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  Record Mississip 2340 miles-18 days.
  Posted by: paddletothesea on May-09-14 7:11 PM (EST)

Wish these four guys luck as they depart from Lake Itasca, MN and paddle 2340 miles to the Gulf of Mexico in an attempt to break Bob Bradford and Clark Eids recored descent of 18 days, 15 hours!!!!

SHould be fun to follow these guys .. They will be posting updates daily as to their progress. They need to average about 135 miles a day to break the record. Good luck guys!!

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  What for?
  Posted by: magooch on May-10-14 10:00 AM (EST)
What do they get if they do break the record?
  The experience
  Posted by: yatipope on May-10-14 2:45 PM (EST)
Doing something like this is obviously simply for the challenge and the experience. I would love to try something like this but I think my job and other committments preclude me doing so but maybe in the future. The notoriety and record holding achievement will mean nothing compared to the actual memories that nobody can take away.
  well said
  Posted by: paddletothesea on May-11-14 10:31 AM (EST)
Yep the experience...making life happen!!

Plus a record descent.
  more than
  Posted by: radiomix on May-11-14 1:41 PM (EST)
If they didn't.
  Posted by: redrocket on May-11-14 8:34 PM (EST)
That is amazing,, I hope they make it!
  Posted by: alan_gage on May-12-14 12:34 PM (EST)
That sounds painful. Best of luck.

Any idea who they are and what kind of experience they have? Not doubting their ability, just wondering.

  Its all there
  Posted by: paddletothesea on May-12-14 12:42 PM (EST)
Click the link....names and faces come to life!
  I don't see the need
  Posted by: sweeper on May-14-14 10:09 AM (EST)
The outdoors should be enjoyed.

Racing to see who can do it fastest is a waste of the experience.

  The outdoors should indeed
  Posted by: deuce on May-14-14 10:32 AM (EST)
be enjoyed. That's how they're choosing to enjoy it. Not your cup of tea? Understood. Not mine either, but doesn't mean it won't be enjoyable to them.
  Not only that
  Posted by: alan_gage on May-14-14 3:23 PM (EST)
But their method of enjoying doesn't have a negative impact on anyone else trying to enjoy it.

I did canoe and kayak racing for a few years. It's fun to get on the water no matter what, this is just a different component. That doesn't mean that the next day you can't take a lazy float down the river watching the birds.

  Your both right, BUT
  Posted by: sweeper on May-19-14 8:49 AM (EST)
Ask them at the end if they would do it again.

My guess is NO.
  Ya never know!
  Posted by: yatipope on May-19-14 2:46 PM (EST)
One of these guys might be the next Verlen Kruger and go on to even bigger things.
  Posted by: alan_gage on May-19-14 4:24 PM (EST)
Seems like something that would be fun to look back on, but maybe not to do again. At least at that pace at that time of year.

  Posted by: radiomix on May-15-14 9:33 AM (EST)
You've never been to a race. 90% of the people aren't racing or are just racing themselves.

  7 miles of portaging yesterday
  Posted by: puffingin on May-17-14 10:19 AM (EST)
With extremely high water levels, the guys could not paddle through Minneapolis and St Paul and instead had to portage around. Got some assistance from a couple of women and a wheeled portage cart (legit in this challenge). As of a couple of hours ago, they were making good time, keeping pace with the 2003 record and got to go through a lock in their canoe and should be nearly La Crosse soon. Good luck, Guys! And stay safe.
  Posted by: paddletothesea on May-18-14 2:25 PM (EST)
  Just curious...
  Posted by: spiritboat on May-19-14 8:32 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: May-19-14 8:39 AM EST --

What class of water and what kind of hazards are under that Sauk Rapids Bridge? Was that carry absolutely mandatory? Anybody know?

Ooops--Nevermind...Just found some photos.

  I think the 18 day record is safe
  Posted by: yatipope on May-23-14 11:04 AM (EST)
These guys are giving it a great try and I really admire them for taking on this challenge but they will have to average 200+ miles a day for the next (last) five days to beat the old record. That pace is pretty impossible even in a swift flowing river. I would love to do this paddle as an adventure but probably not a race, the record might be untouchable.
  If the record is broken
  Posted by: paddledad on May-23-14 2:20 PM (EST)
it will be while the river is in flood stage.

Local woman a few years back set the world record for 24 hour mileage. You'd think the Yukon (and the record she broke was), but it was on the Missouri during the MR340. 204 miles if I recall.
  Could happen
  Posted by: paddletothesea on May-24-14 11:36 AM (EST)
Your estimates of them needing 200+ days is wrong. They have 6-days and 15 hours to go about 611 Miles......thats hundred a day less. DOable if they paddle 15 hour days.
  Post not right?
  Posted by: yatipope on May-24-14 12:12 PM (EST)
Well I read there post 2 days ago that said they were on day 13 and had traveled about 1200 of the 2300 miles so far. That led me to believe there were only 5 days left to go about 1100 miles to the finish. I guess I didn't take into account that they had not completed day 13 but only 12 days, So that still meant 6 days to go about 1100 miles. Close to 200 a day. HMMMM
  600 miles to go in 3 days
  Posted by: yatipope on May-26-14 3:07 PM (EST)
This mornings post by these hardy young guys says they have 600 miles to go in a 3 days and a few hours. Nearly 200 miles per day! Just doing this journey is an amazing feat that I highly admire and regard but I am sure the record will hold! I just hope they make is safely and with good health!
  I take it they made advance
  Posted by: kayamedic on May-24-14 8:58 PM (EST)
arrangements to be locked through. It would be a bummer to have to wait 45 minutes for a tow barge.


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