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  Posted by: Rikjohnson on Jan-13-14 11:56 AM (EST)

A few weeks ago, when i got off the lake, I found that someone had wrecked my trailer. It was a modified bike-trailer but....
So rather than risk a (again) repaired modified trailer I ordered a Malone Micro-sport to be certain my boats would be safe.

Now everything I hear says that it is a great trailer with a few minor problems.
1) The taillight bulbs shake loose...
...solution: get LEDs.
2) The cross bars are flimsey...
... solution: shove a piece of #5 rebar inside them.
3) the wireing is too short....
...Solution: get an extension piece. or a longer wire on your car.

While awaiting delivery, I was wondering if anyone here has one of these, what you think of it, and what modifications you have done?

I'm planning t omount mu ammo-cans to the frame to carry my straps.
Add a box over the axle.
anything else?
Any advice?

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  Sounds like you've got a
  Posted by: redmond on Jan-13-14 12:07 PM (EST)
pretty good handle on it. When you get it in, consider replacing the cross bars with 3/4" steel pipe. It's the same size as the Yakima's and ought to work with the Malones. But, the rebar idea sounds good too, just think about this as an alternative.
  Posted by: Rikjohnson on Jan-15-14 3:07 PM (EST)
Of those few people who own one, no one seems to be modifying their trailer save to replace the lights and bars.

Is this because the trailer is already close to perfect?
Oo no one is willing to take a chance on ruining a $1200 purchase?

I've already figured out how to mount ammo-boxes to hold my straps and a support system for a gear box over the axle.

I'm thinking of lowering the bars to lower the CoG but will wait on that.
Plus a way to add a flat-deck and 2 saddles + J-rack.
or maybe a t-bar.
Side lights, etc.
  it arrived!
  Posted by: Rikjohnson on Jan-22-14 1:02 PM (EST)
Fed-Ex site never changed, said by 12:00am Monday.
It arrived at 11:53am.

Call everyone who offered to help, only my daughter showed.

Puting the treailer together was easy, it was all the mods we did that took time.

Ran all the wiring through a garden hose.
Added ammo boxes to hold tie-down straps.
added rebar to the thin aluminum racks.
added eye-bolts to the racks and frame.
added our own storage box.
put a deck on the frame.

Friday I get to go to ADOT and regiuster for the plates, then take on to Yuma (from Tucson) Fri afternoon.

While stripping the saddles off my old (damaged) trailer, I found two of the saddles were also damaged so am repairing them and a set of j-racks.
  tows like a dream
  Posted by: Rikjohnson on Feb-13-14 12:57 PM (EST)
Driving down I-8 in the dark at 80mph I had to keep looking back for the running lights to be certain the trailer was still there.
freeway, dirt road, potholes, nothing phazed that trailer. and i had it loaded and modified.

One thing though....
the ads show some guy or gal picking up the tongue and dragging the trailer around the larking lot.
there is a LOT of difference between a smoothly paved parking lot and a rocky beach!!!
  Pretty darn fast
  Posted by: jeffro on Feb-14-14 6:40 PM (EST)
What is the posted speed limit and what is the maximum rated speed for the trailer? Those tires are turning a lot faster than those on your car. I too pull a small trailer, but sure wouldn't want to take evasive action or conduct a panic stop from 80 mph. At that speed, an accident with sudden stop would surely send your ammo containers and your kayak through your rear window, through your head and then out the windshield... just saying. Suggest you limit your speed appropriately. Best wishes.
  good point
  Posted by: Rikjohnson on Feb-20-14 10:27 AM (EST)
I've had no problems at all.
BUT, i did just sent a query to the Malone company asking exactly that.

One thing to remember is that this is no Harbor Freight 'dollar store' trailer with 8" tires rated for at 55mph for 15 minutes (or else) that people modify (dangerously).
It's a well-built piece of equiptment so I have high hopes.
  still no reply.
  Posted by: Rikjohnson on Mar-03-14 12:22 PM (EST)
Usually malone relplies the same day.
This time, nothing.
  In their best interest not to say
  Posted by: Guideboatguy on Mar-03-14 12:33 PM (EST)
I bet even most automotive companies would refuse to provide a figure for "maximum allowable speed" for the cars they build.

I myself wouldn't consider going 80 mph with a trailer of any kind. Then again, I don't drive that fast as it is.
  Not all 8" tires are the same
  Posted by: pikabike on Mar-03-14 1:20 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Mar-03-14 1:26 PM EST --

No more than all 13" tires are the same.

The two trailers I've used for hauling kayaks both had/have 8" tires safe to use at highway speeds. Read the sidewall print. If your trailer comes with lousy tires you can upgrade them...duh.

More important is that you keep the tires inflated enough that their sidewalls won't flex too much (Ford Exploder/Bridgestone fiasco syndrome). Also, use grease intended for AUTOMOBILE WHEEL BEARINGS, not chassis lube or, horrors, bicycle grease.

These trailers have been used on prolonged (several thousand miles) Interstate drives going 65 mph or so. Higher than 70 mph for more than just passing another vehicle, I don't do while trailering.

Restricting speed to "only" the typical Interstate highway speed has little to do with the tires and everything to do with pulling a very long object behind an already-long tow rig: Reduced maneuverability. Common sense (or should be). For that reason, even if a non-Interstate highway has a high speed limit (say, 70 mph--these exist in the rural west), I restrict the speed to 60-65 mph. When there are only two lanes total (frequently with no shoulder), there's less room to take evasive action.

You can brag about how your equipment "does" more than that; just make sure you have a huge amount of liability insurance and money for lawyers, too...



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