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  Spring Ozark Rendezvous 2013
  Posted by: pblanc on Dec-02-12 1:16 PM (EST)

OK, I know it is nearly half a year away, but winter has not even taken hold yet and I am already going crazy and need to think warm thoughts.

In the interest of those who have to plan far in advance for the purposes of asking for time off, etc, are we agreed on the following:

The Spring Ozark Rendezvous will be the first week/weekend in May (May 1-5)?

It will be at Twin Bridges (or somewhere nearby) on the North Fork of the White River?

Also, is anyone interested in trying to do a multi-day downriver trip on the Buffalo River in Arkansas either just prior or after the Rendezvous (assuming adequate water)?

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  in order
  Posted by: kayamedic on Dec-02-12 1:24 PM (EST)
not sure
not sure
  That's my understanding
  Posted by: vic on Dec-02-12 2:31 PM (EST)
That's what I understood we decided last spring. Annual Spring Rendezvous first week in May on the North Fork with camping at Twin Bridges.

As for a pre or post Rendezvous on the Buffalo. That's fine by me, but considering low water levels last year it might work best if we plan on a post Rendezvous Buffalo River trip. That way if the Buffalo is too low we can discuss alternatives in person at Twin Bridges rather than try to plan alternatives by email before the Rendezvous.

Still, I am open to either a pre or post Rendezvous trip.
  Not Too Early
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Dec-03-12 12:38 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Dec-03-12 12:39 AM EST --

As a matter of fact, I was going to pencil it in on our schedule at work today and got interrupted. That's the plans, and I think in the interest of simplicity and fairness we stick to the plans for keeping a "Set" date, first weekend in May.

As for pre/post trips it seems that every single Rendezvous I end up working for someone and cut my 'Vous time short. As the wife pointed out I do that with holidays too. By January 1st I will have worked every single holiday since July the 4th 2011. 2013 is going to be different, I'm living for ME for a change!

  Good Deal
  Posted by: osprey on Dec-07-12 2:07 PM (EST)
Go Terry!

This is on the calendar now and will be defended. Considerable potential exists for family responsibilities to intrude, but since the Fall trip worked I've a renewed belief in miracles ;-).
  Spring Rendezvous
  Posted by: on Dec-08-12 1:21 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Dec-08-12 1:28 PM EST --

My vote is that we stick with the planned dates.
It is not too early for some to start thinking about "setting those dates aside" for the Vous.

Barring unforseen circumstances; we plan on being there.

As for a pre/post Rendezvous, multi day trip on the Buffalo; I would be up for it, if the water level were good. JoAnne would not be interested in that.

Will throw this out & see if anyone bites.......

A multiday, river camping trip, on the Current river, sometime? in 2013. Thinking about a 75 miler, from Two Rivers to Doniphan, Mo. An opportunity for those who have never seen lower Current river.
Dates would NOT conflict with the Fall Rendezvous.


  Having trouble hanging on to the pole?
  Posted by: kayamedic on Dec-08-12 1:56 PM (EST)
I have never been below Big Springs.
  Posted by: pblanc on Dec-08-12 6:23 PM (EST)
I would be up for a multi-day downriver trip on the Current, Bob. I just need a bit of advance notice so as not to plan something else the same week.
  as far as i know
  Posted by: yakjak on Dec-09-12 7:46 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Dec-09-12 7:51 AM EST --

Ill be at this spring rendezvous and will probably come early to paddle the eleven point and spring river as well ... as far as a buffalo trip i can do one or the other but not both together...I like the long current trip idea and would like to attend if the dates dont conflict with what mrs Yakjak has in store...

  Lower Current
  Posted by: Coldspring on Dec-29-12 8:06 PM (EST)
It might be the perfect spring to paddle the Lower Current with the record low river levels. You can ford the Current above Two Rivers in a Subaru right now.
  Will Have To Do That Trip This Year
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Dec-10-12 11:59 AM (EST)
I might suggest it be done during the week, too.
Have an overnighter planned this week and I'm certain the eagles will easily outnumber boats. And the wild horses are a little more visible when the traffic is gone in the wintertime too. Love that river every month of the year!
  its cool when it s colder
  Posted by: yakjak on Dec-13-12 11:44 AM (EST)
but its cool any time you get out there
  new to vous
  Posted by: ketengr on Dec-15-12 10:11 AM (EST)
New to Rendezvous, I would like to paddle more than just Wednesday to Sunday May 5th as it is a 12+ hour drive to Missouri. A trip before the “vous” would work better into my schedule as I start work at Rutabaga on Saturday May 11th.
  stay tuned
  Posted by: pblanc on Dec-15-12 12:46 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Dec-15-12 12:48 PM EST --

Are you looking to do day trips, or an overnight trip or either?

