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  Boat Storage for Apartment Dweller ?
  Posted by: Tamia on Nov-10-09 3:35 PM (EST)
   Category: Canoes 

Hi folks,

An "In the Same Boat" reader has sold his house and moved into an apartment, and he's written to me asking for advice. He'd like to know how other paddlers who live in apartments manage to store and secure their boats. He has five canoes and two kayaks, and has them in temporary storage some distance from his new home, but would like to have a way to keep them closer to hand so he can take spontaneous evening paddles.

So, anyone have an idea they'd be willing to pass on? I'm writing an article about the topic and would like to include as many suggestions for him and others who are, ahem, in the same boat. Feel free to write to me directly or post/CC to this forum.



Contributing Editor & Weekly Columnist, "In the Same Boat"

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  There should be room
  Posted by: sissy103 on Nov-10-09 3:40 PM (EST)
for one canoe in the dining room, even if he lives upstairs. Ask me how I know this....
  In the garage
  Posted by: old_user on Nov-10-09 4:45 PM (EST)
My apartment has a garage, so I store my boats there.
Otherwise I would keep them in a storage garagem or at a friends place.
  Local Paddling Club
  Posted by: old_user on Nov-10-09 4:56 PM (EST)
A local paddling club should be a place to ask for help...he or she may just find a local paddler who would provide a storage site, or knows of one...don't discount networking for a solution!
  Store them at Dads house
  Posted by: baldpaddler on Nov-10-09 5:10 PM (EST)
Guess how I know this?
Also check with the boss at work. At one plant I worked at I was allowed to store camping gear etc on top of an indoor pump room.
  If they are nice high end boats...
  Posted by: jackl on Nov-10-09 6:11 PM (EST)
we have plenty of room here in our boat barn, but if they are el cheapos, sorry the boat barn is all filled up.

When I was working on the left coast and we were living in a apartment just outside of Sacramento, we kept our canoe in the living room. Used to take it in and out through the sliding glass doors.

  Posted by: remintn on Nov-10-09 6:49 PM (EST)
Did you place a piece of glass over it and call it a table?
  Throw a blanket in it,
  Posted by: sissy103 on Nov-10-09 6:53 PM (EST)
and call it a cat bed.
  No, but during mid week evenings,
  Posted by: jackl on Nov-11-09 6:00 AM (EST)
we would sit in it having a glass or two of wine and I would call huts, while we were waiting for our nice four day weekends - think russian river!

  Posted by: beachcamper on Nov-10-09 6:58 PM (EST)
Out on the patio or terrace?

This is the one major drawback of living in a condo or apartment. Suggest storing the canoe that he/she will use for evening paddle as the above posters advise, inside the apartment. Keep the rest in storage unit or whittle down the fleet and keep one or two boats max.
  storage locker
  Posted by: pblanc on Nov-10-09 7:07 PM (EST)
I currently have 10 canoes, 3 kayaks and a C1 sitting in a mini-storage locker and a couple more canoes and a kayak kicking around the carport and my backyard.

Oh, and two sea kayaks hanging from my garage ceiling.

A storage locker is not a bad way to go if it is within easy driving distance. The boats are out of your way and out of the sun. If you don't have enough boats to justify one, maybe you can find another local paddler you trust and share. Just get a padlock with multiple keys.
  if he needs one boat for
  Posted by: kayamedic on Nov-10-09 7:08 PM (EST)
spontanaiety, its time he think of a Pak-Boat.

They fit into a big duffel bag.

It may be that life declares he sell some hardshells to get something more practical that he can use more often.

Like a too heavy boat is incovenient and leads to less paddling for some, so does a misplaced boat.
  Posted by: cd1 on Nov-10-09 7:12 PM (EST)
  great website!
  Posted by: beachcamper on Nov-10-09 7:44 PM (EST)
Too bad canoes are not made sectional. Or maybe I just don't know of any.
  One sectional canoe is in the
  Posted by: kayamedic on Nov-10-09 8:43 PM (EST)
Canadian Canoe Museum and its likely heavily alarmed. They did exist at one time.
  I wonder if....
  Posted by: tjalmy on Nov-10-09 9:27 PM (EST)
it's the same as my Dad designed for the Link Co. during WW11. He was in Gananoque (SP) Ontario.
Is it wood frame w/ canvas? Heavy as hell?
We had one of the prototypes in our barn loft for years.
  I have over a dozen boats, but if I were
  Posted by: ezwater on Nov-10-09 11:33 PM (EST)
in his situation, I would quickly divest myself of most of them, keeping just the most versatile.
  Canoe as furniture
  Posted by: old_user on Nov-11-09 9:21 AM (EST)
If stored in the livingroom they can also serve as a couch

