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  Summertime fishing , be smart , by Jerry
  Posted by: pilotwingz on Jun-13-07 11:47 AM (EST)

There is good advise in Jerrys' recent artical ...... I would like to expand ( press the point ) about when Jerry says it would be good to get out of the Suns' UV rays awhile during mid-day summer fishing , and some fish may still bite in shadier locations ....... I have been fishing as long as I can remember ...... at some point I began to get more serious about it , probably from experience through the learning curve of years ...... one thing I am certain about , is I definately don't enjoy or like fishing when the summer Sun is high and scalding hot !!! ...... the fish are not biting very well , Jerry said that , and I find it true too !! ...... but because we are die hard fisher people , boaters and paddlers where ever and whenever we can , we may just stick it out through mid-day , regardless of the torchering Sun , intending to make up for it when evening twilight bite sends promise of a few more exciting moments and bending rods !! ...... well , I'm here to tell you , it's not worth the torcher and sweat and sun burn ( even with SPF 45 sunblock ) and good sun glasses ........ I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been fried alive in the Sun of a summer mid-day fishing trip ....... and just when you think you've learned all about that nasty Sun , you do it again out of " I ain't ready to quit " ego !! ........ not only does the Sun get you from above , but you get the double wammy when the water you're on reflects it back up from the bottom ..... Nasty , nasty , nasty !!! ........ now if you are a Sun worshiper who likes to lay out with goop all over yourself and fry in the Sun ( I think they call it , tanning ) , more power to ya , but I need to protect myself from the Sun as much as is reasonable ....... did I mention I am a construction worker also !! ........ so , I go to fish , not fry ...... hey , fish and fry , get it !! .... DON'T ...... Dan

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  • Summertime fishing , be smart , by Jerry - pilotwingz - Jun-13-07 11:47 AM

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  follow up to , fish and fry
  Posted by: pilotwingz on Jun-13-07 12:19 PM (EST)
Fish and fry , DON'T !! ....... now I have been through all kinds of stuff chasing fish ....... on the Bay saltwater in power boats , on rivers and resiviours , in canoes and nice Jon boats ........ and I have braved many , many different weather conditions ........ I don't like freezing my butt off , but will do it without hesitation to catch fish ....... I even stretch the safty limits of craft and skill when things get rough on the water ( but I don't advise that ) ........ and if you think you are going to press the limits of weather while out on the water fishing , use a tripple dose of common sense and make well prepared with safty equipement , and always , always have a backup plan to escape if you get in over your head ........ know your craft and equipement , and know when you have reached your skill and experience limits for on water working capabilitys ......... the easiest way to sum up what I'm trying to say here , is , " if you are getting a bit nervous or a tinge of fear and fright is knawing at you while you are out there in less than optimal weather conditions " , get the heck out of there and off the water ASAP !!! ...... listen to the little birdie who is talking to you !!! ......... did I mention I am a pilot ....... well , the reason I mention it is because the first thing you are taught in training and then it is drilled into you time and time again , is that " your judgement is your most important asset when it comes to making critical decisions ....... combined with your knowledge and education and experience , your judgement will make the right choices for you if put safty first as your number one priority ........ the old saying goes , there are no old , bold pilots ......... I reckon it has served me well in all other activitys and recreations that involve and require any form of RISK MANAGEMENT ...... which by the way , most all do !!! ...... even fishing , remember the movie The Perfect Wave ??? ....... opps !!!


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