The odds are good that there will be folks arriving prior to Wednesday, and it is quite possible that an overnight trip will materialize the week prior to the Rendezvous, but it is a bit early to predict that.

In addition to the North Fork of the White River, the Jack's Fork River, Current River, and the Eleven Point River (all in Missouri) are relatively close by. The Spring River (flowing out of Mammoth Spring) in Arkansas is also close, and the Buffalo (also in Arkansas) is not too far away. The Spring River has some vertical ledge drops (up to 5 or 6 feet) that you might not be inclined to take a nice composite boat over.

The Current, Jack's Fork, Eleven Point and Spring are all spring fed and nearly always have enough water to paddle some portion. The Buffalo is dependent on natural flow. Last spring it was really too low around the time of the Rendezvous but this year might be better. Time will tell.

The Current, Buffalo, and Eleven Point are all good for multi-day trips. Multi-day trips can also be started on the Jack's Fork, but the water quality on the Jack's between Eminence and Two Rivers is not very good and the water level above Alley Spring might not be sufficient in early May. The North Fork of the White and the Spring River are better suited for day trips.

You might also check with Pat C. who posts here as PJC as he is one of the folks that comes down from Wisconsin and might possibly be coming down early, or know of others who are.

  new to vous
  Posted by: ketengr on Dec-19-12 7:37 AM (EST)
I well know Pat C. and will pester him for details for sights along the way.
  Posted by: pblanc on Dec-19-12 11:36 AM (EST)
A seemingly logical option would be to spend a couple, three days or so paddling somewhere on the Current, or possibly Jack's Fork prior to the Rendezvous since you basically have to cross them to get down to Dora, MO where the North Fork of the White River is.

If I am not otherwise engaged I would be happy to do so, and some others might as well. If we were so lucky as to have lots of water at the end of April, I would very much like to do the upper Jack's Fork, which I haven't yet seen.
  Posted by: PJC on Jan-02-13 6:37 PM (EST)
I will probably have an occupied passenger seat or I would suggest a ride share. But that is only probable. Will know more as the time approaches.

As for stops and things to visit along the way, a few leap to mind right off the bat. Maybe you knpow them, maybe not...

1) Starved Rock State Park on the Illinois River near the towns of Oglsvie (sp?) and LaSalle/Peru. Great hiking trails through canyons (not normally associated with Illinois)if you have the time, and a lodge with good (though pricy) burgers. Good leg stretch spot on the way back.

2) New Salem near Springfield Illinois. A reconstruction of the town where Lincoln split logs, surveyed, and first studied law. Working blacksmith shop and a few of the actual buildings that Lincoln would have been in. A bit off the Highway, but worth the visit. Allow at least four hours, though. About half-way and there is a campground there if you wanted a spot for an over-night on the drive.

3) Cahokia Mounds on the Illinois side of the Mississippi but almost in St. Louis. A 14 acre Indian Mound over a hundred feet high that took almost 500 years to build. There's a fine museum/visitor center there as well as almost 100 other mounds and a celestially-oriented arrangement of posts, Woodhendge, that marked planting/harvest/hunting/etc. seasons. Right on the route and can be visited for an hour or a day - whatever time allows.

4) Hannibal Mo, just a little north of St. Louis on the Mo side of the river... Mark Twain's home town. Great Mark Twain Museum there, the actual homes of Huck Finn, Becky Thatcher and Twain himself - Tom Sawyer. The museum houses the original Norman Rockwell illustrations and preliminary sketches used in the edition of Huck Finn most of us are familiar with. Mark Twain cave is there and well worth seeing, as is a new one they just opened to the public recently that has, if I'm recalling correctly, at least 35 miles of known cave. Don't know how much is publicly accessible. Hannibal is a bit out-of-the-way for us but is worth an over-night stay if you want to see it with any kind of thoroughness.

There are lots of other spots that might be of interest - such as the graves of Mother Jones and her "boys", all sorts of caves, and Jesse James sites in Mo, for instance, but the ones I listed are my "top four". This is but one more reason why we need to keep going to these gatherings... too much to see while coming and going for just a single trip.

