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  So you consider yourself a bold eater?
  Posted by: pikabike on May-30-14 12:30 AM (EST)

-- Last Updated: May-30-14 12:36 AM EST --

The critters are pretty cool-looking, but some of the culinary preps made me want to gag just looking at them. No, I have never considered myself an adventurous eater. I WILL try any kind of fruit or vegetable or starch, but not everything of animal origin.

Get a gander at the cooked organisms featured herein.

ADD "http://" in front of the following string to make it work:

Oh, to further whet your appetite, consider that the critter's self-defense mechanisms include squirting its guts out at you.

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  Nothing like a big plate of fresh Google
  Posted by: g2d on May-30-14 2:01 PM (EST)
Check out when an address string is too long to swallow.
  Or perhaps a plate of...
  Posted by: canoeswithduckheads on May-30-14 2:41 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: May-30-14 2:44 PM EST --

Green eggs and...DAMN!
Hoi Sam, yes mam!
Now call the plumber!
Hai sees cucumber.

In other terms,
these echinoderms,
breaking down detritus,
brought me colitis,

so now I'm flush,
from such bold rush,
green eggs shouldn't go,
beyond reasoned rhymes of Elmo!

  Duckheads and chicken what?
  Posted by: pikabike on May-30-14 8:26 PM (EST)
There once was a dim sum eatery
Where the crowds took up all of the seatery.
Still, I snagged some shui mai
And parts of the gai--
But avoided its chicken feet-ery.
  Sea cucumber is fine
  Posted by: kayamedic on May-30-14 2:55 PM (EST)
a Chinese friend of mine buys it dried in Brooklyn and makes some fine tasty dishes.
  I have eaten unknown tasty things
  Posted by: string on May-30-14 3:42 PM (EST)
in Korea, China, Holland, and Mexico.
Like the Army docs said, make sure it is cooked.
  Oh, I have eaten it
  Posted by: pikabike on May-30-14 8:17 PM (EST)
Didn't know what it was but immediately disliked the taste and texture. My parents sometimes ordered it in restaurants. Must be an acquired taste that I did not acquire.
  it is a vegetable
  Posted by: slushpaddler on May-30-14 11:56 PM (EST)
A sea cucumber! ;)

Actually, when it comes to below the waterline everything gets fuzzy for me. So I'll try it all.

What's that awful fruit Andrew Zimmern is always talking about?
  I'll try almost anything, too.
  Posted by: tktoo on May-31-14 11:29 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jun-01-14 2:58 PM EST --

But I'm still drawing the line at "imitation calamari" and waffle houses. Or anything someone tells me tastes like chicken.

  Durian fruit?
  Posted by: pikabike on Jun-01-14 12:22 AM (EST)
I never tried it. It supposedly smells sickening yet tastes mild.
  that's it!
  Posted by: slushpaddler on Jun-02-14 10:34 AM (EST)
  Posted by: Kudzu on Jun-01-14 5:50 AM (EST)
The skin on broiled salmon or baked turkey are the absolute best parts. A lady freaked out when I ate the skin off the salmon that she served. Is that so strange and bold?
  Crisp or soggy?
  Posted by: pikabike on Jun-02-14 6:25 PM (EST)
I love roast turkey skin if it's crisp; crisp salmon skin is pretty good, too. But neither one appeals to me if they are soggy or rubbery.

The person who freaked out at seeing you eat salmon skin must not get around much. It's not that unusual a predilection.

Y'all must like pork rinds ;-)
  Posted by: Kudzu on Jun-03-14 4:28 PM (EST)
Even a little burnt is good. Soggy or rubbery generally stays on the plate. Yeah, the lady who served the salmon was horrified that I would eat that. I thought to myself, "Is it really that weird?"
  Sea Slugs and Fried Jelly Fish
  Posted by: seadart on Jun-01-14 11:53 PM (EST)
I have not had sea cucumber before but I have had Sea Slugs. In Japan, the Japanese love Chinese restaurants, and in Osaka at a very fancy place I was taken to the specialty was Sea Slug and Fried Jelly Fish. I don't know if this is a Japanese take on a Chinese dish, but it was awful. I could not get the sea slug down. Next worse thing I have eaten is eel sashimi. I liked cooked eel and I like most sashimi fish and shell fish but not eel sashimi.


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