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Reviews for Dimension Canoe by Dagger

Rated: 9.83/10 Based On: 6 Reviews


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Rating: 10 of 10

     By far the best full size whitewater boat I have ever paddled, and Iíve paddled a few. Dry, stable and forgiving with unbelievable performance for a boat this size. The only negatives; you have to work hard in a big wind, and it's too heavy to be comfortable as a solo boat. I am reluctantly going to sell mine now that my wife isn't into the big whitewater any longer, but Iíll miss it.
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Rating: 9 of 10

     I have paddled my Dimension in WW all over the US single: if a raft has a line, then so do I. It is a great boat for taking a novice partner in big water or for standing up. I also have a Caption, which is a better boat for singles. Since others have emphasized the superior characteristics, I should add some negatives. The great freeboard and maneuverability means a bad ride on a windy lake (I once got driven upriver on the Skykomish!) or getting blown out of tight WW lines. Also, my Dimension is a heavy carry at the end of the day. I'm not parting with it anytime soon.
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     Its superior to any boat we have paddled or ever will. We are thrilled that we were in the right place at the right time to have the pleasure of looking so awsome in the dimension.This boat feels like an old familiar shoe. The Dimension makes us look awesome, compared to what we were paddling before (Evergreen / Bluehole Starburst), and is so stable and forgiving that we are encouraged to try new moves. Like moving from a Buick to a Porche. Looking forward to trying a Caption. Is that like a Ferrari. Can't believe that Dagger isn't making them any more. Hope someone else does or nothing ever happens to the one we have, but it encourages us to take it into harms way. Marveleous!
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Rating: 10 of 10

     This is the last ww canoe I have bought and probably ever will. I dread the day I will have to retire running ww and have to sell this boat. I'v founf that if you move the rear seat forward 5 inches and the bow seat back 3 inches a great tandem canoe can be even better. I have owned this boat for 8 years and have paddled it all over the se. My wife and I are now in our 50's and I can say we have only flipped this boat 4 times (twice each on the gauley and ocoee) We don't like to swim so we only paddle easier stuff now. This boat has saved our buts dozens on times, its almost like you can't dump it. I but my two youngest daughters in it on the nantahala, they only weighed about 100 lbs ea. they ran Nantahala falls like experts- they said no challenge and now paddle kayaks. This boat is the best ever. It broke my heart when Dagger stopped making canoes. I,m sure Scarborough was happy about that fact either. This boat must be in the ww hall of fame.
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     Truly one of the greatest tandem tripping boats ever made. Stable and forgiving, yet plenty responsive. Other 16+' canoes may claim to be tandem whitewater boats, but they don't handle like this. It's a shame they stopped making them. Check out the Esquif Canyon though.
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Rating: 10 of 10

     What a boat! Possibly the best white water tandem boat ever made. The boat will make any paddler look great in any rapid. It turns quickly, leans easily and has very good stability. If you are lucky enough to find a used one snatch it up quickly!
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