And those Ozark Rivers are sweeeeet, and the folks are the friendliest you'll likely meet anywhere.
  new to vous
  Posted by: ketengr on Jan-11-13 8:35 AM (EST)
Hi Pat,
Unless you really need a co-pilot I have 2 people from MCP who want to ride share. Now it is matter of how load boats on my camper-trailer.
Thank you for the good places to stop along the way recommendations. I would have pestered you for details at the Baraboo pool rolling event but we missed you. No worries there are always February’s MCP potluck or Canoecopia. As far as Illinois my work often takes me there so:
1) Starved Rock is a favorite hangout for my friend/teacher from ISU and fellow ACA kayak instructor, who happens to also teach rock climbing there.
2) Springfield does have a lot of Lincoln history in the area, where I have worked on telephone lines.
3) Cahokia Mounds near Collinsville another town I have worked in.
4) Hannibal, MO is on my list of must see again, I was there in ’75 and Bob of the MCP is big into caving. So I’ll have find out if his schedule fits into my carpool.
Did you know that Madison is the home of the author who wrote “The Rag Picker” a book about union formation in the US. It has a unique story about Mother Jones. Last time I talked to him was a teacher at MATC but that was before the teacher’s union tiff with the Governor. Before MATC he was instrumental in forming the teachers union at the UW.
  Ragpicker's Dream
  Posted by: deuce on Jan-11-13 10:07 AM (EST)
If you still talk to the gentleman who wrote the book recommend the Mark Knopfler album Ragpicker's Dream to him. He released a couple of concept albums several years ago that contained his takes on historical events and that was one of them. Pretty neat stuff. I know he'd appreciate it. Back to paddling everyone.
  Posted by: PJC on Jan-11-13 1:35 PM (EST)
I skipped the pool session this time. I was going to take the son of a friend of mine and get him rolling, but he never got back to me and I didn't feel like digging out the shed to get to the kayak for just me.

Anyhow, thanks for the tip... I'll check out the "Rag Picker" just as soon as I finish this thing I'm now reading about Jefferson. My grandfather was born near the Mother Jones site, worked for a while as a doctor for a mining company that monitored black lung and other mining-related illnesses, and my great grandfather was a preacher near Lichfield. So the history of the area is of interest but I've studied it very little.
  Would your friend be LittleRed on
  Posted by: Yanoer on Jan-11-13 11:28 PM (EST)
She's a member of our local paddling club.
  Posted by: MORiverPaddler on Jan-01-13 9:29 PM (EST)
I was on the North Fork in 1978 or so, last time I got down there. Where do you guys put in? I assume you paddle to the rendezvous point. Gotta refresh my memory. The main thing I remember is cold, clear water and those damn big brown trout hanging out on the bottom. Paddled the Buffalo on the same trip.
  North Fork
  Posted by: pblanc on Jan-01-13 11:20 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-02-13 1:32 AM EST --

We have base camped at Twin Bridges the last couple of years and I suspect will do the same again this coming spring. They are situated at the junction of Highways 181 and 14 near the small town of Dora in southern Missouri. Here is their website:

The North Fork of the White River is not well suited for overnight trips. We do day trips of various length depending on water levels, access points, and what folks want to do. This map might be helpful:

We have done day trips from as high up as Topaz Mill (river mile 6.6) to Dawt Mill (river mile 47) or Tecumseh where the river flows into Norfork Lake (river mile 49.5). Typical day trips would be from either Twin Bridges or Hammond Camp down to Blair Bridge, or from Blair Bridge down to Dawt Mill or Tecumseh.

  Planning on coming to Spring Rendezvous
  Posted by: apgoss on Jan-04-13 4:58 AM (EST)
Most interested in coming again...and will bring my little trailer...and also running the Buffalo River if there is plenty of water...either before or after!!

I am also interested in doing the 11 Point River if that is in the offering as well!!

Anita from TX
  Lower Buffy
  Posted by: Deuce on Jan-04-13 2:58 PM (EST)
The good news is the lower Buffy is pretty well always runnable. Two feet and up at the Highway 14 gauge is considered low but floatable and I don't recall it ever dropping below 2.5 there last summer. Of course more careful consideration with regard to packing is required at those levels, but it's unlikely to be that low then (must stop typing for a moment and find some wood to knock on). I really really reeeeeeeeeally hope to make the rendezvous and participate in some down river fun.
  Interested in multi-day overnight trip
  Posted by: Glenn_MacGrady on Jan-11-13 5:30 PM (EST)
I've never paddled those parts and would very much like to. I'm planning to be in Florida in April and would be willing under certain circumstances to swing up through the Ozarks for the first part of May.

However, because of the distances and costs involved, I'd only be interested in doing so if there were something like the 90 mile trip BOB mentioned in some other thread. I wouldn't do it just for a couple of day trips and camping and socializing in a crowded state park. Too far for that for me.
  Speaking for myself...................
  Posted by: on Jan-11-13 8:02 PM (EST)
If I do a long trip on the Current river this year; it would probably be sometime in May, or June, -OR- in early Fall (not to conflict with the Fall Ozark Rendezvous).

I will not try to schedule ANY long trip anywhere that would conflict with the Ozark Rendezvous; which my wife & I will probably attend.

Thinking about throwing the idea(long trip on lower Current) out at the Spring Rendezvous, and seeing who might be interested, the time frame it would be feasible, and how many days/miles people would like to do.

