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Message Boards Photo FAQ

Registered users of have the option to choose from the three photo viewing preferences on the message boards:
  • Display photo thumbnails. Clicking on small photos will load the larger photos.
  • Display large photos. Photos will be displayed at a larger size for immediate viewing.
  • Don't display photos with threads. Small icons will alert you to the photos, but no photos will be displayed. Clicking on icons will load photos.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why can't I include photos with my posts?
     We are just developing and testing the new photo features on At this time Paddling Perks members are helping to test out this new technology so we can work out all the bugs. In order to post photos at this time you must be a member of Paddling Perks.

2. I'm a Paddling Perks Member, How do I include photos with my posts?
     First you'll need to upload your photos to your "my Galleries" collection. Once you have created a gallery and uploaded photos to that gallery just go back to make your post and you'll see instuctions for including photos.

3. How many photos can I include?
     Right now we are limiting the number of photos to three photos per post.

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