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  Got my last Sea Kayaker issue today.
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-28-14 1:16 PM (EST)

Have not opened it yet. I want to say I have really enjoyed it and it helped with improving my kayaking. Thanks for publishing, good luck with your future.

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  I'll miss it too...
  Posted by: Fred_Randall on Jan-28-14 1:17 PM (EST)
...but I kinda laughed at my expense when I read the notice that the balance of remaining issues will be paid out with AK issues, and I already have an AK sub thanks to my ACA dues.
  Iam glad they adressed
  Posted by: dc9mm on Jan-28-14 1:49 PM (EST)
They addressed the remaining issues on peoples subscriptions. I wasn't aware of this other magazine so I hope its good. Iam in Buffalo NY so I paddle in Canada alot so a Canadian based magazine might even have trip stores of say Georgian Bay were I kayak camp.

Sorry to see it go. I really liked there kayak reviews.
  bout a month off usual schedule
  Posted by: pikabike on Jan-28-14 1:48 PM (EST)
We always got our SKM at the end of an even-numbered month. I don't think we got one at the end of December, so I suppose their big exit issue is running a bit late. Waiting to see what the notice in ours says, since we do not belong to ACA.
  Got mine yesterday, sad ...
  Posted by: wetzool on Jan-28-14 5:58 PM (EST)
to see it go. Foredeck, from Chris and the Letters, all tributes, are great.
  Got mine too.
  Posted by: magooch on Jan-28-14 6:43 PM (EST)
But I got my last issue about a year ago. There were just too few articles that caught my interest and some of the kayaks they reviewed were of little, or no interest at all. I think they tried very hard to produce a great magazine, but in the electronics age I guess it's a vanishing entity--sadly.
  End of an era
  Posted by: water_walker on Jan-28-14 8:38 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-28-14 8:43 PM EST --

... Sad to see what is to my knowledge America's only magazine devoted solely to sea kayaking print its last issue. Hard not to take it as a sign of the times -- in terms of declining interest in "serious" sea kayaking, less interest in technique and safety, less interest in multi-day trips. Sad to think a country as big as ours can't support a magazine like that. Yeah, I know -- the internet and everything -- but you can't consistently find the quality of coverage you get in Sea Kayaker Magazine on the web. And so we're all cast adrift a bit. Hard not to feel that it doesn't say something negative about the state of our sport. Where now to go for those technique and safety articles? Where to go for those in-depth boat and gear reviews?

The one positive thing is that the fewer people interested in kayaking means those offshore islands will see less use -- and will be more available to the terns and the seals and to us.

Mostly I want to say thank you to Chris Cunningham and the staff at Sea Kayaker for serving as such an important touchstone for sea kayakers throughout the U.S.

  Last issue is great
  Posted by: gingernc on Jan-28-14 8:58 PM (EST)
Just packed with good articles.
I'm a reader and really loved SeaKayaker -- along with Wooden Boat. Long, well-written, interesting articles for the most part.
I emailed Chris Cunningham and the staff today to say thanks and good luck. I sure will miss that magazine in my mailbox.
G in NC
  Posted by: pikabike on Feb-04-14 5:16 PM (EST)
All the articles were interesting, and I grinned a bit at how they included both a Florida trip article and a SE AK one in the same winter issue.

I, too, will miss getting SKM. Nothing in the U.S. compares.

Seems ironic that a sea kayaking magazine for the whole U.S. folded, yet one focused on B.C. (and another one for California) still exists. You could get the impression that there is a need to specialize, yet the other national paddling magazines are doing the opposite, by expanding to cover even more paddling disciplines.
  The Bad.....and The Good(?)
  Posted by: c-runner on Jan-29-14 9:50 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-29-14 9:51 AM EST --

Water Walker, I am in complete agreement with you on your reaction to the loss of SK. Subscribers who open their first issue of Adventure Kayak will immediately notice the very real differences between the two magazines..... Regarding the probable shrinking of the population of sea kayakers, I share your view that it is not necessarily a bad thing; I can even see a bright side to returning to the days when we were an almost invisible presence on the waterways--a "stealth" population of mariners working little-visited shorelines and waterways, sometimes in grey, gloomy, "maritime" weather conditions when most other boaters would be home watching the Tube.

  I agree with most every comment
  Posted by: castoff on Jan-28-14 10:57 PM (EST)
I even understand where magooch is coming from. However I feel it is truly a loss for the sea kayaking community. It was certainly a quality source of first rate information. I am very glad we still have the pnet and qayaq web sites, but will miss the magazine.
  Me too
  Posted by: jonsprag1 on Feb-03-14 7:57 PM (EST)
great magazine
  Now, if only....
  Posted by: Wickerbutt on Feb-04-14 8:57 AM (EST)
Canoe and Kayak magazine would follow suit and close up too. What a P.O.S.
80% Ad's,.. 20% uninteresting substance, ..with more ad's. Does anyone still get that rag ?
  I hadn't subscribed to Sea Kayaker
  Posted by: kwikle on Feb-14-14 12:59 PM (EST)
in about 5 years. they lost me as an audience, they lost the sport, and failed to adapt to the changes in the sport and to the internet.

I know that may not be unanimous, but, I felt like ocean paddler, and adventure kayak were doing better, (not perfect, or great, but better).

the reviews were strange, the articles were poor, the layout was 1989, and the photography was only ever ok.

It is too bad they didn't adapt, but it wasn't a good publication over the last 10 years.
  X's 2
  Posted by: jackl on Feb-27-14 10:43 AM (EST)
Jack L
  SK Magazine
  Posted by: cd1 on Feb-26-14 8:58 PM (EST)
I am sorry to see the loss of an iconic kayaking magazine. I have a stack that is about two and a half feet tall of old Sea Kayaker Magazines. Their articles and reviews, especially of kayaks, was without compare. Reviewing old issues is like seeing the history of kayaking. Even the old advertisements are fun and informative.

A reflection of the internet publishing times, and the low tide of sea kayaking as a popular sport.

I am sad.

With melancholy, Seedy One.
  Adventure Kayak
  Posted by: c-runner on Feb-27-14 10:00 AM (EST)

Rapid Media now owns Sea Kayaker. This is great news for Adventure Kayak, because AK had nowhere to go but up, and they will have to, to satisfy the SK readership, who were used to a certain standard of quality.


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