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Reviews for Millennium 174 Kayak by Old Town Canoe

Rated: 8.91/10 Based On: 11 Reviews

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Submitted by: TomSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     We have two Millenniums, the 164, and the 174. We bought the 164 new and loved it and when we went for a second, we discovered Old Town had discontinued them. So we bought a used 174. We love the way they handle, in all conditions, with and without a rudder. My son thinks nothing of taking coastal whitecaps broadside- and is always looking for the rough stuff. My wife uses the other Millennium and is always pushing to go further.

We kayak on the Maine coast. These are easy care kayaks, fast and just perfect in all conditions. It's been seven years now and we've never been disappointed. If Old Town Canoe ever produces another, we'll be there to get it!

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Submitted by: MSWLSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I've had the Millennium out in seas as high as my van, and felt stable as a rock. It's fast, tracks straight, but turns well too especially for its size. I find that the hatches do not leak if you tighten them down properly and tight enough. Re-entry after wet exit using a paddle float was no problem at all, and re-entry with an assisted rescue caused no flooding of the cockpit. I practice re-entries a lot so that helps. I've taken the Millennium through conditions I'd never take a glass boat through without any fear of damage. This is a real workhorse of a boat, it does the job and goes where other boats fear to go.
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Submitted by: BobSend Email
Rating: 6 of 10

     Millenium by Old Town is a nice stable kayak for a beginner One past that, The boat hatches and bulkheads leak badly, the deck rigging is weak(thin), the kayak is heavy and the hull speed is slow compared to other 17 foot boats. If you are 6 foot tall , the low foredeck and thigh braces are locking you into one position for a full day paddling, not very comfortable. On the good side,the hull rides nicely in 3 foot swells. It will carry a lot in the hatches but you have to dry bag everything. If you have to wet exit, the rear hatch especially fills with 2 inches of water.Not easy to drain in the middle of a large lake in 2 foot waves with 20 mile an hour gusts. A good starter boat or a keeper if you want to go out every so often and not seriously, otherwise I would look elsewhere. I owned my millenium for 3 years and traded it for another manufacturers 17' kayak.
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     Well I have done a lot of searching and researching differant boats. And there are some nice boats out there. But I still choose this one. It may be heavy the hatches may not be tight. But I love this boat! Tracks like train, Solid as a rock, Rides waves into or in any direction very well, Quite, Lean into a turn with or without a rudder handles like a dream, I'm 6'-230 snug fit but not uncomfortable have made a 13mile and 18 mile trip in this and looking forward to a longer trip. In my opinion Old Town made a mistake when they stopped making these. With a little and I mean little refining and the right advertising I think this would be on top of the line in plastic touring kayaks.
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Submitted by: MESend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     Bought the Millenium 2 years ago in Germany because of the fast shape and the stable material. Indeed the boat runs straight like a train through wind and surf. And it is fast! But there are some severe drawbacks: - bulkeheads are leaking from the very beginning - hatches are more a dust cover than really watertight - some screws were loose and not seald, so I had water coming in from many places - the deck is so low over the water that it is easy to paddle but it is almost impossible to reenter the boat after capsize without samping the boat. I only feel save on sea since I can reentry under water and roll up.

Summary: a nice, fast boat, but I would not buy it again due to the low craftmanship.

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Submitted by: ChristpherSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I really love the way the boat handles!It steers great with or without the rudder! The hatch covers must be on flat and tight to prevent leakage which is no different than any other boat of similar design. I purchased the neoprene spray skirt offered by Old Town for the Millenniun and like it also. It definitely fits tight in the combing and around the torso! I can't wait to get out in the Gulf with it!
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Submitted by: JackSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     Have had my Millennium 174 for six months paddling in Gulf South waters. The best looking plastic (polylink 3)sea kayak ever. And at 71 pounds probably the heaviest solo. Handles well, is speedy in the water. Even though it is my first boat it felt stable from the beginning. Finding a spray skirt that would stay on was an expensive problem. My six foot frame fits well in the cockpit but size 11 feet are cramped. And that weight is enough to make you think twice before using it. The specs say it ways 60 pounds but forget that.
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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 10 of 10

