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  GoPro Experiments in a Tide Race
  Posted by: guillemot on Jan-02-14 11:08 AM (EST)

I got a new GoPro Black 3+ last month and have been experimenting with different mounting perspectives. I went out to "The Cans" tidal race near Fishers Island last week and put together this video:

I've been impressed with the camera so far and I'm looking forward to playing with it some more.

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  great stuff
  Posted by: slushpaddler on Jan-02-14 11:29 AM (EST)
That's a nice camera angle. Are you using kayalu mounts?
  Kayalu Mounts
  Posted by: guillemot on Jan-02-14 12:07 PM (EST)
Yes, I'm using mounting hardware from Kayalu

I've got a couple rods with a knuckle in between so I can get a variety of different angles. I'm finding that, as expected, the mount bounces a bit, but with the wide angle view of the GoPro the vibration is not too annoying.
  thank you
  Posted by: slushpaddler on Jan-02-14 1:50 PM (EST)
Seemed to operate pretty smoothly.
  Posted by: Andy_Szymczak on Jan-02-14 12:10 PM (EST)
What mounting system did you use?
  Are you "stabilizing" electronically?
  Posted by: Kocho on Jan-02-14 2:34 PM (EST)
There is a rather annoying bouncing IMO (nice video, otherwise - as one of your subscribers I saw it as soon as it posted). I was wondering if this bounce is due to flex in the camera mount or is the result of software image stabilization in post processing (by you or by YouTube)? Nice music too!
  Posted by: guillemot on Jan-02-14 6:08 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Jan-02-14 6:18 PM EST --

I did not apply image stabilization. I edited the video in iMovie which does include a fairly effective stabilization routine. I tried it and it made little difference for better or worse.

Edit: The bounce is in the Kayalu mounting system. Mostly coming from the suction mount I think, but the whole thing has some flex to it.

  Adding a second tube?
  Posted by: Kocho on Jan-02-14 7:59 PM (EST)
Would adding a second piece of rubbing (to effectively make a triangle) be easy? Or a string?
  Posted by: guillemot on Jan-03-14 9:03 AM (EST)
Yea, I'm thinking about adding some more bracing to reduce the bouncing. Either tying it down a bit or going with a tripod configuration.

Part of the beauty of it now is it is easy to adjust for different shot angles. All day with the same angle makes for boring videos.
  Yup, liked the change of view
  Posted by: Kocho on Jan-03-14 9:15 PM (EST)
  darn pretty boat
  Posted by: kayakboy on Jan-02-14 5:02 PM (EST)
I love the color of the wood. Which model is that?
  Posted by: guillemot on Jan-02-14 6:16 PM (EST)
It's my Petrel design built of western red cedar with a stain on it.
  Love the angle
  Posted by: femedic on Jan-03-14 1:38 PM (EST)
and the kayak is beautiful.
  Posted by: svenkalmar on Jan-03-14 10:15 PM (EST)
looking forward to more..great kayaks etc
  Posted by: wavespinner on Jan-04-14 9:15 AM (EST)
Have you done experiments with these? Just got the same equipment and am trying to set up a test grid to optimize these. Have also been researching best cards to use.
  Posted by: guillemot on Jan-04-14 9:51 AM (EST)
I haven't experimented much with the settings yet. In my experience so far, the camera battery has died before I filled up the card, so unless you want to continuous recording, I wouldn't bother with a huge capacity card.
  Write speed
  Posted by: wavespinner on Jan-04-14 12:19 PM (EST)
More of a question than capacity for some settings.
  Posted by: Kocho on Jan-04-14 12:18 PM (EST)
There is a very nice video on YouTube, paddling a kayak, that some bloke did at most settings. While boring, it shows the change of view and the quality at slow motion playback. Sorry, don't recall the web address...

I have the older version of the GoPro and find the 1080 setting to give a nice wide but not too distorted view. Good for close to medium range distances. The 960 setting is wider and taller, so use to catch more of your own and close-up action - not good for distance detail as things are tiny due to the super wide angle. If you plan to slow things down in playback, then record in 60 or 120 frames. That would eat up your card pretty fast, so get a 32GB to not worry about that.
  Posted by: jbernard on Jan-04-14 6:04 PM (EST)
Love the GoPro. I like the way you have the camera close enough to you that you can change its orientation during the day. In the final edit it looks like you had footage from several cameras on board.

One thing you might think about is lowering the recorded volume (done during the editing process) so that the sound of the water is there but not so loud in the final video.

Nice job. Keep them coming!
  Questions ....
  Posted by: jackL on Jan-06-14 9:26 AM (EST)
First that is a great video - Thanks

1. Can you use it underwater for extended periods ?

2. Is there a way to attach it under the hull so that it could be reached to turn it off and on, and then to remove it before beaching the kayak ?

Jack L

  Posted by: guillemot on Jan-06-14 7:18 PM (EST)
The arm I use would let me place the camera underwater and keep it there until I wanted to change. Obviously, this creates a fair amount of drag and the boat performance would suffer, but for a brief, interesting angle, it could be nice.
  Used for scuba
  Posted by: wavespinner on Jan-06-14 7:29 PM (EST)
The GoPro is a favorite of scuba divers and will perform extended periods, given depth limitations. If I was going to do extensive under-kayak shooting, I would probably engineer a mount with an arm that could be lowered and raised from the cockpit.
  Hey, cool boat there!
  Posted by: LeeG on Jan-09-14 7:21 PM (EST)
  Posted by: c2g on Jan-12-14 2:10 PM (EST)
Very nice video, Nick. Thanks!
  wifi link?
  Posted by: NateHanson on Jan-14-14 10:53 AM (EST)
Nice video. To me the perspective is too close to the water. I think the challenge with any kayak-mounted camera (or even a handheld camera in a kayak) is to get a shot that captures any of the real context. Most shots are just too "on the water", and everything looks pretty much the same from that position. No scenery, similar up-the-nose view of paddlers, and no sense of the waves or current that the boat is in. It looks like you've got a sort of boom arrangement with your mount. Have you tried extending it all the way up, and shooting down at the kayak either from the bow, or from above and behind your shoulder?

I'm considering getting a GoPro 3, and I'm curious how it works using an iphone as a viewfinder, with the integral wifi link. Has anyone tried that for setting up shots, or starting and stopping the camera?




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