jan-28-13 2:50 PM (EST)
Any ideas about the daily starting points?would help make some decisions for me and maybe others.
  The tentative plan is
  Posted by: deuce on Jan-28-13 3:38 PM (EST)
to launch at Cedargrove around 10:00 Saturday morning and camp the first night somewhere between Akers and Cave Spring. If we find we're moving faster than anticpated we might go farther on day one, conversely for slower than anticipated. Day two will likely end somewhere between Round Spring and Big Creek. Day three of course will end at Two Rivers.

Please note;

1) This is all predicated on the assumption that we will average three mph. If that is unrealistic I hope a Current veteran will straighten me out.
2) My crew has to factor in a five hour drive each way, and most of us will have to return to the salt mines on Tuesday.
3) This will only be my second trip to the Current. My last one was a year ago between Pultite and Two Rivers, so there will be someone (or several someones) who know the river much better than I. I welcome input from those someones.

Does that help?
  Sample trip plan...............
  Posted by: on Jan-28-13 6:26 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-28-13 7:06 PM EST --

This is what I'd likely "try" to do...........

Day one: Put in at Cedar Grove. Try to be on the river no later than 11:00 a.m.
Paddle to suitable campsite "below" Cave Springs.
That would put you about 13 to 14 miles downstream on your first day. It you average 2.5 miles per hour(you don't have to kill yourself to do that); you should be able to do that in about 5 hours paddling. Plenty of time to set up camp with at least an hour or so of light left.

Day two: Try not to waste too much of the morning sitting on your butt, admiring the view from your campsite. If you can get on the river by 10:30 a.m., you'll have 6 hours of paddling time to make more miles than on day one. You should be able to make 17 mles in a little over 6 hours, or less. That would put you below Round Springs by about 2 miles, and you'd still have some daylight to make camp.

Day three: If you did as suggested on day one & two; you only have about 14 miles to your takeout.
Sleep in, have breakfast, and an extra cup of coffee, break camp & hit the river. You only have about 14 miles to get to the takeout. If you're on the river by 10:30, there is no reason you shouldn't be at Two Rivers before dark.


  Don't Forget
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Jan-28-13 6:42 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-28-13 6:53 PM EST --

It's still going to be getting dark early, so you'll likely need to make camp 4:00 or so at the latest this time of the year (sun will be below the ridge line). Also, the river's still been running low, and with the CFS running 200 and less the current's not going to be exactly pushing you downstream. It's doable, but not for lolligaggers or inexperienced folks. And day 3 will be a full days paddle so plan on driving at night.

  Mostly agree with Wildernesswebb
  Posted by: on Jan-28-13 7:26 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-29-13 10:57 AM EST --

He made some very valid points in his furthering comments.

On the other hand........
If you have a group of paddlers who have a "little" experience, and motivation; the trip you're planning should be no real problem, barring unforseen circumstanes, beyond your control.

I did over 50 (4 day trips)of 61 miles (Cedar Grove to Logyard) on the Current river, with groups of 95% rookie paddlers who were in their teens. Some were girl's groups; who bitched "much less" than the boys.
They also bitched less on 3 & 4 day backpacking outings.
We never put on the river before noon on the 1st day, and never took off the river after dark on the 4th day.
We did these trips year round. We never cancelled one because of weather.
One kid was evactuated in all of those trips; he was faking!

P.S. Motivation & a good plan can go a long way towards overcoming some lack of experience & the amount of daylight for paddling.

Good luck to ya!


  Posted by: deuce on Jan-28-13 9:03 PM (EST)
Guilty as charged. This group will have plenty of river tripping experience, but we won't want to push too hard. I really want to do Cedargrove to Two Rivers, but I fear biting off more river than we can comfortably chew. An ambivalent lollygagger, that's what I am.
  Posted by: on Jan-28-13 11:16 PM (EST)
Reading between the lines of your comments Deuce.....

I'd suggest an alternative that might be better.
Do Cedar Grove to Round Springs.
Take your time; enjoy the scenery, paddling companions, and "lollygag" to your hearts content.

