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Reviews for Grand Slam Angler Kayak by Emotion Kayaks

Rated: 8/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

Grand Slam Angler Kayak by Emotion Kayaks

Length: 14' 5" - Width: 30.00" - Starting at: $699.00
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Submitted by: Dave CashSend Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     I purchased my Emotion Grand Slam about 2 years ago. It was shipped to me and I picked it up from the shipping company in town. The kayak came wrapped but it wasn't handled very well so it came with scratches--not to the extent where I would send it back but not what you'd expect for a $900 product brand new. I purchased this kayak because it showed that you could stand in it while fishing. I'm over 60, 5' 8" and weigh about 210 so standing really isn't a good option in this kayak and don't try to stand in rough water. It did give me the ability to move around and get to my knees to help alleviate the pressure on the backside after 6 hours of fishing.

Don't get me wrong, I really like this kayak and for the price it's steps above the other 5 I own. I don't recommend strapping this kayak down while sitting on it's side on a kayak trailer--I learned the hard way that using crank style straps caused the kayak to crack right at the scupper plug holes below the sit and I've been unable to prevent leakage since that happened a year ago. I've tried marine products, super glue, and just most recently the leak proof spray advertise on TV--so far nothing has worked. I purchased a hand pump and pump the water out every half hour.

The kayak did everything it showed on the video and if I had to recommend this to family and friends I would but I'd be sure to let them know the best way to secure it during transportation. This kayak is not good for standing on while fighting a fish (reds, snook, or large trout) but you can stand to take a break if you have good balance.

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Submitted by: MattiasSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     My first kayak I purchased used 2 years ago is the Grand Slam Angler and still paddle today. When getting into kayak fishing researching for a suitable kayak for bay fishing, this one checked everything off on the list. This kayak tracks very well, no need for a rudder but I'm sure one wouldn't hurt. It's a dry ride; I'm 6' 180# and sit high and dry loaded with live shrimp and fishing gear. This boat is also stable enough for me to cast only on calm days, not so much on windy days.

Now the only reason why I gave it 9/10 is because of the hatches. I have a '09 model so it has the large rectangle hatch in the center which will leak, only if water gets in the boat. The bow hatch could be bigger and better sealed as well. The other thing I'm concerned with is the hull, I'd recommend using closed cell foam to add extra support around the scuppers as I'm concerned that they may crack by transporting or going out beyond the breakers.

As far as going through breakers, this boat is not designed for that, clearly, but still very fun, I've taken this through 5' swells, very wet, lots of water in the hull due to the fact that the 2 scuppers could not drain water fast enough as I continued going through waves.

All in all, fantastic boat, would buy again for bay fishing.

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