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Reviews for Affinity Kayak by Clearwater Leisure

Rated: 8.43/10 Based On: 7 Reviews

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Submitted by: LuisSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     Fantastic starter kayak! I turned it over to my 13 year old and in calm water it is super stable. When paddling it is not always straight or easy to control in a current but on calm water it performs like nominal
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     Good kayak for beginners or someone wanting to get back into the sport for a reasonable price. Picked one up for $169, doesn't get much cheaper. It tracks good, turns quick. Good on flat water also does well on mild rivers. May try on something a little bigger after adding a skirt. I think it will do fine. Has nice bow and stern handles for carrying, light enough to carry alone. All it needs is some floatation bags and you're good to go. Also has on deck storage areas front and rear with bungles. Not a bad yak for the money.
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Submitted by: SLoth
Rating: 6 of 10

     basic good design except for the minor leakage where the handles are attached.......however the stop plugs on the footrests were not properly installed..I could not slide the footrest..... so that I had to demount the footrest slide bar from the hull..not easy...MOST annoying was that my Email asking for help was IGNORED
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Submitted by: AndreaSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I just bought two of these for my husband and I, and we absolutely love them. We are beginner's, and these are perfect for the lake or easy going river. They are very light weight and both fit in my SUV no problem. I recommend these for a comfortable easy going float, and the pricing was great!
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Submitted by: PamSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I purchased this kayak because I needed something light to carry over to the lake. This fit the bill perfectly. The water was a bit choppy when I started and this little boat handled like a champ. I even guided it through a heavy water lilly infested area to fetch a piece of drift wood. I only gave it an 8 because at 5'2" my feet could not reach the food rests.
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Submitted by: David taylor Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Just got this and like the first person to review this boat, I really like it.
A little Background: I have a Wilderness Systems Kaos that's good for surf and not much else. I have a 12 foot sit on top fishing kayak with 4 rod holders and 2 hatches and lots of on deck storage, great for fishing, but too big to throw in the car and HEAVY. This little guy fits into my HHR with room to spare, and I can still fit my wife's Prijon alien on top and close the gate and there is still enough room for the two of us and our gear. Granted one of us has to sit in the backseat, but we never have to go very far.

Back to the boat, it feels a little cheap, instead of putting hooks on the bungees they are simply tied on making it difficult to stow something the size of a backpack without the straps trying to crush it. I will be altering this. I have already changed the way my handles were installed. There was a hole drilled trough a bump in the plastic on the deck of the boat with a thin nylon rope to a handle. I removed the nylon rope and got some plastic tubing about the same size as the hole pushed it though and flared the ends out using a torch to warm the plastic. then I tied para-cord to the handle doubled up the line and pushed it though the hole and basically made a larks head with it. Now I am a little more water tight, there is more to support the weight of the boat when I am using the handle to carry it, and I feel like it is less likely that the could get ripped out of the deck. The thinner plastic does have its advantages as far as making the boat light weight, and it's as thick as it needs to be for what it is.

If you already have your paddle, life-jacket, and other kayak gear, this boat is a no-brainer for the price.

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Submitted by: Jarrod SneedSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I bought this Kayak on sale for $200. It wasn't the one i went looking for but i decided to get it because i needed a new one and didn't want to spend too much.

The pros: It's incredibly light. I'm used to an old fiberglass hand me down that was incredibly heavy and bulky. This Affinity is so light i can carry it with one hand. It's also pretty stable for such a short kayak. I took it out on the Raritan Bay and even though it got really choppy in some places, the kayak never let me down.

Features: small drain on the back for easy draining. small cargo area in back with bungies crossing it. padded seat back. most importantly, a cup holder at the front of the seat.

definitely the perfect beginner kayak, i love its simple spartan design lacking all he silly bells and whistles of pricier models

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