  My thoughts
  Posted by: vic on Jan-12-13 1:52 PM (EST)
I'm in for a longer trip on the Current or Buffalo with a preference for the Buffalo. However, I do have some scheduling preferences:

1. I would prefer the week before the Rendezvous (either for a longer or shorter down river trip on either the Buffalo or Current)

2. May is out because of conflicts with the Spring Ozark Rendezvous, tickets for the Ballet Trocadero, and my annual Memorial Day float commitments.

3. As for September, last year we did a memorial float for Darryl on the Namekagon in Northern Wisconsin. At that time we talked about making it an annual event. As I recall no decision was reached at that time and I expect it will be discussed at the Spring Rendezvous. Last year that trip was on the second Wednesday in September (the travel day) with the second Thursday in September as the first day on the river.

4. October is a problem because of conflicts with the Fall Ozark Rendezvous (starting 3rd Thursday in October) and my Boys of Fall Canoe trip (in October of odd numbered years but exact date for 2013 not known yet.) Also past experience on a previous Boys of Fall trip is that the Buffalo will not have enough water. On that trip we did the last 50 to 60 miles of the Buffalo to just below the confluence with the White River. We had to drag loaded canoes through ankle deep water for about five miles, with the longest single stretch of dragging being about a mile long. NOT GONNA DO THAT AGAIN!!!

Other than those restrictions I'm free as a bird ... unless gas goes up toward $5 per gallon, then I'd be a wounded bird.
  Speaking for myself...................
  Posted by: on Jan-11-13 8:02 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-11-13 8:05 PM EST --

I would be happy to post the results of my informal survey, after the Spring Rendezvous.

I'm thinking 3 to 4 days max, 75 to 100 miles max.


  Not talking about a conflict with OzVous
  Posted by: Glenn_MacGrady on Jan-12-13 9:27 AM (EST)
Pete asked in the OP if anyone would be interested in a multi-day trip before or after the OzVous . That's what I was talking about and responding with interest to.
  I'm game
  Posted by: pblanc on Jan-12-13 9:45 AM (EST)
A 75+ mile trip would have to be either on the Current or the Buffalo. Last year the Buffalo was too low.

The Current is very scenic. The Buffalo is even more so. At present, the Buffalo could be paddled from Carver down to Buffalo City (90+ miles) but who knows what it will be doing in the spring. Actually, if there is enough water, I would prefer to put in above Carver (as high up as water permits). I would have a slight preference to do a trip the week prior to the Rendezvous, but either before or after would be OK.

If the Buffalo is too low, the Current would almost certainly be doable.
  I'd have to play it by ear until April
  Posted by: Glenn_MacGrady on Jan-12-13 10:08 AM (EST)
I'd only know my actual plans by April, and would probably have a preference for the week after OzVous to give myself more travel time.

I'd leave the choice of trip up to anyone else knowledgeable of the area and am not married to a 90 mile trip on the Current. I only mentioned that because I recall BOB saying that was a nice trip a few months ago.
  Current or Buffalo?
  Posted by: on Jan-12-13 12:43 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-12-13 8:26 PM EST --

Have done multiple long trips on both, and both are scenic. I would agree with Pete; the Buffalo is more scenic, especially if you can put in high on the river.

There are a lot of people who attend the Rendezvous who have never ventured below Powder Mill/Blue Springs on the Current. There's a lot
of the Current river after you get past there.
78 more miles to the Arkansas state line as a matter of fact.

Of course water level will probably be a major concern on both.
Guess we'll just have to wait & see...........


  Checking in
  Posted by: vic on Feb-01-13 10:50 AM (EST)
The freeze is back on with temps below zero and wind chills -10 to -20 last night. Whenever I need better thoughts of springtime, nice temps, and a beautiful river to boost my spirits I check out the Spring Rendezvous thread.

Hope all my friends are doing well and are healthy.

  Yeah, I can't wait.
  Posted by: pblanc on Feb-01-13 10:59 AM (EST)
The winter is getting to me. Ramblin' Jack and I took advantage of a warm day a couple of days ago to do a day trip on the Blue River here in Indiana. First time I was in a boat in a couple of months.
  Early Spring!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Feb-02-13 9:34 AM (EST)
Phil says early spring!! Bring it on! I am afraid I will forget how to paddle, haven't been on the water since November and miss seeing my paddling friends. Hope you all are well, look forward to seeing everyone soon!
  Yeah, well
  Posted by: pblanc on Feb-02-13 1:11 PM (EST)
that fat rodent has lied to me before.
  Not able to come
  Posted by: apgoss on Feb-16-13 9:13 AM (EST)
I regret that I won't be able to join in this youngest son who lives in Japan teaching English just had his 1st child..and wants me to come during their 10-day "Spring Break"...I could not work the dates for both!!

I will try to meet up w/ you'll again in the fall...want to come back to WI this summer for some time w/ Pat Cannon and others...and some of those wonderful rivers there!!

Have a great time...will be thinking of you'll!!

