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  More unexpected delights on the water
  Posted by: pikabike on May-12-14 7:14 PM (EST)

I had not planned to paddle today, but the weather and water were so beautiful I could not resist. Unlike most outings, I did not set a destination-based goal. Instead, I paddled in one direction, waited for a container ship wake to give me all of a minute or so of easy fun, then paddled back and forth just feeling the water's flow in various areas.

One serendipitous result of this aimless pleasure was that I suddenly noticed hundreds of tiny, baby comb jellyfish pulsing and wafting around. I also saw what looked like a baby lion's mane jellyfish several feet down. I confirmed that yes, indeed, the barking sea lions are hauled up onto a bell buoy. Large flotillas of rhinoceros auklets mixed with gulls and guillemots, with several seals slowly cruising through doing their periscope thing.

All in all, a fine day based on absolutely no goal other than getting OUT THERE.

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  My kind of day !
  Posted by: JackL on May-12-14 7:18 PM (EST)
thanks for sharing .

Jack L
  I forgot about the river otter!
  Posted by: pikabike on May-12-14 7:32 PM (EST)
Right at the end, I saw a brown sleek thing swimming. Looked almost like a bull kelp except the head was too pointy.

You've been among the more stalwart examples of remembering that despite enjoying goal-oriented paddles such as racing or training for them, sometimes it's pure bliss to...

Just...paddle...on! (Apologies to ScupperFrank).

I am actually thinking of bringing snorkel and fins along one of these days.
  My day too
  Posted by: davbart on May-12-14 9:26 PM (EST)
I had the canoe on the truck and some time, so I headed out to a nearby small lake. When I arrived at the lake the sun hadn't burned off the fog which made for smooth water, and a quiet paddle along the edges of the lake. The woods along the lake were alive with birds, and I saw a beaver as I paddled up to the end of the lake.

As I paddled down the other side of the lake the sun and a slight wind cleared the fog, and a bald eagle swept down and caught a fish, flying up into a tall pine with his catch. The eagle was so involved with his breakfast that I was able to paddle within 100 ft of him and watched him finish his meal (it was a large eagle, so it might've been a she).

Great way to start the day, glad to hear I wasn't the only one that had a good time on the water.
  Morning fog on a lake
  Posted by: pikabike on May-14-14 1:26 AM (EST)
An ethereal thing to enjoy before the sun burns it off! I swear that sound is more muffled then, too. Glad you too had a fine paddle.
  I notice they had quite a bit of snow
  Posted by: g2d on May-12-14 9:39 PM (EST)
today along Colorado's front range.

Soon, the glaciers will thicken again, and your harbor jaunts will be quite different.

Burma Shave
  Isobars By a Whisker
  Posted by: canoeswithduckheads on May-13-14 4:56 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: May-13-14 5:21 PM EST --

On that glacial edge
of that forgotten sedge
with desert now stored in attic,
look'n west to Ranier
boil of caldera clears
as steam rollers katabatic.

Way past the drowning rattle
long gone to see Seattle
dire straits of Juan spillover crooked bow.
Climate change in all its rage
finds hot waters chill with age,
midst an ice and flood melt let us flow.

Beachnut's (Sic) Barnacled Barn

  Posted by: pikabike on May-14-14 1:06 AM (EST)
Sea jaunt is for real. I moved out of Colorado more than a year ago.

You back to g2d or is it an imposter using your old handle?
  Out there,
  Posted by: canoeswithduckheads on May-13-14 5:20 PM (EST)
being there, is often so peaceful, simply for that occasional grace one receives, to be out of one's self.

You know you're really there when you are finally able to NOT hear yourself. Then the wind and waves, gull and guillemots, sea lions and jellyfish all...well, for me they resonate the joy, of simply

Course, right about then a bloody manatee surfaces beneath the hull, and apoplexy nearly surrenders secondary stability in all my states of "being"!
  Where is the 'like' button?
  Posted by: string on May-13-14 8:12 PM (EST)
  You're lucky to see a manatee!
  Posted by: pikabike on May-14-14 1:08 AM (EST)
It's a treat, and the warm spring water and hot air of FL is the icing on the cake.
  Delights on the water
  Posted by: ShaneC on May-14-14 1:25 AM (EST)
Paddling the Crystal River again this last weekend. Long drive but worth the trip... saw a few manatees, hopped out and snorkeled in 3 sisters springs. But the the take away from the trip was the dolphin swimming about 5 ft away from me as I paddled.
  Posted by: pikabike on May-14-14 1:32 AM (EST)
Oh, yes, dolphins, Atlantic bottlenose to be specific. They are one thing I really miss about east coast paddling, so playful and very interested in what paddlers are doing.

Southern paddling is a hoot. Ibises on every other tree along some rivers. I have not seen the ex-Tarzan monkeys, but some posters here have.
  Some dolphin video
  Posted by: woodonwater on May-17-14 2:08 AM (EST)
Here are some cool videos of encounters we've had. Good examples of lucky timing too. Paddling in Florida rocks.

A few days ago we were watching a swallow tailed kite and he flew to about 50' from us and hovered for a second or two before swooping down to the surface between our boats which were about 20' apart. Think he was catching dragonflies, maybe just showing off.
  Correction: moon jellies, not comb jelli
  Posted by: pikabike on May-14-14 1:09 AM (EST)
That's the second time I've used the word comb instead of moon. Guess the fringes make me think of a comb's teeth.
  Not so delightful
  Posted by: magooch on May-14-14 9:35 AM (EST)
I thought all the Steller's had gone back to the coast, but I found out yesterday that some of them are still here.


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