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Reviews for Kaynoe Canoe by Field & Stream

Rated: 9/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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Submitted by: AKSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     Got this Kaynoe at Dick's Sporting Goods for $150.00. It has some scratches and nicks, but nothing more than cosmetic. It may have been a return or was damaged in the store or when it was displayed outside. I use this 1-man canoe primarily for fishing. Very stable. Room for a milk crate and plastic bucket. Plastic seat not the most comfortable, but added some padding. The instructions that came with the Kaynoe were very weathered, but could tell it was made by Old Town and looks to be the same specs as the Discovery 119, for a whole lot less money. While I own several Kayaks....this is my "go to" boat for fishing.
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Submitted by: Tony S.Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     I bought a used 'blemished' Kaynoe (the same basic polyethelene canoe as the Old Town Discovery 119) about 2 years ago from the local classifieds, for $175 in like-new condition (paddle and life jacket included!). I was impressed with it's light (44#) weight, especially after lugging a 75# 16' canoe around for several years. After two trips on the local lake I tossed that awful plastic monstrosity they call a seat and built a lightweight wood frame seat, topped it with a section of plastic lid from a storage bin (light, strong, waterproof, cheap), covered it with a piece of sheepskin for comfort, lowered it 4" with drilled out dowels under the gunnels, and moved it forward slightly for better weight distribution. A center thwart fashioned from a piece of 4" oak completed the retrofit and made carrying it much easier. I like this boat. With a good J-stoke it's manageable even in lake chops but it really shines in mild/slow water. The perfect boat for sneak hunts during bow season and fishing smaller ponds/streams. My next project will be to set it up for rowing...need to do some homework on that.

For the money and for an easy-to-load one person small watercraft that has room for gear but won't break the bank, this little plastic workhorse is darned near unbeatable. Too bad it doesn't come in a 14' version... it might just be perfect, lol.

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Submitted by: Brandon Baker
Rating: 10 of 10

     LOVE this canoe AFTER I lowered the seat. The seat as is stinks. It sits too flat and you feel like you are going to slide off of it. I dropped the seat down by 2" at the front and 4" in the back. It is very comfortable now. I put foot pegs in it too which made it a lot better.

This boat tracks pretty straight overall. Due to the length, this thing turns pretty well too. It won't win any races, but it works well for river paddling. Out of all the boats that I have owned or paddled, this one is one of the best. For the price, this thing is great. It can haul a lot of gear. I am about 280lbs and this thing holds me and any gear that I have with ease.

I highly recommend this boat. Dick's Sporting Goods sells this boat as the Kaynoe. It says it's a Field and Stream, but it is exactly the same as the Old Town Discovery 119. I got the Kaynoe there as a blem for $300. One of the best deals for one of the best boats out there. DO IT! You will NOT be disappointed that you did.

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