Anita from TX
  Posted by: PJC on Feb-16-13 12:16 PM (EST)
Sorry to hear... but Japan?? That's neat.
Might want to get in touch with tsunamiechuck (sp?). I think he did quite a bit of paddling in and around Japan and might have some destination tips, assuming you want to take time away from the family for such things. But its a rare chance...

As far as WI paddling next summer goes, last year we did a Darryl memorial paddle on the Namekagon and talk of a repeat has been favorable, though no firm plans are yet in place to the best of my knowledge. Might want to jump in on that one... sweet little river. Probably be in September.
Of course a trip on the lower 100 could be cooked up almost anytime if you're interested.

Haven't been out at all this winter. Sandy (I think you met her) went out a couple weeks ago in the wake of a largish snowstorm. She planned to do ~30 mi upstream in two days and return back downstream on the third. Asked if I wanted to go. (I think maybe that woman's trying to kill me...) I declined as the night time lows were forecast in the single digits, wind was bad, and I haven't been running with that Kruger crowd, and so I was not as psyched for such things as she was.
Turns out she made it about 15 mi upstream. In the morning the river was starting to seriously refreeze so she (wisely) made a hasty downstream retreat after the first night out.

But that was the only really plausible opportunity I've had for a winter trip so far this year. Screwing around out there in this kind of cold with anyone who might be apt to swim is not a thought I will seriously entertain for long. But its going to get nothing but better from here on - maybe I'll sneak one in before Canoecopia.
  god im ready to retire
  Posted by: yakjak on Feb-27-13 11:32 AM (EST)
but im even more ready to paddle in the ozarks.... another month to go ...
  Not looking good for me.
  Posted by: deuce on Feb-27-13 2:39 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Feb-27-13 2:40 PM EST --

I retain a slim hope, but whitewater school is 5/3 - 5/5 on the Mulberry. Best case scenario would be to hit Twin Bridges on Wednesday and light a shuck on Friday for the four plus hour drive. That would mean two more vacation days burned and more time in the truck than the boat. Probably save the days and fuel for October. Maybe just maybe I'll sneak into part of a Buffalo float, but even that seems unikley. Dagnabbit.

  re the Buffalo
  Posted by: Paddle_Lupe on Mar-01-13 5:30 PM (EST)
Ozark Paddlers...

I think those who have posted to this thread might get a notice if new posts are added...and so I'm adding this note here since many Ozark Rendezvous paddlers will have also paddled the Buffalo River. Please see this topic posted in the Paddler's Discussion forum regarding a threat to the Buffalo watershed. We need concerned paddlers to voice your opinion! Thanks!

Heather (aka Lupe)
  Twin Bridges Campground
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Mar-04-13 10:42 AM (EST)
I emailed Jim this morning to let him know the dates we will be down, May 1-5, I did let him know that some folks may come early. Price is still $ 8.00 per person per day, when making reservastions please mention that you are with the Ozark Rendezvous Group. We will be in the field like the last few years, that is unless you want electric, you will have to call him for that rate., 417-256-7507, email is

Sping is in the air, it is suppossed to be in the 60's this weekend here in STL. See you all in 2 months!

See ya,
  Posted by: vic on Mar-05-13 5:18 PM (EST)
As I've gotten older I'm reluctant to see time moving by too quickly. Except for this time of year.

Time can't move fast enough to get to the first week in May. Then it can slow to a crawl as far as I'm concerned.
  pot luck this year?
  Posted by: yakjak on Mar-12-13 11:20 PM (EST)
hope so . theres not a days gone bye here lately that im not thinking about the rendezvous ,what to bring , check my gear, if im gonna cook or eat at that awesome diner down the its a little bit like torture cause shit im ready to go usual im taking mom over to my sisters in Bentonville .. and will be coming in from the west ... not exactly sure how my vacation is going to fall but i expect to paddle every day of thr rendezvous and hopefully hit the spring river (fun)and maybe get on the eleven point for a long day trip...before i have to return home... ok im done rambling ....jack
  Sounds Good
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Mar-12-13 11:31 PM (EST)
I'll start a Potluck thread. Post trip paddling sounds good too. I'll be off the week after the Rendezvous.
  Sounds good to me too
  Posted by: vic on Mar-13-13 1:46 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Mar-13-13 1:49 AM EST --

Staying down there the week after the Rendezvous sounds good to me too. I'm jonesin for a paddling fix. Just mainline it right here in this arm.

