How to Launch a Kayak from a Dock

One of the first things we like to talk about when you're going to learn how to get into a kayak is keep in mind that more people tip over at the dock - getting either in or out - more than any other place on the water itself. We have a tendency to be overconfident about the fact that we should be able to get into a kayak with no problem.

Getting In

Getting Out
When you get ready to come back in, there's a couple of things that you're always going to want to do as well. You never want to try to reach out to grab the dock. You always want to work your way right up to the dock before you reach out, because if you miss that dock by this much, you're going to tip your boat over. You want to be able to reach the dock first.

Put your paddle back down onto the dock.
Pull your outboard leg, or your farthest leg, out, up.
Then bring yourself up, over, and onto the dock.
Nice and easy.

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