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Reviews for Delta 12s Kayak by Delta Kayaks

Rated: 9.75/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

Delta 12s Kayak by Delta Kayaks

Length: 12' 0" - Width: 22.00" - Starting at: $1395.00
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Rating: 9 of 10

     Having read previous reviews of this kayak I had decided I wanted a shorter light kayak to compliment my Chatham 16 and Isle Au Haut. I test paddled the 12s yesterday on the Merrimack River in NH in a 10 -15 mph wind. Found it to meet previous reviews. Tracks well, great stability, and paddles like a longer boat.
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Rating: 10 of 10

     Due to the small number of reviews found on the 12s, I thought I'd put in a word or two regarding my experience. Mind you, I've only used it a handful of times since it's a week old but I'll be sure to append this review as needed.

The 12s is a delight to paddle. Great primary and secondary stability, accelerates and glides very well and it's small size makes it quite nimble. The bulbous nose makes easy work out of choppy waters and small waves. (Haven't tried it in large waves yet.)

The build quality is exceptional and its thermoformed construction makes it look 3 times as expensive as it is. So eye catching that I decided to keep it indoors as opposed to storing it on my roof rack.

The only negative I can comment on is the seat. The adjustment plate which allows you to move the seat forward/back just happens to be located where you'd normally step in to enter the cockpit. Making it a little tougher to get in and out. A minor thing but that's how close to perfection this kayak happens to be.

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Rating: 10 of 10

     First, a little about me to put this review in perspective; Age 76. Experience: whitewater kayaking 2 years, flatwater 3, height 5'6", weight 180, inseam 26.

In short, I think the Delta 12s is one heck of a kayak. For us oldsters, its 38lb. weight makes it very easy to heft around and load on the rack. It a very comfortable kayak and Iíve not had to pad the seat at all. I have added hip pads and thigh brace blocks to make it easier to roll.

It paddles like you wouldn't believe for a 12-foot boat. Acceleration is good and it glides very well. In wind and chop, it needs no skeg or rudder because is tracks very well. I've grown to appreciate the day hatch in front of the cockpit. It holds all I need for a day's outing and means you don't have to clutter the deck with a bag.

I am quite impressed with the Delta's thermoforming. This boat scratches less than any other touring boat I know. The hull is quite rigid which contributes to its impressive performance for a 12-footer.

In short, I highly recommend anyone demo the Delta 12s. Especially for older folks, I think youíll enjoy not only the light weight, but also the excellent performance.

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Rating: 10 of 10

     We bought a 12s for my wife last week. She feels very comfortable and safe in the 12s. It gives her good contact points and control. The day hatch is very handy and spacious, and the hatch lids are great - there is one loop to unhook to remove the lid and then they work like tupperware to replace the lid.

Due to being slightly narrower than the 12.10 I have, my wife is actually faster on the water in the 12s. The high bow handles waves really well with minimal splashing. Initial and secondary stability are very good. Because it weighs only 38 lbs, my wife has no problem carrying the 12s to the water herself.

We've done only lake paddling so far, but we'll be trying them out in the river sometime in the future to see how they handle rocks and current.

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