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Reviews for Romany Surf FG Kayak by Nigel Dennis Kayaks

Rated: 9/10 Based On: 1 Reviews

Romany Surf FG Kayak by Nigel Dennis Kayaks

Length: 16' 0" - Width: 22.75" - Starting at: $3300.00
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Rating: 9 of 10

     I am 6'1 and 230 lbs. I have been kayaking for several years and am BCU 3* working on 4.

The fit is very good for my size. It could definitely take someone a little taller and a little heavier. The knee bumps make the boat very comfortable. I did not love the seat band so I replaced it with a foam block.

Handling is fantastic in terms of edging. I do not find the boat slow even though it is around 16 ft. I have a Cetus HV and this boat has no problem staying up with it when my son is in it. It rolls quite easily. I also have an Explorer HV and find this boat more stable in terms of initial stability. I dare say it compares to the Cetus with regard to confidence building.

In terms of surfing, the boat does well in that it is a bit easier to turn and catch a wave as compared to the Explorer or Cetus. While it will eventually broach it comes out of it fairly quickly. My Explorer or Cetus tend to stay in the bongo slide longer. Mine has the recessed fittings that don't screw out but have a bar running through them which the deck line and bungees go under. I thought this was going to be a major pain because I didn't like the bungee stringing pattern and wanted to change it to match the Cetus and the Explorer (which I changed). It was actually easier not having to unscrew the fittings. The bungees went under the bar and passed beside the deck lines with no problem. So now I am a fan of those fittings.

Finish on the boat is very good, but not as good as Cetus. The only real gripe I think I will have is the coaming edge. P&H coamings are thicker and rounded on the edge and thus a little easier on the spray skirts. Not a big issue, but the rest of the boat is great, why not just make the coaming a little nicer. Oh yeah, one more thing that is easy to correct is that the hatches are not secured by a teather. Not a big deal, but when you pay that much for a boat, why not finish it off right. Fix those 2 items and I would give it a 10. Performance wise, for what it is designed to do I do, give it a 10, It is a pleasure to paddle. I give it a 9+ due to the finish items pointed out.

I have had the boat out in flat, confused heavy chop, and 3 - 5 foot surf both spilling and dumping. I love it. While I love my Cetus, and like the Explorer, If I had bought this boat first, I may never have bought the explorer. The boat is extremely versatile.

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