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Meadow Park, Big Bear Lake     

General Info / Paddling Opportunities
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Longitude: -116.90285
Latitude: 34.2479
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socalkayaker - 2011-04-30 | Report Abuse 0 0

Street parking.
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surfnwally - 2014-10-15 | Report Abuse 0 0

For 2014, Big Bear Lake has a $20/Day Boat Fee, or a $50/Year Boat Fee (Apr-Mar).

If you purchase a 1-Day permit for $20, you can put that $20 towards the $50 annual fee later.

NOTICE: All boats, including canoes, kayaks and SUPs, must first report to an inspection station for a FREE Zebra/Quagga Muscle inspection before outing in. Boats must be clean and DRY before they will be permitted on to the lake.


Be a good boater. Please clean your boat and have it inspected. The health of this great lake is at risk if you don't.

Permits and Inspections can be done all at once at the East Public Boat Ramp and the West Public Boat Ramp, both on the North Shore.

socalkayaker - 2011-04-30 | Report Abuse 0 0

Free of charge.
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surfnwally - 2014-11-23 | Report Abuse 0 0

Big Bear Lake is managed by the Big Bear Municipal Water District, 40524 Lakeview Drive, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315.

Lake Patrol Dispatch & Main Office: (909) 866-5796

East Public Launch Ramp: (909) 866-5200

West Public Launch Ramp: (909) 866-2917

Big Bear Lake Marinas

Big Bear Lake Marina: (909) 866-3218

Captain John’s Fawn Harbor: (909) 866-6478

Halloway’s Marina: (909) 866-5706

North Shore Landing: (909) 878-4386

Pine Knot Landing: (909) 866-7766

Pleasure Point Marina: (909) 866-2455

Big Bear Lake Paddle Craft Outfitters

North Shore Trading Company
39130 North Shore Drive
Fawnskin, CA 92333
(909) 866-3414

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