Cedar Grove to Round Springs is 26.2 miles total; about 9 miles per day average.
It's easy to waste away 3 day out there.
Lollygagging (an art form) has it's own rewards, and it is very low stress.
I remember doing a one day solo trip of 37 miles on the Current when I was much younger. I don't remember it as being any fun at all. I do remember the sunburn,blisters, an aching body, arm & leg cramps, and dehydration.

  Posted by: gremmie on Jan-29-13 11:17 AM (EST)
Good suggestion. Be a good idea to leave at least one vehicle at Round Spring anyway in case the trip needs to be shortened due to change in weather or whatever arises.
  Same thoughts as Bob
  Posted by: sloopsailor on Feb-07-13 10:52 AM (EST)
Do Cedar Grove to Round spring, take your time... Enjoy the water and the scenery. With the low water you should have plenty of gravel bars to camp on.
  Posted by: gremmie on Jan-29-13 9:55 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-29-13 10:11 AM EST --

"Some participants (the sensible ones) will be joining us during the day and "camping" in cabins rather than on gravel bars."

Just wondering how you are going to coordinate the local economy contributors (cabin habitants) with the atavists (oil based fabric habitants)? Cabin folks sitting around at Pulltite or Round Spring and wondering when the lollygaggers are gonna be floatin' by? Seems like a horsefly in the lollygaggin' soup recipe when tossin' out the clock is part of the magic for being there, on river time.

Just askin'. Ain't wantin' to spoil the soup or nuttin' or throwin' in the monkey wrench with questions about coordination. Coordinating on coordination can kinda suck if you ain't coordinating it.
Lou (by the way, I am interested if never passing the 13 year old emotional intelligence test is not a disqualifier)

  Good questions Gremmie.
  Posted by: deuce on Jan-29-13 11:36 AM (EST)
Bear with me for a moment. I met my new friends Al and Ana Donaldson for the first time on the Current River last February. I had posted an upcoming trip (Pultite to Two Rivers) on the ACC message board and Al responded. He explained that they leave the frozen midwest every year to spend part of the winter on the Current and would like to join us for part of the trip. They and another gentleman whose name escapes me paddled with us the first day and part of the second and I was able to persuade them to join us for dinner one night. They were also kind enough to shuttle our truck to the takeout.

The Donaldsons are expert paddlers who like to cover a lot of river because that's their thing. I knew my buddy and I would be travelling at a more leisurely pace so I just made sure they knew in advance we might fall behind and wouldn't be offended if they chose not to wait on us. We worked out in advance where they would join and leave us. This arrangement seemed to work out well and will be our M.O. again this year as they'll be joining us for some more paddling but not gravel bar camping. Others may or may not be joining them for part of their winter sojourn, but I expect anyone who does will join us on the water as well.

Bob, Cedargrove to Round Spring sounds like a great option. It would get us on the part of the river we missed last year. I'll strongly consider that possibility. Webb, don't you feel an, ahem ahem, cough coming on? Love for you to join us. Thanks guys for all the advice. Y'all are the bestest.
  One Of the Assumptions I Make...
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Jan-29-13 11:04 AM (EST) that I usually like to finish with a shorter paddle on "Driving home day." May not be a big deal to others? Also, some people that don't paddle in the Ozarks (you obviously DO) don't realize that the "Official" sunset may be an hour or more after the sun has gone below the ridge line, especially at this time of the year. Throw in tent set up, wood gathering, and cooking, and daylight slips away pretty quick this time of the year. Doggone it, if I didn't work weekends I would ask to join in!
  Cedargrove to Round Spring
  Posted by: deuce on Feb-04-13 4:45 PM (EST)
is the winner. Probably set shuttle between 9:30 and 10:00 Saturday morning (2/16). More details as they emerge.
  Maybe I can try to jump in...
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Feb-04-13 7:00 PM (EST)
...for the last day
  Daily runs
  Posted by: Boyscout on Feb-05-13 2:44 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Feb-05-13 6:23 PM EST --

What are the thoughts about daily stretches? ceder to akers. Akers to pulltite,(day 2) pulltite to roundsprings (day 3).is anyone getting there fri night. And getting to ceded early? Looking to leave by Sunday if I can.would like to head home from pulltite.if I could arrange it.wamt to save vacation time for northfork rendezvous.

