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Reviews for Bending Branches Bounce Rec. Kayak Paddle

Rated: 7/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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Rating: 7 of 10

     The good: Bending Branches Bounce paddles come in 240 cm size which, with my height and my sit-on-top kayak, I need. They're aluminum, but not particularly heavy. The bright yellow paddles are a nice safety feature, and the decorative, wide-yellow strip is very pretty. The two halves snap together easily. Also, they're a good price for a decent beginner's paddle.

The not-so-good: That decorative yellow stripe? On the picture of the paddle, it looked like the shaft was painted alternating colors, but actually it's a wide strip of yellow, textured material in two spots -- where your hands would go, in fact. When I first saw the lozenge design on the yellow I thought, "How pretty!" But when I got my first blister, I realized the problem.

I've used these paddles twice now, and both times it raised and broke blisters. I've now ordered paddling gloves which, at $20, make the deal I got on my paddles a little less shiny.
Watch your hands, and you should be okay.

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Rating: 7 of 10

     When I purchased my newest boat my local shop threw in a new paddle. I was able to pick from the Bounce Aluminum Shaft with X-grips or the Sunrise Glass Shaft paddle. I decided to go with the Bounce because of the oval shaped built in hand grips. After using the paddle a few times now I have to say I wish they made this in a glass shaft version.

It is a very comfortable paddle and helped minimize the blisters I normally get when out on a long paddle. It stood up to rocks and waves rather well and didn't have a lot of flex in the paddle. It will start to feel heavy after a while when compared to a Glass shaft paddle though.

Overall it is durable not terribly heavy and comfortable. It also will not break the bank, I just wish they made this in a glass shaft version.

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