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  Big camera et al. discounts at new site
  Posted by: Glenn_MacGrady on Jan-08-14 2:10 AM (EST)

We talk about cameras for paddling and tripping, so I thought I'd post my very favorable experience with a new and unique buying site,, through which I got 20% off the lowest internet price on a new model camera.

It's sort of like Priceline, but it handles cameras, electronics, appliances, musical instruments and baby products. You post an offer price for the product you want, and it is sent out to a network of retailers, who may accept your offer on a first come basis.

If your offer is accepted there's no tax, no shipping charge, and you have a guaranteed minimum two week return period. Products are guaranteed to be new.

I've been after a new model Nikon camera (the P7800) for two months, but the price hasn't budged more than $2 off the retail of $549 anywhere.

I first posted a lowball offer of $385 (30% off) for a five day period. No acceptances the first day. On the second day greentoe emailed me, trying to mediate, saying my price is too low but it would probably be accepted almost instantly if I raised it to $490. I refused, and the offer expired with no acceptances.

I then placed a new offer offer $460. That, plus a $20 first time buyer coupon from greentoe, would give me a $440 price (20% off). This offer was accepted within 35 minutes by Unique Photo in New Jersey, and I had the camera delivered by UPS to my house 18 hours later. Brand new, full US warranty.

The $20 coupon rebate is supposed to arrive from greentoe within two weeks after the return period, as a check or deposit into PayPal. We'll see if that happens.

I have the feeling that I could have squeezed another $10 off the price.

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  Unique Photo os a good shop
  Posted by: Kocho on Jan-08-14 8:04 AM (EST)
I'd be worried if one of the Brooklyn establishments responded to your offer. Those sell you the camera for half price and charge you so much for the battery, that the whole set costs more than retail. If you don't buy the battery, you will never see your camera either... Hopefully, the site does shield you from scammers, otherwise it would be a pain to deal with them.
  ditto Unique Photo
  Posted by: Andy_Szymczak on Jan-08-14 8:38 AM (EST)
Great shop and often have great deals. But you need to get on their email list.
  An' dats not all...
  Posted by: fatelmo on Jan-08-14 10:11 AM (EST)
Unique Photo also sells condooms.... no kiddin'.

  Inquiring minds want to know
  Posted by: kayamedic on Jan-08-14 10:39 AM (EST)
Just how you found that out..!
  I'm reloeved they are not under ...
  Posted by: Kocho on Jan-08-14 12:01 PM (EST)
... the "Trade in" and "Rental" categories on that site ;)

I think photos use them as protection against the cold and wet conditions in the field (for photographic equipment, of course, what else...)
  Well, all ah' kin say be ..
  Posted by: fatelmo on Jan-08-14 1:22 PM (EST)
dat one day me an' Miss Crabtree wuz in de store shoppin' fer one o' dem new-fangled daguerrotypes an' wez suddenly got kinda in de mood waan wez seen dem proofillantics on de shelf an' an empty darkroom an' thangs kin'da developed fro' thaar...

  MISS Crabtree!!!? I shutter (sic)...
  Posted by: canoeswithduckheads on Jan-08-14 1:55 PM (EST) think!!!

In my mind's eye
that's a wicked f-STOP!
There's now need for huge airbrushes
to crop in Elmo's photo shop!

Do you think the (SHUDDER) speed
should be set to one/ten-thousandth?
This moment Kodak condom nation
developed negative arousement.
  Congrats on having a green thumb with
  Posted by: spiritboat on Jan-08-14 12:19 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-08-14 12:36 PM EST --

green toe, g-mac!

(And let's hope Fat Elmo doesn't try returning a used condom after that 2-week trial is over;-)

  Greentoe has a select network
  Posted by: Glenn_MacGrady on Jan-08-14 1:22 PM (EST)
Only retailer's in greentoe's network can respond to an offer -- not anyone in the world or Brooklyn. These retailers have all agreed to the greentoe terms: the price you offer is the complete price for the product, including tax and shipping; the product must be new not refurbished or reconditioned; and there must be at least a two week return period.

From reading around camera forums--and even there greentoe is quite unknown--most everyone is reporting order fulfillment from Unique Photo in NJ or Adorama in NYC.

Greentoe also offers camera accessories such as lenses and flashes, and a large number of televisions, stereos, and major appliances.

To use this site intelligently, you have to have researched in advance the product you want and the prices that are otherwise available on the internet from these very same retailers and Amazon.

If I had bought this same camera via Uniques's internet site, I would have paid $549. You can't bargain over the internet. Greentoe allows you to do that.
  FE, why would someone yur age
  Posted by: string on Jan-11-14 11:47 PM (EST)
need a condom unless they also sell them mirakle potency drugs?
You old dog you.
Marry Miss C and you can ferget them thangs.
  Beware gray market
  Posted by: wavespinner on Jan-12-14 8:12 AM (EST)
If you see a retailer selling significantly below most of the outlets, the product may be gray market; a version diverted from channels intended for other markets. It may be the same product or it might not be. Power cables might be different spec, some accessories could be omitted, etc. Most significantly, it probably won't be covered by warranty in the U.S. Check the manufacturer's authorized dealer list for your country to minimize your risk.

It's also a good idea to research complaints and problems of a retailer. Some are notorious for bait & switch, charging extra for components that should be included, etc.
  Another Greentoe experience
  Posted by: Glenn_MacGrady on Jan-12-14 11:20 AM (EST)
The mod of, Robin, got 20% off the Amazon/B&H price for a Go Pro. The seller was Unique Photo.

I spoke to the person at Unique who handles the Greentoe offers. She said they have a trigger number in the computer system for each product. If the offer is below the trigger number, they will never even see the offer. If the offer is above, they will see it and usually accept within 24 hours.

She also thought Unique was the only camera retailer in the Greentoe "network", but I've seen at least one person on photo sites report their seller being Adorama.

I asked why Unique wouldn't give the same discounted price or better without Greentoe, given that they must be giving Greentoe a cut on each sale. She said they can't advertise prices below manufacturer approved prices, but that anyone calling directly in could attempt a negotiation.

If you go through Greentoe, a realistic discount strategy might be to start with an offer about 24% off the lowest internet price, and then raise your offer 2% every 48 hours or so.

You may also get additional discount coupons from Greentoe itself such as "welcome20", but perhaps those coupons are figured into the trigger number. I don't know.



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