  Probably something like that.
  Posted by: deuce on Feb-05-13 4:25 PM (EST)
Doubt we'll actually camp at the accesses, but I imagine we'll stop close enough to one side or the other to accomodate those who don't want to camp.
  Sounds interesting....
  Posted by: pat2 on Feb-05-13 3:00 PM (EST)
I am thinking seriously about going. I will wait and see the weather forecast before I commit. Chilly temps are not a factor, but I wouldn't care to paddle in the 30's with a heavy chance of rain.

I might also consider adding an extra day and go on down to Two Rivers if anyone is interested.

  It just keeps getting better.
  Posted by: rhow on Feb-05-13 7:21 PM (EST)
Friends just popping up all over the place. I hope to be at CG at the appropriate start time. Barring Cold and Rain. I can handle either but not both.

  This is great.
  Posted by: deuce on Feb-05-13 9:30 PM (EST)
I'm really looking forward to making some new friends. Let's hope the weather cooperates.
  Where are you going to meet?
  Posted by: pblanc on Feb-06-13 8:39 AM (EST)
Do you know as yet where you plan to meet on Saturday to arrange a shuttle? Cedar Grove? Round Spring?

I too will be keeping an eye to the weather over the next 8 or 9 days and if it looks as if it is not going to be too outrageous, I will probably come.

I am a bit reluctant to drive to MO and camp on gravel two nights to just go from Cedar Grove to Round Spring, so if Dick, Pat, and/or the Donaldsons are interested perhaps we could plan to do Round Spring to Two Rivers on Monday?
  I understand your aversion
  Posted by: deuce on Feb-06-13 9:15 AM (EST)
to driving that far for what amounts to a 26 mile three day. I struggled with the route quite a bit but ultimately decided getting home earlier than planned was preferable to the alternative (although that's not always the case, at least for me), and I do place a premium on being able to lay down the paddle and pick up the rod and reel or just gawk at the scenery. So, I erred on the side of caution given the time of year. That said, I know Al is still pondering the extent of their involvement, so please don't hesitate to contact him directly if you're so inclined and plan around us so to speak. As for setting shuttle, we haven't nailed that down, but I suspect we'll probably just drop a vehicle at Round Spring then head to Cedargrove.
  Friday ?
  Posted by: Boyscout on Feb-07-13 9:57 AM (EST)
Terry and me may try to do owls be d to two rivers fri.if you prefer a bit more river time Pete.up in the air but that's what we are thinking. Should nail it down on Wednesday.
  Posted by: gremmie on Feb-07-13 1:04 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Feb-07-13 1:06 PM EST --

I am guessing you meant Round Spring to Two Rivers. Or Two Rivers to Owls Bend.

  That's Correct
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Feb-07-13 1:18 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Feb-07-13 1:19 PM EST --

Two Rivers to Owl's Bend is a nice day paddle in the wintertime for me. Fridays I have to get home, in bed, and up at 0400 in the morning for work on Saturday, so a nice 7 mile paddle is perfect for a wintertime day trip.

If anyone will be here EARLIER next week, a friend and I are doing an overnight on Tue-Wed.

  Plans change
  Posted by: rhow on Feb-11-13 7:46 PM (EST)
Not going to make it.

  I won't be coming.....
  Posted by: pat2 on Feb-07-13 1:22 PM (EST)
It is a 500 mile drive for me to the Current. After crunching the numbers, I can't afford to do this trip and also make the Spring Rendezvous. I wish I could do both, but it is not going to happen. Hopefully, I will see some of you in May.

