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  Got out for a quick paddle last night
  Posted by: Big_D on Sep-18-11 6:48 AM (EST)

I didn't feel like taking the time to set up my raft or get my canoe trailer ready, so I just grabbed my daughter's kayak. It's been a while since I've kayaked. Normally I using the raft or the canoe and rowing them.

I couldn't sleep last night for the pain in my left shoulder. I learned to row because I knew this was coming. But seriously, a two hour paddle on a lake without wind should not be keeping me up all night. Time to either get it cut, which means I have to go through all pain from physical therapy to see if that will work then the surgery then more physical therapy, or row. I think I'll row until my shoulder won't put up with that either.

- Big D

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  pain can hold you back .....
  Posted by: pilotwingz on Sep-18-11 8:39 PM (EST)
...... that's for sure .

If you think it's going to always end up giving you the pain after you take a little spin , it certainly won't be an encouraging thought .

  Feeling better
  Posted by: Big_D on Sep-19-11 12:47 PM (EST)
After hours of heat therapy and an unreasonable amount of ibuprofen and a long walk for unstressed movement, it is beginning to feel better. I can't dedicate a couple days to pain remediation every time I want to paddle for a couple of hours.

- Big D
  yeah really D , you just got to ......
  Posted by: pilotwingz on Sep-19-11 6:13 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Sep-19-11 6:21 PM EST --

...... find a way to not let it happen , if that's possible .

Here's a good launch for your motored rig ...

Hey , there is a straight shot for a good soft launch about 1-1/4 mi. above your ledge . It's were Limkin Rd, comes down right next to the C&O Tow Path ... there is plenty of parking there , it's a C&O canal lot (gravel) . (Mt. Lock Rd. to Lock Hse. 37 (off Limkin) is only a couple blocks before the parking lot) .

Also took some pics. of the cove behind your ledge ... looks like a sweet spot too me !!

Carry to the river from the parking , but a clear path . probably take two people cause it's a down hill path from the Tow Path to the river ... clean launch (a little muddy at the shore line this past weekend) , even has a small rock at shore's edge to step on . Can send you a few pics. of the lainch area if you want .

Forget about Mt. Lock 37 soft launch , the pathway from C&O Tow Path to river is gone , overgrown and washed away ... but the launch I mentioned above , that's a real good one , it's only about a 1/4 mi. further up river than Mt. Lock 37 .

  I think I found it
  Posted by: Big_D on Sep-20-11 7:47 AM (EST)
I didn't catch the name of the road, but I think I found the launch you're talking about on an exploratory drive around with my gazetteer and GPS. I waymarked the launch.

If I'm thinking of the right place, it's between Darden and Antietam and it's not easy to find through the back-roads and lack of signage. It's a nice lot and a perfectly adequate unimproved canoe launch.

Does that sound like the place?

If so, some strap on wheels would work fine for getting either my raft or my canoe down to the launch.

- Big D
  yes , sounds like it ......
  Posted by: pilotwingz on Sep-20-11 4:43 PM (EST)
...... last weekend the parking lot had a huge (as in small hill size) pile of gravel built up off to the side of it , looked like it's been there awhile .

Yeah D , taking Harpers Ferry Rd. (along MD side of Potomac) , Limekiln Rd. is a left turn towards the river . Limelkiln will go by the parking lot and eventually come back out to Harpers Ferry Rd. almost at Antietam Creek . If you zoom "way in" on google or similar map Limekiln and Mt. Lock Canal Rd. will come up .

Dargan launch is below your ledge , this place is above it , about half way from ledge to Antietam ... that little path hill is kinda steep near the top at the C&O Tow path , I was thinking coming back up might be best with two people .

From what I saw , it would be an easy pull/drag over (or between) the rocks where the ledge meets the MD. side , at least at the level it was this past weekend , which was 1/2 way into the yellow on Dargan's ramp . I checked the USGS when I got home , Edwards was 5.19 , P.of Rocks 2.66 , Hancock 4.26 , Paw Paw 5.02 ... river falling .

Inside the ledge's cove right on the MD shore , it's deep , a sraight down drop off the shore , maybe undercut (??), be careful if getting out there to take a leak , etc. ... but man that cove looks sweet , so does the intire ledge . I don't think I could paddle back up over the ledge , too swift , but couldn't tell what the VA side was like ... but there's no doubt a sneak back up where the ledge meets the MD shore is doable w/o problem .

  Time to explore.
  Posted by: Big_D on Sep-20-11 5:44 PM (EST)
It may make sense to lock a bike at Dargan's Bend just in case I can't make it back upriver from the ledge. I'll be able with my canoe and the 2.5hp, but with the raft and trolling motor ... well ... maybe, maybe not.

Have the bike as an escape route and hope no one steals the battery or motor. I can lock the raft with the bike's lock.

It's worth a shot.

Maybe that's what I'll do on my birthday. I always try to fish on my birthday (and it almost never works out that way). This year I got it on the work calendar early enough, and I actually know where my stuff is, and with any luck no one will need to go to the hospital or be picked up from there. All these are things that have prevented me from fishing on my birthday. One year there was even a family funeral. My birthday cake was done back at the house during the wake after the memorial service - a very strange affair. This year - maybe the bass will help me to celebrate.
  Antietam pedal and paddle
  Posted by: Big_D on Sep-21-11 10:06 AM (EST)
I was thinking that lot would make for a good pedal and paddle. Put in on the Antietam then paddle down to the confluence with the Potomac. Drop the kayaks and pick up bikes and bike down to this lot or perhaps Dargan.

Also, I was considering it as an alternative takeout for Antietam trips. It would extend the trip a little if someone puts in near Burnside Bridge. (not at the bridge - I hear the Park Service frowns upon that, but there are nearby unimproved putins).

- Big D


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