  Posted by: carldelo on Nov-11-09 3:16 PM (EST)
I live in an apartment in NYC - when I got a new car, I rented a garage so it would stay nice. Then I started getting boats. I manage to hold 3 boats (1 hanging, 2 on Talic racks) along with the car. There's room for one more hanging, if it comes to that. The big plus for me is that I can keep all the other paddling gear in there as well, and don't have to carry it the 3 blocks to the garage every time I go out. An even bigger plus is the quick load-up - boat and gear on the car in under 10 minutes. The boat on top of the car in the photo is the one normally hanging from the rafters.
  Very cool
  Posted by: k7baixo on Nov-11-09 11:12 PM (EST)
That Mini makes a pretty good platform 'eh? You might appreciate this picture. That's my buddy car behind me.
  Even better
  Posted by: carldelo on Nov-12-09 12:20 PM (EST)
Sweeet - love the Clubman. My Cooper's hatch touches the rack when open, although I am still able to access the boot and the strut keeps it from hitting too hard - but those van-style doors are perfect for allowing access under the stern. Too bad there was no Clubman when I was buying...
  Posted by: old_user on Dec-10-09 3:55 AM (EST)
Hi Carl,

You've got a Cooper? How do you like it? Since it came out it always looked interesting.

Bill H.
  Good car
  Posted by: carldelo on Dec-11-09 1:08 PM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Dec-11-09 1:09 PM EST --

Hi Bill - love my Cooper - it's my daily driver. The back seats fold flat, plenty of room for excess paddle gear for two and a couple of boats on top. I have the base model and it's plenty fast. A turbo Clubman would be an awesome kayak hauler.
PS growing up my dad had Morris Minors - the Cooper looks quite a lot like it, makes me happy every time I look at it.

  one word
  Posted by: Brazilbrasil on Nov-12-09 6:34 AM (EST)
  Get a Folbot
  Posted by: old_user on Nov-12-09 10:50 AM (EST)
I'd sell everything and get a Folbot...

or parents house, friends garage, storage shed, etc

  Definitely a Folbot!
  Posted by: alexsidles on Nov-12-09 9:16 PM (EST)
This is a situation tailor-made for a Folbot. He won't be sorry!

  it's a tough thing to have large items
  Posted by: pilotwingz on Nov-12-09 11:14 AM (EST)
-- Last Updated: Nov-12-09 7:33 PM EST --

...... like canoes and kayaks close at hand if living in an apt. that has no yard space allowed for such .

A rental storage unit is a good idea for security and space requirements , but if it becomes a hassle to go load up because of distance , well it's a hassle then .

Most apts. (hopefully this persons') have a place where you can park trailered boats , campers , etc. . If so , it may well be worth the time , effort and expense for this person to rig up a multiple boat carry trailer that can be parked where they live in the apt. .

Rental storage units cost $$ , so would getting the trailer idea rigged up ... but at least the trailer for storage is close by and basically a one time expense .

As for security , lock down and covering , the imagination and readily available things are out there to deal with this aspect .

Think lots a boats on one trailer like an outfitter livery .

And for what it's worth , the trailer "does not" really have to be able to carry all these boats safely down the highway ... all need be is that it is a legally regestered trailer (even a light junker) that can be rigged just to store (hold) the boats on and never move !!

If I had a bunch of noes/yaks on a trailer in an apt. complex , I think I would find a way to put a nice looking cover over the whole deal to keep the neighbors happy and help eliminate nosey minds too .

The key here is if this person is fortunate enough to have trailer parking available at the apt. complex ??

Good Luck

ps., ... hi Tamia

  That is a great idea!
  Posted by: sissy103 on Nov-12-09 11:38 AM (EST)
and one I will keep in mind for the future, when I get too feeble to tote my Tupper up the stairs.

In my condo complex we actually have a boat rack right by the lake where I keep my little plastic kayak, but since I've had a canoe stolen off that before, and two kayaks have been stolen off the rack in the last couple of years, my adorable Vermont canoe is either on the water with me in it, on my car under my bedroom window and secured with lasso cables, or in my dining/living room.