     I just recently purchased my 174 and have been nothing short of in awe of it. I am fairly new to this form of recreation and have a lot more to learn, but this boat is a keeper! I am 6'4" 225lbs. I have found no problems fitting in to the cockpit other than the low deck does not permit me to fully extend my feet straight up and down. (my "dogs" are a bit long) The thigh pads hit me perfectly and I have nice contact with my knees on the hull. I especially like the adjustable seat back, really nice idea. I agree with all the other comments here, initial stability is a bit shaky, but predictable after a few moments. Secondary Stability is unreal, you always know what is going on, great feedback. I have no rudder, not really neccessary were I am from. But I have no problem steering this baby, and it corrects itself very gracefully and with minimum input. You always feel in charge and there is never a feeling of anxiety. My fit and finish were top shelf. I read the other review and he had some problems, I only have 8 rivets on mine holding the hatch cover straps. I did seal them just to be on the safe side. The bulkheads are tight the hatch's seal very well. This boat really is fast, even with my lack of overall experience it is obvious. I think it is a very handsome design and the Polylink construction is a definite plus in the structural integrity department. I would highly recommend that anyone looking at a Touring Kayak give this one a try!!!!!! I guarantee love at first paddle. My only complaint and it is basically a minor one, OLD TOWN please do something with the OLD TOWN markings!!! They will never hold up.
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Submitted by: LisaSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I live in Washington and based on the above reviews (and hours of research) I ordered a millenium. I am so happy with it. I wanted to get a long touring kayak to use in the Puget Sound. I would be launching from a rocky shore and decided that the polylink would be the most durable. Plus the fact that it floats and wouldn't need float bags in it. I did get a rudder and do use it but I had no problem staying on course. I got a killer price through a dealer. I am a beginner so maybe my review is limited, but I am thrilled with this kayak. It was fast and the initial stability was fine. Not to mention I got yellow and it's beautiful. The hatches are easy on/off and seal well. I did want to say that I am short(5'2") and had to shorten the rudder lines by about 1 and 1/2 inches. I did this myself having never done it and it was really easy so don't let that stop you. Also, the hard plastic thigh braces that came with the boat hit me at the knee. I just took them off and plan to put in my own foam braces. This kayak has enough room for a tall person. The seat back is adjustable which is nice. I hope this helps anyone who is thinking of getting one.
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Submitted by: DNTSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     While I agree with the previous review of the Millennium 174 by Old Town Canoe in regards to design, materials and on the water performance, I was totally disappointed with the poor craftsmanship applied to the final (out of the mold) fixtures. We purchased two Millennium 174 and both required considerable detailing. Bulkheads, fore and aft leaked and required re-caulking. Two hatch covers seal gaskets ends were absent of bonding material and adhesive, leaving a 1/4 inch gap on one of the kayaks. The other kayak's forward hatch cover was warped to the point where a tight seal may never be achieved. All of the fittings fastened to the deck with rivets (24) were not sealed and required chalking. Even if these were minor detailing oversights, one should expect more from an outfit such as Old Town or any other. The Millennium 174 after corrections a dream.
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Submitted by: ---
Rating: 10 of 10

     Polylink 3 makes this yak unsinkable! I have filled this thing with water, and it did not sink. But with a river current, it will probably go down. The polylink 3 makes this the most stiff plastic boat that I have ever seen. The middle layer is a polyethelyne foam core, covered on both sides with a layer of linear polyethylene. In extreme heat, the boat does not warp (I live near Charleston SC). The flat area behind the cockpit makes re-entry a joke (even in 3-5 foot waves). You must use an Old Town spray skirt, other after market spray skirts tend to come off the cockpit's lip. The hatches seal pretty well, however, it is always a good idea to keep your stuff in dry packs; dry packs add to bouyancy if your yak floods completely. This thing is fast, I mean FAST. It tracks like a train. If you need to turn around, use the rudder. If you use a rudder and a leaning turn, this thing turns around very well. The rudder is beautiful. I only use the rudder with currents in the Charleston bay. I can put a weeks worth of stuff in the hatches: A tent, sleeping bag, stove (single burner), food, water, emergency flares, fire starter log, clothes, foldable chair, and on and on and on. It takes a little practice to maximixe the proper loading of any kayak, and this yak holds it all! If I was more deliberate, I could put almost three weeks of stuff in this yak. The initial stability is good, a little uneasy at first, but after a few minutes it becomes very predictable. Secondary stability is excellent. The bow plows through surf and waves. This boat is a dream on rough water, rivers, oceans and lakes. I would avoid WW though - with a yak this long. The deck has a rough finish to its top, which reduces sun glare. There is a spot to install a deck compass, though it is best to use a compass that attaches to your rigging with bungi cords (so you can take it with you, or remove when storing the yak). The thick polylink 3 makes your kayaking experience more quiet, and in cold water; much warmer. And to top it all off, the Millennium 174 looks absolutely beautiful!! Only one problem though, when you lift the kayak by the cockpit to carry it, the bow is heavier than the stern, so the bow tends to dive toward the ground. I take care of this by leaving my sleeping bag in the stern hatch. This yak is a 10, I would take it anywhere! If you are looking for a plastic yak, look at this one last!
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