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  pronoan usage
  Posted by: baldpaddler on Jan-19-14 5:20 PM (EST)

Why is that when my wife says she is going to paint a room she expects me to do the painting?
After 35 years of marriage I should not be surprised
but I am....

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  now sit down with pen and paper
  Posted by: kayamedic on Jan-19-14 5:53 PM (EST)
and write "pronoun" 500 times.

It's homework. Maybe when you change your spelling your wife will change too!

Anyway ask her when she is going to
  I always
  Posted by: pirateoverforty on Jan-19-14 6:45 PM (EST)
do what the voices in my wife's head tell me to do.
  My wife is tired of my asking,
  Posted by: tktoo on Jan-19-14 6:49 PM (EST)
"What you mean,'we', Kimosabe?"

Do we really need to shovel the driveway before we can go to the dump?
  Nanci says:
  Posted by: jackL on Jan-19-14 7:43 PM (EST)
"that's they way it is supposed to be and if you don't know by now you haven't been trained well enough"

jack L
  Words that make my eyes roll
  Posted by: Andy_Szymczak on Jan-19-14 7:49 PM (EST)
"Andy, I've been thinking"..........

  And words that make...
  Posted by: canoeswithduckheads on Jan-19-14 8:15 PM (EST)
...Floyd's eyes roll,

"Welllll, Andeeeeeee,..."

(Although I suspect it might have been excessive inhalation of the barber's Butch Wax supply, or perhaps a Thorazine kick-in, at work there.)

A Honey-Do is a melon
and I've got a melon head
and thus the fruit says of my labor
orange you bananas doing what is said?
  Another pronoun
  Posted by: PJC on Jan-19-14 8:43 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-19-14 9:00 PM EST --

that can drive a person crazy is "that."

As in "since you're going that way anyhow", or "since you're doing this, you have no reason not to do that while you're at it".
Or when driving down the street, "Oh, look at THAT!" Lucky not to swerve into oncoming traffic while trying to identify the multiplicity of exciting visible nouns that "that" might be. It often turns out to be flowers planted in a boot on someone's step or something along those lines. Makes me wonder why don't they just drive an ice pick into my brain. By the time a fellow can ask, "Which that is that? Could you be more specific?" the reply is almost certainly, "On nothing, never mind. Its gone." Arrggh!

Crazy-making pronoun that.

  I Know It Is Trouble
  Posted by: dougd on Jan-19-14 9:05 PM (EST)
when she says, "I have a thought!" This usually ends with me going out to my canoeshed to hide! I usually loose this battles which is why I am so glad to have a safe haven to run to! If I stay there long enough I am convinced she will have lost track of whatever idea she had but like I said I usually loose!

  Same problem here...
  Posted by: Wickerbutt on Jan-19-14 10:14 PM (EST)
...but with a different twist. I'LL be on a project I've wanted to do and the wife will slowly butt in and take over. Examples; Bulkhead door's and frame work was rotting away. So I got out all the lumber, tool's, skillsaw, ruler, hammer, ect. A lovely early summer day. 15 minutes into it she's over giving 'advice'. Then it just progress's to where I get pissed and walk away. 15 minutes later she's bored and quit's, I go back and finnish job.
I garden every year and it's my 'baby'.Some years I'm more into it than others, this year I wasn't so much so the garden wasn't 'pretty'. But I still busted my ass planting, weeding, watering. Late summer when it's not as nice as other years, she comes over and start's weeding the bed's I had given up on and weren't going to be producing reguardless of the weeding. Lot's of 'critqueing' about how I should do this or that and next year she's going to take it over. (I hold back chuckle here, cuz she doesn't have time to pick up after herself in the house, never mind the time to put into a good garden.) Mind you I understand some of you might think she want's to do thing's 'together'. Truth is I don't need another 'BOSS' telling me how to do thing's. We do plenty together, she just likes to buzz around my head like blackfly's and annoy me.
I try to do thing's when she's not around-God know's she's got plenty of other thing's she could without bugging me.
  Posted by: string on Jan-19-14 10:31 PM (EST)
My wife was talking about selling this house after 27 years and I mentioned that I have been constantly making landscape improvements and we get many compliments on the yard. She says"Everyone does that".
We aren't moving.
  Yes, it is quite...
  Posted by: canoeswithduckheads on Jan-20-14 8:41 AM (EST)
...scary, when she looks at you with those googy eyes,

and says,

"I have a plan, mein fuhr, er, Dougie!"

Now, just what is that ratio of women-to-a-man you're gonna need down in the dougd canoe cave?
  That is that and there is
  Posted by: kayamedic on Jan-19-14 10:34 PM (EST)

"Look at the bird there". "Where"? "There". "Just what direction is there"!

Sometimes I think I will drive into something seeking "there"

"Their and they're" are different problems
  Two guys walking down the street
  Posted by: PJC on Jan-21-14 7:24 PM (EST)
One says, "Oh look, there's a dead bird."
The other looks up at the sky then up into a tree, "Where?"

Young kids love that one.
  It evens out
  Posted by: Celia on Jan-20-14 9:53 AM (EST)
Lots of thing involved in two people living together that end up getting picked up disproportionately, if you really look hard at day to day life. But it usually evens out. The diff is that men's gripes have long become the fodder of comedians and women's gripes are considered to be uninteresting.
  An all purpose pronoun.
  Posted by: g2d on Jan-20-14 12:01 PM (EST)
  Posted by: baldpaddler on Jan-21-14 7:20 AM (EST)
My wife got my youngest and his wife to do it! (at least one wall so far) The river gods most be rewarding me for all the hats I have sacrificed to them...
  Pronoun Trouble per Loony Tunes
  Posted by: TomD on Jan-21-14 11:26 AM (EST)
  Love the Looney Tunes..
  Posted by: tjalmy on Jan-22-14 9:42 PM (EST)
maybe growing up on that stuff helps me cope with marriage!
When the Debulator is starting to drive me over the edge, one of two things will happen.
I'll hand her the tool and walk away.
Or I'll start singing...
"There's bread in the oven, there's cheese on the shelf.
If you want it done your way then do it yourself.
Still I love ya, I'll forgive ya, I'll go with ya wherever ya go."
Stolen and modified from some old Clancey Brothers song that I have forgotten the name of.
  "song of which you've forgotten the name
  Posted by: slushpaddler on Jan-23-14 10:21 AM (EST)
  Well, yeah...
  Posted by: tjalmy on Jan-23-14 9:09 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-23-14 10:03 PM EST --

I listened to the album as a kid, I still remember every word to every song, just not the name of the album or songs.
Probably I could find it on Amazon, something about Tommy Makem and the Clancey Brothers, or perhaps it was the other way 'round.
Edit: Well that was interesting. It's not around on Amazon. It appears Columbia Records has a lot of Clancy Bros. it has not released on CD.
E-bay has the original vinyl that I listened to.

  Before you say no, think about it.
  Posted by: leob1 on Jan-23-14 11:15 AM (EST)
Is the phrase I hear before she says something that I know I will not like.
But what it really means is; This is what we\you are going to do.
  Thanks for sharing. It's starting my day
  Posted by: shirlann on Jan-25-14 8:41 AM (EST)
out with a chuckle.
I can just imagine what it's like when a bunch of guys are together in a group. Probably not much different, only other subjects, as when a group of single and married women get together for a weekend of camping and paddling. Hilarious! But we all have fun.
Enjoy the rest of your day. I'm here on the computer looking out as the snow is falling and we have winter storm warnings for parts of Michigan.
I'm jealous of those who are able to get out on the water today. I think I'll go snowshoeing in the woods.


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