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  Posted by: Boyscout on May-24-14 8:32 AM (EST)

Was paddling on the red river in tn yesterday. got to see the Garr spawning around a rock in shallow water next to shore. a few years ago I was with Terryaka Wildernesweb. and saw massive numbers on a mo river. we thaught thaey may be going to spawning locations. to see them spawning in a small area with about 20+ some paddle lengh. was one of lifes cool memories.15 mkinutes of watching feet away from shore , getting some decent pics and video.

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  Good to get to see them in large numbers
  Posted by: ezwater on May-24-14 10:42 AM (EST)
They seem like such primitive fish that it's surprising when one sees them engaged in such "higher" fishy behavior as group spawning. Maybe I imagined they reproduced like sharks.
  I'll Never Forget That Day, Mike
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on May-26-14 8:23 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: May-26-14 8:24 PM EST --

It was on the upper Black River. I've messed around with gars all my life, growing up on the Mississippi. Heck, a Longnose gar was my first fish caught on a fly rod with a gaudy looking mosquito fly (LOL)! But I've NEVER seen so many HUGE gars as we did that day; made you think twice about being in the water (LOL)! I also remember you almost sitting on that little baby cottonmouth with that almost chartreuse tail that day!

  I don't remember the snake
  Posted by: Boyscout on May-27-14 9:32 AM (EST)
I remember lots of snakes.but not almost sitting on one.or did you just forget to tell me since it only almost happend.
  It was When We Were Going to Eat....
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on May-27-14 10:26 AM (EST)
...lunch. You said "Let's find another place," remember?
  You'll see...
  Posted by: al_a on May-27-14 5:46 PM (EST)
lots of big longnose gar on the smaller Ozark streams in the spring. One time I drove to a low water bridge on upper Little Whitewater, planning to wade and fish for goggle-eye. All I had along was an ultralight spinning rod and some little marabou jigs. There was a lady with a couple of little kids at the bridge, the kids playing in the water, and she called me down to show me a couple of 2 foot gar finning in the current just below the bridge, and asked me what kind of fish those were. I told her they were gar, and looked a little farther out, and there were two big ones, well over 4 feet long. When I pointed them out to her, she said, "Those things bite!" And she dragged the kids out of the water like the gar were going to attack them.

I ended up catching one of those big gar. Snagged it in the meaty part of the upper tail, and fought it for a half hour and a quarter mile down the creek. It was 4 feet 3 inches long.
  Little Whitewater?
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on May-28-14 9:48 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: May-28-14 9:49 AM EST --

Gosh, I remember fishing for smallies and spotted bass up around Sedgwickville when I lived in Cape. I bet I know the low water bridge you're talking about? Hard to envision 4' gars there on that little stream, isn't it?

  Posted by: Al_A on May-28-14 10:04 PM (EST)
I fished it when I lived in Cape, of the closest streams that was wadeable and had smallmouth. I even floated it one time, but it wasn't hardly worth it. Once I got downstream a couple miles past that low water bridge, it started digging into the banks, got really slow, and had log jams. Made for a long hot day. These days, I would have checked it out on Google Earth before floating, and would have known what to expect.
  Small World
  Posted by: wildernesswebb on May-30-14 10:52 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: May-30-14 10:53 AM EST --

Wondered about putting a canoe in there a few times, but figured as much. I didn't realize Google Earth could get detailed enough to show rivers that closely? Going to have to check it out!

  Posted by: vic on May-27-14 11:43 PM (EST)
The only Garr I would recognize is Garfield - city boy ya know.
  Well there Hawkeye cityslicker...
  Posted by: canoeswithduckheads on May-30-14 2:27 PM (EST)
...(a jumbo shrimp moment, no? At least, if my Ames is true, I think.), get yerself on down to Branson, to hear Garr Brooks babblin' his Bandy at one Moe song:

It's a fishy situaaaaation.
In point to scale identificaaaation.
I saw to pickerel you from afar,
too close you drove off in my gar.

Yes it's a fishy situaaaation...
  Branson? Not my cup of tea.
  Posted by: vic on May-30-14 3:07 PM (EST)
Just passed through Branson twice in the last two weeks. Once going to the Buffalo River, and once coming back from the Buffalo River.

Had no desire to stop there at all, not for snacks, gas, or anything else. Drove through there on US 65 as fast as I could without attracting the interest of the Missouri State Patrol, or local law enforcement.

As a side note, I was playing my playlist of music by The Band as I went through Branson. Betcha none of The Band members ever played there!
  Nor my cup in the least, too!
  Posted by: canoeswithduckheads on May-30-14 3:51 PM (EST)
Striking all those right chords of the plastic and pluck,
out gnash-grilling Nashville in other "country" that's stuck,
twixt the Disney World Dobro and some Tinsel Town timbre,
Up With People in our seats, time for those wallets to unlimber!

(But where else you gonna hear "Garr Brooks"?)

"Maybe it's time, we got back, to the basics of..."


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