  I Wish It Weren't So Far, For You
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Feb-07-13 1:25 PM (EST)
You COULD move closer to us/the river, though!!!!!!
  Trip Plan (such as it is)
  Posted by: deuce on Feb-07-13 1:58 PM (EST)
I just posted it on the ACC message board. Anyone know if it's okay to link to it here? Some fora mind and some don't.
  Posted by: gremmie on Feb-09-13 6:18 AM (EST)
  Thanks gremmie.
  Posted by: deuce on Feb-09-13 9:41 AM (EST)
You guys are good to me.
  Final Update
  Posted by: deuce on Feb-13-13 2:06 PM (EST)
Well, it's not much of an update since not a lot has changed other than the weather forecast, which has gone from good to not so good to bad to pretty good to not so bad. At present I would characterize it as not so bad, which I guess given the circumstances could be considered good. Anywho, we're still going, those of us who are. If you get an itch to join us (and I hope you do) you should find us at Cedargrove around 10:00 Saturday morning, otherwise I hope to meet you all this spring at the rendezvous if not sooner. Should anyone need it my number is five0195one863five.
  Typical Ozarks Wintertime Forecasts.....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Feb-13-13 5:05 PM (EST)
....change pretty much on a daily basis. I'll be paddling a day trip Friday, but have to work, Sat, Sun, Mon. Hope you'all have a great trip!
  Great Trip
  Posted by: deuce on Feb-19-13 2:20 PM (EST)
Sorry y'all missed it. There's a detailed report of all the haps and mishaps over on the ACC board for anyone without a better way to waste two minutes of their lives. Hope to meet many of you at the spring get together, but whitewater school is that weekend so it'll take some doing.
  Posted by: gremmie on Feb-21-13 6:34 AM (EST)
Couldn't you have just driven up to the hill top, pointed your smart phone toward the sky genie and beamed down an App for "left oars at home"?

SNAFUs, the mother of invention and future laughs around the campfire. Complexity, the mother of SNAFUs.
  here's the link to trip report...
  Posted by: TexasLady on Feb-21-13 7:41 AM (EST)

Enjoyed reading the trip report! One of my favorite places to be.
  You'all Sure Didn't Have the Best.....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Feb-21-13 10:59 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Feb-21-13 11:00 AM EST --

....of luck with the weather. I had planned an overnighter this week for Wed-today. We looked at the rain and freezing rain forecast Monday and scrapped it for a better time. Good thing, sleeting like crazy this morning!

There's a BIG advantage to living close by and having a semi-flexible schedule! I'll keep an eye out for your oar. Do you know approximately how far below Cedar Grove they lost it?

  Posted by: deuce on Feb-21-13 11:38 AM (EST)
days one and two more than made up for day three as far as I'm concerned. Saturday was a little cool, but we were dressed for it and had the sun. Sunday was spectacular. I think they lost the "oar" just below Akers. It's just a Mohawk paddle taped to a piece of EMT conduit. I suspect its weight will keep it on the bottom until the next blow out, but if you do see it please feel free to keep the paddle as a spare, loaner, etc. Speaking of river yard sales, I set a personal best for sunglasses. We filled two large mesh bags (all we brought) with a variety of trash including four pair of shades, one of which purported to be Oakley Gascans. I'm sure they were fake, but if not someone was exceptionally angry one day last summer.
  I'm Notorious....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Feb-21-13 12:52 PM (EST)
....for losing sunglasses by laying them down everywhere on the river. All time strangest was when I took them off and set them on a rock where I was parked in an eddy taking pics of my friends. After everyone went past, I peeled out with sunglasses on the rock and didn't notice until a mile or two later (LOL)!
  Posted by: on Feb-21-13 9:25 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Feb-22-13 1:44 PM EST --

For losing sunglasses?

You're notorious for a lot more than that!
All the regulars at the Rendezvous will back me up regarding your notoriety.
The list is extensive; you're one wild & crazy guy.

By your own admission, you used to willingly wear a "plaid" pfd; that's pretty wild & crazy in my book!

Did you really used to wear scrubs, and a stethoscope around your neck on river trips? The story goes you were attempting to get women paddlers to submit to a physical exam; to assure they were healthy enough to be paddling? Tell the truth!

More recently, photos were posted of you & another paddler assisting some nubile, young Amish ladies get one of their canoes untangled from a strainer. That was commendable. BUT there is some question about a possible attempt by you to get 1 or more of them to pose for photos that you would "supposedly" submit to Playboy, for consideration as their first Amish centerfold.
If such photos do in fact exist; bring them to the Spring Rendezvous. A panel of experts will review them to determine their suitablity, and your new degree of notoriety.


  The Notorious 2dubs!
  Posted by: deuce on Feb-22-13 9:23 AM (EST)
I like it!
  Oh, Bob, You Crack Me UP (LOL)!
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Feb-22-13 6:30 PM (EST)
And that was not complete physical exams, I was offering to teach self breast exams when I was a Boyscout:,14276/


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