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Reviews for Epic's Relaxed Tour Signature Hybrid paddle

Rated: 8.5/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

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Rating: 9 of 10

     This is a followup to my review sumitted 17 days ago. My paddle has been repaired by Epic, at no charge, and is back in my hands... My Precious. They replaced the Length Lock ferrule with a revised version -- not just the female/lever side, but also the male side with the index marks that I had previously noted were too light. Epic's letter explained that the diameters of the revised ferrule were different from the original one, among other differences, including material. Having had experience with epoxies in building wooden boats and paddles, I was at first surprised that these components could be changed out so effectively. I guess they must heat the shaft and ferrule to weaken the adhesive bond. They also touched up the edges of my blades, and gave the whole thing a light fluff and buff. I am duly impressed, and grateful.
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Rating: 8 of 10

     I've had this paddle for 4 years. As far as general performance propelling and maneuvering a boat, I'm very pleased with it. I find the reduced surface area to be perfect for my stroke -- powerful enough, but easy on my shoulders. The surface area is somewhat less than Werner's mid-sized, low-angle paddles, and, I seem to notice it more than I probably should. I paddle somewhere between low and high angle. The shaft is smaller than Werner's standard shaft, and feels perfect to me, even though my hands are large enough for Werner's shafts. The paddle feels light, particularly in use. It feels great in the water. All of these aspects are so good for me, that it's hard to imagine finding a Euro paddle that I would like more.

But, all is not perfect in Epic paddle land. The shaft has a beautiful, slick texture, but, it causes the shaft to stick in my hand, rather than rotate smoothly, as a Werner does. I've taken to wearing gloves to solve this, which I don't mind, since I also began wearing long-sleeved wicking shirts, for sun protection. The markings for the length and feather are very light, and uneven. I've seen other Epics with nice, bright white markings.

My paddle has silver blades that show the fabric weave. It's pretty, but has yellowed over time. The blades have some fairly ugly Epic decals on them. At least they've held up pretty well, because scars or peeling would make them even uglier. There are also ugly decals wrapped around the shafts, at the blade junctions. These have started to roll up a bit. I don't think Epic makes silver blades any more, and, it appears they've toned down or eliminated the decals.

Most importantly, the length lock ferrule no longer holds the feather angle firmly enough, and, I find that in rough water, the feather gets knocked out of whack, causing me to miss a stroke or a brace. I can not adjust the ferrule any tighter. I contacted Epic and received a return authorization, so, I'm sending off the paddle today. The paddle is beyond their 1-year warranty, but, I hope they will take care of their product.

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