  Look at the bright side, Jack.
  Posted by: pblanc on Mar-13-13 7:49 AM (EST)
At present your body might not be rambling but your mind certainly is.
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Mar-13-13 9:45 AM (EST)
  It's a wonder
  Posted by: yakjak on Mar-13-13 11:48 AM (EST)
I can put together complete sentences
  Face book
  Posted by: Boyscout on Mar-16-13 11:29 AM (EST)
Just added a bunch of misc Ozark rendezvous pics to my facebook. includes pics from many years past and more present. plus from last north fork. for those who have not had the pleasure of attending the trips.
  Hey Vic
  Posted by: duggae on Mar-20-13 1:52 PM (EST)
Thanks for reminding me how much I am going to miss the Guide!
It also reminds me how much I will miss the rendezvous. I won't be back in Missouri until mid to late May, cause I'm building myself a home. I will stay up here in MN until the blackfies become unbearable.
see you guys and have fun..........doug
BTW, thebob has requested an autographed copy of the photo. I will consider making a limited number available depending on demand and legal considerations. What say Vic?
  Posted by: vic on Mar-21-13 12:51 AM (EST)
Sent you an email with the attachment.
  Duggae - Guide is in good hands!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Mar-22-13 9:56 PM (EST)
Duggae - I know you will miss the Guide but I promise I'll take good care of it. Have been able to paddle it once - Rob and I did a day trip on the Meramec - was a warm day but the wind was bad, we had gust up to 30-35 mph. Rob said if I didn't hate the boat by the end of the day then I was good. I didn't hate it at all, boat felt good, can't wait to get it on the North Fork. Rob thinks this time next year I'll be ready to sell the Argosy and will only want to paddle the Guide.

At least the boat is still in the "family"! Hope to see you whenever you come to town.

See everyone else at Rendezvous!
  Amazing how often
  Posted by: Boyscout on Mar-24-13 5:58 AM (EST)
Many a canoe has stayed in the family with the Rendezvous group.Dougs guide Terrys Dagger and a few others. Hopefully i may even see the wildfire again. I see you stuck with a color even if you can't decide on which canoe you like LOL. can't wait to see the old gang and hopefully a few new members will be added. Hopefully this time i can get each days pics done daily for the video. Have a few songs picked out already.
  I DO have a hubby and he is coming too
  Posted by: kayamedic on Mar-28-13 7:10 PM (EST)
Jim and I will arrive Mon or Tues before and leave for the Buffalo Sunday.

Its a long way, so we have to do several trips.

Dogs OK?
  What About.....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Mar-28-13 9:06 PM (EST)
.... a Couple Days on the Current before heading to the North Fork for the Rendezvous? Either there or the Eleven Point just to show him another river or two. I work the weekend then I teach a Basic Arrhythmia class Monday the 29th, but after that I'm free to paddle for about 10 days.
  Posted by: kayamedic on Mar-28-13 9:09 PM (EST)
same camping spot at Twin Bridges? You'll have to tolerate some of our Northerners lack of geographic knowledge of the area.
  Twin bridges
  Posted by: Boyscout on Mar-28-13 9:28 PM (EST)
Got the call from twin bridges today. to see if I was coming to the rendezvous. I asked about the concession breakfast this year. The lady who cooked the last few years passed away. But they have someone that sounds pretty decent to replace her.
  Oh No!
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Mar-29-13 12:40 PM (EST)
Gosh, that's sad to hear. She was a "Hoot," and I enjoyed talking to her as much as her cooking.
  That is sad news.
  Posted by: pblanc on Mar-29-13 4:59 PM (EST)
  Posted by: vic on Apr-02-13 2:37 PM (EST)
Not the rock band, but me.

A month from now I'll be taking my 2pm nap while sitting in my canoe on the North Fork of the White River. That's a good thing.
  Vic we can hold you up
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-02-13 10:14 PM (EST)
One of us napsters leans right; the other one left.
  On our way!
  Posted by: Rena on Apr-03-13 2:04 PM (EST)
I just got my complimentary call from Twin Bridges and reserved a spot for Eric and I May 1 through 5, yahoooo! I am so sorry and stunned to hear the cook died--I had no idea she would be gone.

I asked for that bluegrass band, you can be sure of that!

Can't wait to see you old coots!
  Thanks Kim
  Posted by: vic on Apr-03-13 2:37 PM (EST)
I remember on one Rendezvous I was paddling just ahead of sloopsailor when I heard a splash. I turned around and saw him sitting in the river next to his SuperNova which was sitting upright. I paddled over there and looked in his canoe - it was completely dry! My guess is that he fell asleep and that round bottomed canoe just dumped him out.

I think I'll drink some extra coffee at lunch to avoid that happening to me - or maybe I should just wear a seat belt.
  Only 4 weeks!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Apr-03-13 9:42 PM (EST)
I will be arriving Wednesday 5/1 in the am and plan to paddle that day, so don't leave without me! Hope to be there by 10:00 am. Not sure when Rob will arrive, depends on work, he'll be there Wen or Thur night. I can't wait to see everyone and get on the river!

