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  Shazam! Reckon' ah' now gots ta git...
  Posted by: FatElmo on Dec-29-13 1:40 PM (EST)

-- Last Updated: Dec-29-13 2:09 PM EST --

de "Official" ol' fart lifevest since ah' be approachin' dat milestone (or proboobly thaar already).

Ah's sees dat finally one o' dem lifevst makers came out wit wat every broken down ol' fart, ol' coot, ol' buzzard, ol' bugger, Andy_S, etc., etc., paddler needs...

A genooine, honest ta goodness, sure as shootin'... "SENIOR" pfd!

Gadzooks, sure do hope it be AARP approved an' endorsed by Alex Trebeck an' Fred Thompson poysonally?

Ah's might make a soogestoon ta MTI dat dem adds a bigger waterproof pocket fer dat supply o' Depends an' a special holder fer yer bottle o' Geritol an' yer ExLax. A set o' attachment tabs fer yer drool bucket an' a Preparatoon H dispenser fer dem pesky hemiroods might be in order too! An'... A big reflective patch on de back wit de woyds... "Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!" Yeah! Yeah! Now dats de ticket!

Gots me canoo racks installed on me hybrid HoverRound already.

Ol' skinflint FE (but still younger than Andy_S)

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  Do The
  Posted by: dougd on Dec-29-13 2:33 PM (EST)
Attends button on to it so you don't loose them in case of a spill? ;-)
  I too wuz actually admiring this vest
  Posted by: spiritboat on Dec-29-13 3:51 PM (EST)
over at de Campmor a couple months ago...Then I found out it had no special pockets for either my incontinence diapers or my reading glasses--And I just can't go out to early bird dinner, wearing a PFD that doesn't allow one to comfortably read the menu! Thanks for posting, Fat Elbow!

  What's a few epochs among friends?!!!
  Posted by: canoeswithduckheads on Dec-29-13 4:54 PM (EST)
when the first coelacanth
spawned upstream
tetrapod Elmo crawled from a mud flat seam,
a sczymczakasouras
spash'n in a pool there,
saw the perfect beast to harness to his cooler.

And thus, with this rock'n of the boat, we had the very first Devonian Yard Shale.
  i bet you can conceal your personal
  Posted by: string on Dec-29-13 7:58 PM (EST)
armament in there too.
  and it has ....
  Posted by: pilotwingz on Dec-29-13 10:56 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Dec-29-13 11:10 PM EST --

..... paddled adjustable shoulders for comfort ... what's a paddled adjustable shoulder ??

Sewn-in ID patch with room for name , address and phone number . People commonly paddle off with less ID on them than their dog (I guess your 'dog' is pretty good ID) . Having ID on your life jacket means that it stays with you even if you part company with your boat ! (this is the good part) An important safety feature for seniors and their caregiveres which allows for greater degree of independence and peace of mind .

Maybe I get the "peace of mind" part , for the caregivers ... ah , no calls yet , so guess gramps is still alive !!

But how does a name tag in your vest make you "safer" ?? Easier to identify you maybe , but that seems a little late for safety . Oh yeah , the 'caregivers' get a call !!

Love the played down colors , right out of the Leave to Beaver days .

  Even before I joined the "senior" ranks,
  Posted by: shirlann on Jan-09-14 9:56 PM (EST)
I punched a hole in the corner of an expired drivers license (mine), and connected it with small elastic cord to the "D" ring in my PFD pocket.


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