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Reviews for Muskoka Kayak by ClearWater Design

Rated: 5.67/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     Great recreational/day touring kayak. Very stable and tracks incredible. This kayak is awesome for the beginner/intermediate kayaker. It does not take much energy to get the boat moving and is very fast on the water. Overall a great Canadian product!
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Submitted by: Jo Ann PfohlSend Email
Rating: 1 of 10

     We bought the Muskoka Clearwater Design kayak and I was excited to use it for I had heard good things about this brand of kayaks. It was horrible! I felt unstable the entire time and it kept turning sideways. My husband tried it, and he also hated it. The seat is tight and he had to always be correcting his balance or felt like he would tip over. We let a friend borrow it yesterday on a calm river. He tipped it over four times, complained of feeling shaky and also how hard it was to steer. Each time he tipped it over, his legs got stuck and he had bruises all over them from when it tipped and he was trying to free them. He also complained that water got into the boat easily. He hated it and couldn't wait for the 4 1/2 trip to end. He kept begging my husband to switch kayaks with him but my husband said, "No way, I will never get into that kayak again!" I wish we could get our money back but we bought it from a woman at a garage sale without testing it!!! A horrible kayak in my opinion, my husband's, and our friend, Mike's -the three people who have used it thus far!
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Submitted by: DonPSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     This boat is surprisingly fast for being under 12', but the speed can be hard to maintain given it's 26" beam. I have been on several trips down the river with this boat and I like its "sporty" feel compared to my touring boat. Primary stability is a bit shaky at first (and non existent if the relatively sharp keel touches a solid object under the waters surface), secondary stability is better than expected, but has a "point of no return" that is not far past the point that the stability feels most solid, so practice your brace before testing for it!

Couple of issues with this boat, the seat being top of the list, the manufacturer uses the same seat in every boat they sell from the smallest rec boat, to their largest touring boat, the seat is OK for the rec models, but not at all suitable for the touring boats or this one, first thing I would do is cut out the inflatable backrest and support tower, then replace it with a back band, I did this in my touring boat with great results and I really think it would help this boat immensely!

Secondly, the hatch, with its thick foam rubber seals and heavy buckles it looks like it should seal tightly and never let a drop of water in, that unfortunately is not the case, it always ends up with water in it when going down the river or playing in light surf, it's an easy fix involving some peel and stick weather stripping, but a problem for a brand new boat!

Over all, a good boat. Maybe not what I would recommend to a timid paddler, but a very fun "crossover" boat for those that maybe want to play a bit, I would however suggest purchasing float bags for the bow of the boat if this is your intent.

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