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Kayaks & Canoes from Pygmy Boats Inc.

Pygmy Boats Inc. - Buyer's GuideResearch the best Kayaks & Canoes from Pygmy Boats Inc.. All of the current Kayak & Canoe models are listed below with the suggested retail price. Actual prices may vary based on sale prices or boat options.

Kayak Models - Pygmy Boats Inc.
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Boat Name and ManufacturerLengthWeightMaterialPrice

Borealis XL (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

17' 0"43.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1089.00

Murrelet 1PD (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

17' 0"36.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1095.00

Murrelet 2PD (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

17' 0"36.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1085.00

Murrelet 4PD (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

17' 0"36.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1089.00

Murrelet SDC (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

17' 0"36.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1065.00

Osprey Double (plans only!)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

20' 0"1.00 lbs.Wood - Rib/Plank$75.00

Osprey Triple (plans only!)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

20' 0"1.00 lbs.Woodstrip$75.00

Pinguino 145 (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

14' 6"36.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1019.00

Pinguino 145 4PD (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

14' 6"36.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1059.00

Pygmy Boats Inc.

14' 0"29.00 lbs.Wood - Marine Plywood$1019.00

Pinguino Sport (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

13' 0"33.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$975.00

Arctic Tern (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

17' 0"38.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$979.00

Arctic Tern 14 (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

14' 0"32.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$899.00

Arctic Tern High (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

17' 0"42.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1009.00

Coho (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

17' 6"39.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1039.00

Coho Hi (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

17' 6"42.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1069.00

Osprey 13 (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

13' 0"26.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$839.00

Osprey Double (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

20' 0"60.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1359.00

Osprey Standard (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

15' 8"38.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1025.00

Osprey Triple (kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

20' 0"62.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1459.00
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Canoe Models - Pygmy Boats Inc.
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Boat Name and ManufacturerLengthWeightMaterialPrice

Taiga Wilderness Tripper (Kit)
Pygmy Boats Inc.

17' 0"60.00 lbs.Wood - Plywood/Fiberglass$1369.00
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* All Prices in US Dollars

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