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Reviews for Raptor Kayak by Santa Cruz Kayaks

Rated: 9.6/10 Based On: 5 Reviews

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Submitted by: BrianSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Recently bought two of Jim Martin's Santa Cruz Kayaks (SOT Raptors). My wife and I have kayaked a little bit in the past, but every time she gets in one, she immediately turtles it. She told me I could buy a couple, but I had to find one that she couldn't flip. These Raptors are about as close as you can come to a kayak that just won't turn over. You have to intentionally try to turtle these things.

My hat is off to Jim Martin and his design prowess as a boat builder. One of my buddies saw ours and he's ready to snag one for himself. One more addition to the fleet.

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Submitted by: cbSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     the boats design is inventive and practical. I am always a fan of products that go against the current and this is definitely one of them. There is no good reason more companies have not adopted a split hull design, save for convention.

My main complaints are that the gaskets are junk and don't cover the whole space (I will be replacing mine) and that there is limited access to the rear hulls. A 4-inch hatch is the maximum size allotted. It would really be great to put some big items back there for camping trips and such, as there is almost 2x the storage of the front hatch.
Modifying a 48-60qt cooler is probably your best bet for the space behind the seat. No need to settle for a milk crate anymore! I am even thinking about building a second swivel-seat attachment for mine. The possibilities are really endless with the amount of deck space you have here.

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Submitted by: DSOSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I recently purchased a Santa Cruz Raptor from OBK - OutBack Kayaks in Galveston, Texas. I am blown away by the stability and speed of this kayak. I was able to take it out past the breakers with swells 2-3 foot and it was like driving my Mercedes in the heavy winds. Great Job Santa Cruz and thanks to OBK - You guys are true professionals.
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I recently purchased a Santa Cruz Kayaks Raptor SOT after many e-mail discussions with the owner of Santa Cruz Kayaks, Jim Martin. I watched so many videos, and read so many reviews, while I was in Florida last winter, that I just had to have one. If there are any negative reviews out there by people who actually own, or have paddled, a Raptor, I haven't seen them.

I have been paddling on a fairly small lakes in pretty smooth water sometimes with a fairly stiff breeze. I have noticed very little wind resistance and the Raptor tracked beautifully and is very quiet on the water. It is a longer yak than the sit-in I have been using the past two years, by a foot, and I felt it was a little slow to turn compared to my sit-in. I haven't paddled my Tarpon for a few years so can't compare to that. After using my Raptor a few times, I don't feel that anymore. Unfortunately, since I brought one home, the weather has been nasty on the east coast and we have only been able to get out and fish six or eight times, on a couple of different lakes, but I love the Raptor. It is very stable and easy to get back into from hip high water. Being an older female, and a little out of shape, I might have trouble getting back in from deep water but plan to rig something up that I can quickly get to, and snap between the pontoons, that I can step on if I need to. If I have difficulty getting back in from deep water, it's because of me and not the Raptor. The yak is that stable!

I love fishing out of the Raptor and it is so easy to paddle with the narrower front profile and easy to sit sideways, backwards, stand up, just about any way you want without any indication that it is going to roll/turtle. My husband paddled it with me sitting on the tank well with my legs dangling off the back. Another thing is that even weighing 62 pounds, which is unbelievable to me that it weighs that much, I can handle the Raptor on land, and it is easy to load. Carrying my half from the pontoon end (two hands), or shoving it up an embankment by myself, is easy compared to using one handle on the other yaks. Because of the way it is designed it seems very well balanced and doesn't want to get away from you when loading. I can't wait to get the Raptor on the water in Florida next winter or sooner.

I have been rigging the Raptor with mostly RailBlaza accessories and a few Scotty that I had, and some GearTrac tracks. Very versatile. Right now, I'm using a crate but there is a live bait tank that is available and fits right in the tank well with an Atwood pump. I may be tempted to get one to have on hand. I also installed the 4" hatches, in the rear recesses on the pontoons, designed for that. Gives good access for securing accessories, to get something out that has slid back, and to carry small items in the available pouch. There is a lot of available storage and you can easily carry rods inside the hull. The "glove box" in front of the seat area is great for storing all those small items you want easy access to.

I remember when everyone said that the number one peddle kayak would never become popular; if people will give this Raptor SOT, or sit-in, a try I think they will be very pleasantly surprised.

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Hands down this craft has great mojo. It moved like butter across the water and was crazy stable. The way the center console is designed allowed me to keep all my electronics dry, and if you're like me the tackle never makes it back to the tackle box until your done fishing, so I was pitching those in the center The pole stagers on both sides allowed the poles to lay just inside the front edge of the craft to allow them to miss any limbs that got in the way.

Once I got back to shore I removed all my gear to give her the true stability test. Once I stood up in the cockpit I turned and was able to step into the seat, and walk back to the storage area without falling in... I'm not a small dude!! So I was beside myself on how that all turned out.

The design of this craft is a cross between a catamaran and a kayak. With the two sides designed in the shape of a catamaran running parallel to the craft allows the craft to stay very straight with very little correction from my paddling. The design of the bottom being flat allowed the craft to jump up on top of the water and glide with little effort.

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