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Reviews for Osprey Canoe by Merrimack Canoe Co.

Rated: 10/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

Osprey Canoe by Merrimack Canoe Co.

Length: 13' 0" - Width: 39.0" - Starting at: $2985.00
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Rating: 10 of 10

     I had been dreaming of having a wooden canoe for years but always found a reason to hold off. Spending so much time on my back this spring recovery from a serious skiing fall I had time to question waiting any longer. In doing research on canoes I settled on ones that provided the old wooden slat beauty and strength but had modern surfaces for durability. The company that seemed to provide the best blend of quality and value was Merrimack. I bought the Osprey model which is the widest one at the beam. I wanted a sportsman's model for fly fishing and for stability with guests. It's light enough I can handle it myself (bad back). I love it. My only wish is that I hadn't waited so long.
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Submitted by: John Paul Daley IISend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     My Father originally bought two Merrimack Canoes in 1993. I will never forget the day he paddled up to our fishing hole. My brothers and our friends were sitting there in awe. What a beautiful canoe. We were so proud when he let us take them out on our own. Over the years many things have come and gone, but one of the staples has been the canoe. It is always there ready to go. After 15 years they still look great. The four of us managed to destroy just abut everything else over the years. Especially fishing poles and even a few cars. Yet the canoes are still in great shape. They took what we dished out and asked for more. I am eternally grateful for the memories that I share with my family and friends.

I highly recommend Merrimack Canoes to anyone who loves canoeing. I can attest they are as durable and comfortable a canoe as any, and their value goes so far beyond price, the memories alone are worth millions.
Again, Thank You Merrimack Canoes.

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Submitted by: Phil JohnsonSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Several months ago I purchased the Merrimack "Osprey" 13ft canoe. I am somewhat of a purist so the Merrimack construction process of combining traditional materials such as cherry and ash wood along with modern materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, kevlar and resins apealed to me. I discovered Merrimack Canoe on the internet and was impressed. When I learned that their sales office was only a few hundred miles from home I just had to see them in person. I was not dissapointed. The Merrimack canoes are simply beautiful! The design, materials and construction reminded me of a beautiful sculpture.

Working with Jim Watkins the owner of Merrimack Canoes was a pleasure. The canoes are still made by hand, in Tennessee by the same people who started the company 50 years ago. Only about 100 canoes are made each year.

Based upon the type of canoeing I would be doing I selected a beautiful green Osprey. Transporting the 13 ft conoe the 200 miles back home was a snap. A rooftop carryiny kit consisting of several foam blocks attached to the canoe gunwales and a few nylon straps quickly secured my canoe to the roof of my Acura sedan.

Now the fun part. The beauty of my Osprey was only surpassed by the fun I have experienced. I live in the Pensacola Florida area. Near my home is a creek that feeds a bayou that runs into a bay. Even though it is winter there have been enough good days that have allowed me to enjoy my Osprey. It is easy to paddle, tracks great and is very stable. I am 57 years old and both my wife and grown daughter have enjoyed outings down the bayou. Since it is so easy to transport the canoe on the roof of my car my next adventure will be to the Austin Texas "hill country" where my daughter and son in law live. We plan on using my Merrimack Osprey to paddle down the numerous streams and rivers and fly fish for trout and bass this spring.

I would highly recommend the Merrimack to anyone looking for a traditional high quality canoe. Is it a little more expensive? Yes. It is worth the difference. Anyone who has compared a high quality fly rod with a cheap rod knows what I am talking about. Happy canoeing!

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Submitted by: E.ChaseSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     This canoe is wide (39") and stable as well as light weight (55 lb) and beautiful. I can handle it by myself (I'm only 5'3") and my dog can come along while I fish, take photos, etc. We haven't tipped it over yet!
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