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Reviews for Mariner 10.4 Kayak by Future Beach

Rated: 9.63/10 Based On: 8 Reviews

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Submitted by: MartySend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I am new to Kayaking. I bought a Future Beach Mariner 10.4. I have taken it out on a lake twice now. It is very comfortable to sit in. I am kind of a fat guy and I can get in and out easily. The Mariner rides great in the water. I highly recommend this Kayak for all users.
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     New to kayaking, so we purchased two Mariner 10.4 kayaks to try it out. Couldn't be more pleased with them! Large cockpit allows for easy entry & exit. Lots of storage space, large rear hatch, small dry hatch on front. VERY STABLE! So stable that jumping in and out in the middle of the lake was no problem. We've been down the river twice and paddled around the lake twice now, and have enjoyed it very much every time. We travel with some folks who have high-end sit on tops, and had no problem keeping up. Light weight and carry handles combine to make them easy to get in and out of the water. The wife and I can carry both with the handles, or I can easily carry mine alone.
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Submitted by: Frank MessnerSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     This is a great first kayak! Great price also. Love the look of it. The compartments in the front and back are pretty roomy, and I also like the nice wide cup holder to hold my drink with a coozy!
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     Just purchased the Future Beach Mariner 10.4 at Dunham Sports. I've had it on the lake once. I like it. I had a Pelican 100 s.o.t fishing kayak, but I wanted to try a sit-in. The Mariner is much more stable and sits higher and dryer. It seems to track through the water about the same as the Pelican but maybe a little faster. I like the storage space and one is a dry hatch on the bow, however very small. wish the large hatch in the back was also dry. Although it is a few pounds heavier, it is easy to carry because of the way it's made. Quite happy with it, plus got it on sale for just $169.
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Submitted by: ParkerSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     My daughter and I each purchased the Future Beach Mariner this summer for our transition from canoeing to kayaking. I've nothing to compare it to, but this beginner paddler is more than pleased with this boat.

It's very stable and quite responsive. The seating and foot pegs are comfortable, even for short me. There is a large (not dry)storage hatch aft (we each carry half of our one set of a two-kayak car top carrier, as well as a first aid kit, emergency paddle, etc). The cockpit is spacious with room for a small cooler. Add two cup holders, one in the cockpit the other on deck, and a very small dry-storage hatch on deck...what more can a river paddler need? While it's too heavy for me to load/unload on my own (I'm 65 and not terribly strong on a good day!), the two of us can easily load and unload. A good investment for beginners.

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Submitted by: NeoyakerSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Understand that this is not my only kayak but it is the one I use most.
I was interested in this kayak for several reasons; mainly stability, cockpit space, price and modification possibilities.

First off, this kayak is incredibly stable. Being a 'sit-in' your center of gravity is lower and the wide beam (31.75 in) make moving and jostling around in the huge cockpit worry free of tipping over. But, I wouldn't be taking this out on the ocean or fast moving rivers.

The cockpit is indeed huge. The seat is moderately comfortable for a cheap kayak. The ample side space in the gunwale is perfect for mounting a hand bilge pump and other accessories such as waterproof wallet and keys box, short fishing rod mounts and slim, side mount tackle box, just in case the fish are jumpin' and you're just out for a quick paddle.

This is by no means a fast paddle, for sure. But it is deftly maneuverable in close to the shore for creeping up on those fishing hole hide-outs. And for a wide hull, it tracks better than you'd expect not soaking up much energy with 'side waddle'.

As for mods, I drilled in a couple of flush-mount rod holders and mounted a Scotty rod holder up front. And of course, no fishing rig is complete without an anchor trolley. A new seat upgrade, of course.

The price was 180 bucks with a coupon at Dunham Sports. Such a deal for this exceptional kayak configuration. I would hope that if this is a discontinued model, that they don't destroy the roto-mold. Every kayak collection should have this versatile model in it.

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Submitted by: Keith W.Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     We bought two of these kayaks for paddling on smaller lakes and rivers and are very happy with them. Several other people have tried them with us - some paddling for the first time - and are of the same opinion. The Mariner is comfortable, stable, easy to paddle and steer. In addition the price range is ideal for the beginner. We are very happy with both of them.
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Submitted by: ACSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Purchased my Mariner 10.4 primarily for fishing smaller Michigan lakes, rivers, and streams. Was originally sold on the hull design for stability - and it did not disappoint. It tracks very well in open water, even with a crosswind, while still light enough to carry with one hand. The seat is fine for a kayak, the cockpit spacious, and the easily adjustable foot pegs work perfectly. Even securing the paddle to the starboard side while fishing is a quick one-handed operation thanks to the bungee cord and hook provided. There is no floatation added to the hull, but plenty of space in the bow and stern to trap air, or you can add a beach ball if that is of concern, (I really do not know how anyone could tip this over anyway). The handling in tight spots is quick, much quicker than my old 12' Pamlico. I added two flush mount rod holders behind the seat and an anchor trolley system to the port side for a total of about $25, and it was well worth it. With a new price of $229+tax, there is no better way to spend your hard earned money for taking the hook to the fish.
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