See ya'll soon!
  Hey Pam ...
  Posted by: vic on Apr-04-13 12:45 AM (EST)
what time is afternoon tea?
  High Tea!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Apr-04-13 10:01 AM (EST)
Vic - how about now! Oh wait I am at work at its only 9:00 am, guess I can't to that. But in 4 weeks I can do anything I want! But I would guess high tea will be after paddling for the day, drinking and paddling together doesn' work well for me!

Counting down the days!

  Y'all are killing me.
  Posted by: deuce on Apr-04-13 12:31 PM (EST)
Need to stay out of this thread.
  Wich canoe
  Posted by: Boyscout on Apr-04-13 3:11 PM (EST)
So is Dougs old canoe coming along this trip? Maybe a kayak.
  Guide will be on this trip!
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Apr-04-13 4:10 PM (EST)
I only do a kayak in whitewater so for this trip since it is non-whitewater I will be brining the Guide. Have only paddled it once so anxious to get it out there!
  I will bring a Colden DragonFly
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-04-13 6:23 PM (EST)
and Swift Raven for toys. I'll let you play with mine if I can play with yours.
  Vic ....................
  Posted by: on Apr-04-13 9:34 PM (EST)
I'll go to the extra trouble of loading up my Mad River Flashback, and bringing it; if "you" promise to paddle it at least one day.
Even more fun would be the Blackhawk Nighthawk.
Sitting on the saddle, your butt is just about gunwale height. Stable as a rock! :^)

So............which one do you want me to bring?

  Sorry Bob
  Posted by: vic on Apr-05-13 2:08 AM (EST)
The only time I sit on a saddle is when it is attached to horse. I didn't even sit on the saddles that they used instead of chairs at Dean's BBQ in Eminence before they closed.
  Posted by: pblanc on Apr-08-13 1:13 PM (EST)
I would kind of like to paddle that Flashback if you feel like bringing it.

I will probably bring a Hemlock Shaman solo and a Dagger Dimension tandem.
  Apres Rendezvous
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-07-13 11:23 AM (EST)
will be doing a multiday Buffalo trip. But probably not camping at campgrounds. Currently many are closed due to sequestration.

Any and all welcome.
  Word to the wise.................
  Posted by: on Apr-07-13 12:01 PM (EST)
Re: Buffalo river regulations.

Do not carry any glass bottles of any type.
Make sure your cooler top is secured & can't accidentally dump contents.
Carry a trash bag, have it secured to your boat, and use the trash bag.
While on the river; use a can holder that floats.

They are pretty picky about those regulations, and tickets, if issued, can be expensive.

Personally, I agree with those regulations, and fines for ignoring the regulations. Wish Missouri was more aggressive with the same regulations.

  I've never carried bottles or cans
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-07-13 12:08 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-07-13 5:07 PM EST --

or a cooler on the Buffalo. Nor a trash bag secured to the boat. I am used to having two packs in the boat, and paddles and a portage yoke and a ditch bag. Period. My PFD isn't counted cause its on me.

If the law does not see a trash bag do I get fined? I carry my trash ziploced in a hard sided barrel. Per se it is not visible.

  If the duck quacks feed it.
  Posted by: deuce on Apr-08-13 10:40 AM (EST)
Copied directly from the NPS web site.

All canoes, kayaks, tubes, rafts and other vessels easily susceptible to swamping, tipping or rolling must have an attached closeable mesh litter bag. All trash must be disposed of safely and legally. A mesh litter bag is not required for people traveling without food or beverages. If you rent your vessel from a park authorized concessioner, a litter bag will be provided with each vessel. You may also purchase a litter bag from a concessioner for use in your privately owned vessel.

The Arkansas version contains an additional provision that would render your arrangement well within the letter of the law, but the Buffy isn't administered by AGFC of course. Every ranger I've encountered up there has been equipped with common sense and has been wiling to use it, but I'm told that's not always the case. If I were you I'd attach a mesh bag, especialy considering the current state of budgetary affairs wink wink nudge nudge know what I mean say no more!
  The intent of the law is clearly
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-08-13 1:16 PM (EST)
to prevent runaway garbage in the event of an upset.

I haven't ever used a mesh garbage bag..what a useless piece of crap..animals would tear it apart unless it went in the barrel..and I'm not putting a mesh bag of wet smelly trash in the barrel. I would prefer dry ziploced trash.

Which I have done five times on the Buffalo.
  I agree completely, and I hope
  Posted by: deuce on Apr-08-13 1:49 PM (EST)
for your sake any rangers you might encounter do as well. I just know that:

1) Common sense is not all that common with regard to some LEOs, and
2) If there is a push to generate revenue complying with the intent but not the letter of the law might result in a fine.

I've read and participated in some spirited conversations about this, and I can tell you that the Arkansas law was reworded for paddlers like you who clearly make every effort to keep their trash out of the water and don't need a mesh bag to do so. Unfortunately, assuming the info on the NPS website is current, no such approach has been taken on the federal level, at least not concerning the Buffalo. Maybe a phone call would be in order to ascertain whether they've dialed back the silliness.
  One additional word to the wise ...
  Posted by: vic on Apr-07-13 4:42 PM (EST)
If you don't wear your PFD make sure you have one for each person in your boat when you float the Buffalo.