I've gotten really good at getting it up the stairs and around the corners. Helps that it only weighs 25 pounds.

  kayaks and cats in living room r a no no
  Posted by: WetSandyFeet on Nov-12-09 11:50 AM (EST)
cats and kayaks do not mix..if the kayak is right side up it just invites cats because it looks too much like a giant litter box

so turn the kayak upside down, put a pretty table cloth over it, pretend it is a low coffee table

a man I worked for years and years ago kept his canoe on his vw micro bus year round

I keep my kayak on my Rabbit six months of the year and on my patio the other six months

It was in my living room a few winters but that got old. I could store one here at work for $$ per month but just one narrow long kayak??

When the time comes I can afford a longer kayak I'm going to have someone install a bracket in my living room so I can hang it overhead for the winter months.

I have a plan. It will involve pulleys.

  Corbett's quote
  Posted by: booztalkin on Nov-12-09 1:25 PM (EST)
My canoeing mentor was Roger Corbett, author of Virginia Whitewater. During the years I paddled with him, he lived in a townhouse and paddled a 16' Intrepid. The canoe stayed on his van when not in use.

I once asked him if he was concerned about UV degradation of the hull, since it was constantly exposed to the sun. I loved his response. He told me his goal was to wear the bottom off the boat before the UV could damage the hull.

You can debate the practicality of his approach, but you have to admire the philosophy.

  Check these photo out
  Posted by: ice9 on Nov-13-09 6:32 PM (EST)
fir some ideas
  the photos are great
  Posted by: WetSandyFeet on Nov-17-09 8:36 AM (EST)
Thanks for this post. This helps my overall long term planning.
  Thanks Everyone!
  Posted by: Tamia on Nov-16-09 8:33 AM (EST)
Thanks to all of you for your helpful replies. I'll be including a link to this thread in an upcoming "In the Same Boat" article, and will also be quoting some folks here. If you have pictures you want included in the article, drop me a line at Any photos are embossed with your copyright.

PS- Hi Pilotwingz. Good to hear from you, my friend!


Contributing Editor & Weekly Columnist, "In the Same Boat"
  u can use my blog in futue
  Posted by: cd1 on Nov-25-09 7:20 AM (EST)

no identification needed. it has good pics. in the same boat sounds neat. good luck w/ your article, tamia. happy paddlin'.
  Posted by: sissy103 on Nov-25-09 7:29 AM (EST)
I wanted to thank you for posting the Talic link. I ordered a set of Seahorses for my adorable Vermont Tupper and couldn't be happier with them.
  Depending on the apartment...
  Posted by: old_user on Nov-25-09 10:46 AM (EST)
maybe they could rig a kayak or canoe hoist above the stairs, if the stairway is locked or secured in some way. Also maybe under a staircase?
  Happy apartment kayak dweller....
  Posted by: msgckayaker on Dec-08-09 10:58 AM (EST)
I have 3 kayaks (16ft, 13 ft and 10ft) and I live on the 3rd floor of 1100 sq ft apartment. Thankfully, the stairwells are wide and allow the portage of the kayaks up/down stairs. As far as placement in the apartment, I have two of them on their sides behind my couch on a long wall and one on it's side in a long hallway. Being a bachelor helps because I don't care about having the kayaks as living room decor. (Heck, I think it looks cool. LOL) My only complaint is that after a long day on the water, the yaks can be a tiring to get up the stairs. I feel that if one like to kayak they will find a way to make it work.
  Just found an
  Posted by: redmond on Dec-10-09 8:38 AM (EST)
outdoor storage area near my new townhouse. I already use a trailer, so we'll put the six kayaks on it. Internet special of $13 per month.
  it seems so obvious
  Posted by: bowrudder on Dec-10-09 8:44 AM (EST)
I can't believe it hasn't been said: leave em on your car
  Posted by: travisma on Dec-10-09 3:45 PM (EST)
1st ask the management about storage on site... do they have designated areas for large items.

Would they object to a secure locker being built next to or near the renters apt that would blend in with the surroundings.

If not, then ask if they have any deals with local storage places.
  Outside storage concern
  Posted by: KathyWilliams on Jan-16-10 12:48 PM (EST)
Will a carbon kevlar kayak be ok covered with a tarp outside and secured? I wasn't sure if the cold would have an impack?


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