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Reviews for 12' Pointed Canoe by Radisson

Rated: 9/10 Based On: 10 Reviews

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Submitted by: jimboSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     Have had a dozen years now in sunny FLA salt and swamp waters.

Does not turn well with trolling motor on motor mount. Like steering a brick. Wish I had the square stern model.
After a dozen years, all the plastic parts had to be replaced and some seam resealing and rivet replacement needed to be done. Also the metal ribs that hold the foam floor down have had to be tacked down as they tend to come loose. I do not see this is defective, just wear and tear. Wider beam means it will be hard to find seats that fit.
Light weight means it is more susceptible to wind, but I find all canoes to be marginal here, this is just below marginal.

I've smacked it pretty hard into barnacle and oyster piles many times since I am in very shallow water a lot, figuring it was time to duct tape the holes I just created, but only dented it. Also hit a couple alligators too.
More durable than it looks, but this is not for rapids.
Hands down @ 34 lbs, it's very easy to take off the car roof and drop in the water. Main reason I bought it was I could not handle the heavier canoes without risking hitting my car.
The oars are wonderful. I LOVE rowing, so easy, I can row all day. Very efficient as the light weight means you go fast amazingly fast even into the wind. Many times I row facing the destination so I can stay on course easily.
I put a board across mid-ships and pontoons off each side, so now it's a nice standing sight casting platform that I can still lift over my head.

Other than square stern which I believe would help the trolling motor steer the canoe, I'd buy again, no hesitation.

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     Well I've owned several 17' Grumman canoes also owned another brand but can't remember what the name was. Well I took this new canoe on a small lake that was surround by trees and the winds gust was in the 30 to 40 mph, normal winds was around 10 -15 mph. I was tossed around and even tried to paddle into the wind wasn't any fun either.

The good part of this canoe was it's tracking and the weight. Being disable and torn rotor in shoulder and have a bad back really like the lightness of this. I made a cart to carry the gear and rods in one trip.

Later on in September went on a river that had small boulders and plenty of round rocks. The river was lower then I'm use to being from the north and first time fishing and paddling the southern rivers.

Well this happen to me about once or two times getting flipped and the canoe filled up with water never lost sight of the canoe due to the spontons on the side kept it floating. Lost one video camera but no gear other than that!

The keel has three keels, I was told by the manufacture that this makes it easy to paddle and track, not good at all for low water rivers. I like it, but if I had to do it all over again, would not buy it but get a Mad River or another brand.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I bought this used a few years ago and love it! This boat has become one of most favorite possessions. With a kayak style paddle it is a joy to paddle. Everything you read about these is true, good and bad.

The boat is really stable and the sponsons are really a great addition. I don't understand why other manufacturers don't use them. funny story, for me at least. I had the wife in the boat on a lake. she decides to sit on a padded boat cushion. I warned her it was too high and dangerous. long story short she slides off the cushion into the water. Even with all of her flailing and grabbing the boat never went over. the water was shallow and she was able to stand up so she was fine. I was really impressed with the sponsons effectiveness. the boat took a little water but I stayed dry.

really light; really stable
quiet due to the foam interior lining

does not track very well
tends to be blown around the lake like a leaf
is said to be very fragile to punctures

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Submitted by: JJKSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     At 35 lbs. and 38" wide it is hard to beat for what it is designed to do. The 12' Radisson aluminum canoe may be the best one-man traditional fishing canoe / duck hunting canoe you can find. Sure it has its limitations. It is not a fast canoe, it's not very attractive, it's not as durable as some of its heavier competition all these things are true. However if you are looking for a boat that you can carry anywhere by yourself (in the dark at 4:00am), that tracks OK (3 keels), will haul a 90lb dog and a dozen decoys and will not ever flip over there really is no other option at under 40lbs.
For fishing small lakes and ponds it's great as well. It will go all day with a 30lb thrust trolling motor and one battery. 2 normal sized adults can fish comfortably if you get the 2 seat option.

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Submitted by: OutriderSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Bought mine back in the seventies or thereabouts and it still finds it's way into remote places every year. The boat has gone thru hell without a whimper. It's a general purpose lightweight TOOL and needs to be used as such. A jack of all trades and master of none. She's been a fishing platform, shooting platform, and stringing steel in early winter and spring. Very stable; you gotta work at rolling her. Never had a leak, but the sealing does develop pinholes in time. An occasional coat of metal primer takes care of that. If you treat this boat with reason she'll be usable by your great grand kids.
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Submitted by: KSVSend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     I purchased this canoe used as a fishing platform and I have to say, that with all the ranting and raving about these boats, I am more than a little disappointed. Mine leaked. It took a hit to the bow and that was that. The aluminum sheet itself is quite flimsy.