About 5-7 years ago we were floating the Buffalo over Memorial Day and the Park Rangers were stopping everybody just above Tyler Bend. They were checking for all those items that Bob mentioned. They were also checking for PFD's.

The ranger that stopped me checked my boat from bow to stern about five times with a puzzled look on his face. Then stopped and looked at me sitting in the canoe and said with great surprise:

"Oh, you're wearing yours."
  Reservations with Twin Bridges
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Apr-09-13 8:13 PM (EST)
Just talked to Jim to make our reservations he did mention that there is also a Mountainman Ozark Rendezvous they are hosting so make sure you book under just Ozark Rendezvous as we have agreed to $8.00 per night per person, his usual rate is $ 12.00 so just want to make sure everyone gets the right rate with the right group. Not sure if this group is the same week as ours but get your reservations in when you can.

See ya soon!
  Yipe! I forgot about reservations!
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-09-13 8:19 PM (EST)
Thanks Pam
  Just a note
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-14-13 7:33 PM (EST)
Will be going on to the Buffalo Sunday after Rendezvous.. Have truck, two people and two canoes. And one dog.

Have enough food for five days on river but can adjust. Would prefer not to run Grey Rock at full flood, given the non helpfulness of dog. Downstream put in would be fine at Kyle's.

We are ready for takeout at White River. Alternate suggestions welcome.
  Food On Site
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-18-13 12:34 PM (EST)
Almost forgot to make MY reservation, but just did so. Jim said the new cook used to own his own restaurant and is a very good cook. Margaret and I will be eating breakfast there, since it's kinda nice to not have to mess with cooking and cleanup before paddling.
  Do we have to reserve for food? NM
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-18-13 1:04 PM (EST)
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-18-13 2:23 PM (EST)
Here's a picture of the seating area. It's also where we have our Potluck.
  Sure will miss
  Posted by: sloopsailor on Apr-18-13 4:58 PM (EST)
Her Rhubarb pie.
  Me too!
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-18-13 8:00 PM (EST)
  One week
  Posted by: vic on Apr-23-13 12:22 PM (EST)
With any luck at this time a week from today I will be in my canoe on the North Fork.

It will be my first time on the water this year.

I sure hope you guys have spring down there in MO. It's snowing just south of us in Central Iowa right now.

Temp on our deck thermometer is 33 degrees with a 20mph wind out of the NNW.
  I think there will be plenty of hot air
  Posted by: kayamedic on Apr-23-13 12:41 PM (EST)
at Rendezvous. Vic please leave your rotten weather at home. Even we are warmer! Its 34 and raining.
  Weather report................
  Posted by: on Apr-23-13 6:15 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Apr-23-13 7:04 PM EST --

Duggae says that up in his neck of the woods he can't get in or out of his driveway. He has snow drifts of 4 to 5 feet blocking his driveway.

RockC is now 6 years old, and is getting gray around her muzzle. Getting to the point where she plays one day, and rests the next........
I have some experience with both those scenarios; getting old ain't for sissies.


  Restaurant at Twin Bridges
  Posted by: PamThePaddler on Apr-27-13 12:50 PM (EST)
So I just talked with Jim at Twin Bridges to confirm that the new person who took over the little restaurant will be there and cooking. Rob and I have decided to do breakfast up there - we are getting lazy when it comes to cooking and cleanup - at least I can admit it.

Jim said river is up and should be at a great level.

Can't wait to see everyone. I will be there Wednesday in the am and will paddle!

See ya in a few days,
  That's Our Plan Too
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on Apr-30-13 10:02 AM (EST)
We'll do more camp cooking at the Fall Rendezvous. We'll let someone else do the cooking this Spring. Dogs to the kennel this afternoon and make my Chili for the Thursday potluck. Watch the Blues tonight and head out in the morning ready to paddle on Wednesday if water levels allow? Looks like it just dropped less than 2000cfs and about 4' on the Tecumseh gauge, so it will be really "Kickin!",00060
  Take care, flood watches
  Posted by: sloopsailor on May-02-13 2:54 PM (EST)
Thursday through Saturday, flood watches in the area..
  Posted by: gremmie on May-03-13 4:59 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: May-03-13 7:59 PM EST --

3:50 P.M., Fri., May 3. Cabool, MO. Temp. 39 degrees F. Mason City, IL, 62 degrees F.

Man, don't be surprised if Sasquatch don't try to get in your sleeping bag with you to stay warm tonight. Jim Duncan told me he is there (by authority of local Big Foot hunter), as you may have heard by now. How's them coyote songs for you? And whip poor wills all night long!



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