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Reviews for Prospector 15 Canoe by Langford Canoe Co.

Rated: 7/10 Based On: 6 Reviews

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Submitted by: SWSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I have been paddling this boat for about 16-17 years now and still think it's the finest river boats I've ever had. A Mad River rep. at an event took it for a spin and said it was the best handling canoe he's ever paddled.

I've had 5 canoes from these guys (sold them in Michigan) and you MUST hand pick your boat as quality varies a great deal. These boat are sold in the States by American Trader's. All the boats are made by some no name company, somewhere in Quebec, although they claim to build them near Lake of Bays.

Of the 5 I kept the Prospector in carbon fiber with ash and mahogany trim, she's gorgeous, fast and turns on a dime!! The wood work is a 12, but the interior coat is for shit. That's why I gave it an 8.
Don't let Keith talk you into taking any boat that is not up to Mad River quality!!

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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 6 of 10

     My kevlar canoe was made to order in 1999 and was designed (by Langford) to be light in weight. The finishing on the canoe was poor relative to the price paid, and I would not recommend buying a canoe without seeing it first. This is not to say that Langford can't make a good canoe -- they just didn't go to much trouble for a canoe that was already paid for.

The design of the canoe was also flawed, in that it didn't have sufficient internal support for the centre section. The middle flexes upward and makes the canoe very slow. While the canoe was light,as requested, they should have known what the minimum reinforcement requirements are and constructed the canoe accordingly.

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Submitted by: no name
Rating: 10 of 10

     My new carbon fiber Prospector 15 is an older canoeist's dream come true. Once again I'll be able to hoist a canoe up to the car and shoulder it easily over portages on daytrips that have been postponed because my beautiful old wood and canvas was getting just too heavy. I haven't done much more that take it for more than a few short paddles; but, for a "plastic" canoe it has a lot going for it. It paddles well - thanks to an excellent design and it has a traditional shape which is to my liking. I've no doubt that the clearcoat over the carbon fiber will scratch easily but - compared with my old cedar strip - maintainance should be a snap. I chose the aluminum gunnels to keep the weight as low as possible (a real 40 lbs) and I've no doubt they'll be noisy at the end of a long day. The interior finish is top-notch. I can hardly wait for spring!
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Submitted by: CDW
Rating: 8 of 10

     Have owned other boats, but this one fits the bill. I have the wood package and the rawhide seats, love the looks and the handling. Been in some pretty rough water and the boat handles well. It handles even better when loaded with several days worth of gear. Overall fit and finish is good.
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Submitted by: D.F.Send Email
Rating: 5 of 10

     I recently purchased Langford's Prospector 15. I am very pleased with the way the canoe paddles. It has good speed and is very nimble. I am however very displeased in the quality of the interior gel coat application and installation of gunnels. There are extensive areas on the inside of the canoe where the weave of the cloth is exposed, application is uneven with runs in some areas and very thin in others. globs of gel coat were not brushed out in the ends. Bolts used for fastening the seats and thwart are uneven and not seated properly in the washers while the phillips heads are stripped out from overtightening. Had I seen the finish of this canoe before I bought it I would have moved on to another canoe. I paid top dollar for a canoe that in my opinion is second quality. moral of the story. don't buy a canoe with out seeing in first. I won't buy another Langford.
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Submitted by: Chris OrzechowskiSend Email
Rating: 5 of 10

     I have doubt about the weight of the canoes listed by Langford. I am shopping at present for 15' Prospector and Langford spec looks good for this model except when put on scale. For two samples made in Kevlar, each was off for 6-7lbs. Langford brochure shows 15ft Prospector with aluminum gunwales as 42lbs but you are actually getting 48 or 49lbs. Typically a good manufacturer is off by up to one lb. How one would explain that? They charge you for Kevlar but give you f-glass? Conclusion: weigh before you pay.
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