Mine has an actual seat, but these are designed from the factory to have little foam seats that simply sit on the bottom and one is expected to sit/kneel/crawl directly on the floor. I found the floor to pop and buckle whenever I tried to put any directed pressure on it, as in getting to a kneel or putting a foot in during launches. It hasn't broken. Yet.

I find it hard to paddle solo and cramped with even the smallest of co-pilots. The back seat puts too much weight too far back for solo use and it gets tossed by the wind even with my considerable ballast kneeling in the center. It looks pretty beet up and dented and dinged in many places.

Again, I bought it used so I'm not sure how hard a life she led before me but I have put a scrape or two in her myself and I think that I am probably, in fact, even more gentle of a canoeist that I think I am.

Still, it is very light weight and stable and if that is all you are after it's a good boat. If you have some expectation of durability then the Radisson might not feel particularly solid to you nor fill you with much confidence. I enjoy mine but will have to sell it with the coming of my Big Boy (17 foot Grumman) which should fill me with that sense of bullet-proof confidence that I found lacking in the Radisson.

I image that I will be shopping for another small, solo canoe before the season's end as the Grumman is too big and heavy for my solo adventures which out number my tandem/group outings by far. When I do it probably won't be for a used canoe and it probably won't be for a Radisson...

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Submitted by: p38ahSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I've had my 12ft Radisson for two days now. You're probably wondering how I can rate it a 10. I'll start off by saying that this is the only canoe I've ever owned. I've had it in the water once. I deliberately went out on a windy day to see how it would handle. The canoe did great. So how can I rate it a 10 after only one trip? Well the reason is embarassing and depressing. I mentioned earlier that this is the first canoe I've owned. It just so happens it's also the first time I tried to tie a canoe to the top of a car. I bought one of those kits with the foam blocks and ropes etc (I give the kit a rating of 1). Being a windy day you might have figured out that a 35# canoe on top of a few foam blocks with a poorly tied rope traveling 45mph might be a bad combination. It was. The foam blocks flipped, the canoe swung off the drivers side onto the road and scraped across the concrete until the car stopped. There's a dent in the bottom now plus a few areas where the aluminum looks like it almost wore completely through. Part of the foam side was rubbed off by the tire and two of the riveted seams look like they are nearly ground off (no more rubber, just ground flat rivets). I put the canoe back on the car, drove to a small lake, and launched it anyway. It didn't leak and it rowed like I was on ice. I still cannot believe it survived. I call that a 10. Too bad Radisson doesn't give away free canoes for customer testimonials.

I recommend this canoe, just don't ask me for help tying it down if you buy one.

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Submitted by: TomSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Going on 12 years with my twelve footer and I truely belive this is one of the best purchases of my life. Fishing, clamming, hunting (put a 180# buck in it), and pleasure, it's performed great. I prefer to row it.
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Submitted by: Keith EganSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I've had my Radisson 12' pointed for about seven years and I am still delighted every time I take it out. It's light, easy to handle, easy to paddle and perfect for use in lakes and other still water. It's surprisingly rugged for a craft so light and even when it dents, they are often easily pushed out from the inside. I have spent may pleasant hours fishing from my Radisson and plan to spend many more. I would recommend this canoe to anyone who is looking for a steady/stable craft for use on lakes or ponds.
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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 9 of 10

     I love this canoe. at 35# an old woman like me can easily throw it in the back of the pickup, pull it out at the boat ramp and not strain or break my body. When solo, I paddle it with a kayak paddle. I use a 44# thrust elec. motor usually and it really moves out. Use one of the paddles as a rudder and you have got a very nice, maneuverable powered boat. I use it on rocky Maine lakes and haven't damaged it yet. I am not stupid enough to put it in a rocky river and try to run class 4 with it. It will handle a windy lake with rough water pretty good though. I haven't tried the sail kit so I have to rate it as 9. It is a blast with the motor, and paddles easy too. It's just what I wanted for those photo trips on the lake. Nice and stable, very roomy.
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