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Reviews for Pulse 120X Kayak by Pelican International

Rated: 8.5/10 Based On: 2 Reviews

Pulse 120X Kayak by Pelican International

Length: ' " - Starting at: $
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Rating: 10 of 10

     Follow-up Review:
Have used the Pelican Pulse 120X about 10 times now on a large lake. The large cockpit opening is very convenient for water entry/exit. Purchased a Pelican Sports Lavika splash guard. It covers the forward half of the cockpit and provides shade and splash protection. Order from Pelican's / Lavika's website.

The Pulse 120X tracks very well, surprising well, considering no rudder or skeg and it's 12 foot length. I haven't kayaked since the mid 90's and have no difficulty keeping it straight on open water.

The previously mentioned centerline ridge has proven very useful in lifting/moving the kayak in/out of the water and vehicle transport. The seat is indeed cheap, but has not caused me any discomfort on trips lasting 2-3 hours. Though, the bottom of the seat smacks/clicks against the bottom of the boat in chopping water, an annoying sound.

The kayak has pre-molding points for multiple accessories/add-ons not installed by the manufacturer. Immediately behind the seat are (4) additional points for shock cord (bungee). Also immediately behind the seat is a flat area that is perfect for cutting/installing your own 4-5 inch circular hatch. In front and behind the seat have points/area for installing flush mount fishing rod holders. The right side of the kayak has points for installing shock cord and a hook for a paddle keeper/tie-down. The seat has a recessed area for beverage and points for installing more shock cord to keep the beverage in place.

The kayak has been a lot of fun on calm waters and even my choppy lake with 8-10 inch swells/waves. It is very stable climbing in/out and on open water. I have never felt like it would tip. I have zero regrets purchasing it.

Highly recommended for someone looking to save some bucks and willing to install your own deck/storage lines and other accessories.

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Rating: 7 of 10

     Just purchased, have not tested in the water. Selected this model based on price and overall length. Retail price was $400, but found on sale for $300 at a retail store in MI.

Important: The cockpit opening/ridge is very low profile. 3rd party brand cockpit spray/splash skirts and cockpit covers DO NOT FIT, they slip right off. The hull has a very pronounced "V" shape. I've read that reduces initial stability (climbing in?), but has greater secondary stability when kayaking. I purchased J style wall hooks for storage, but the V shape hull does not fit the J shape wall hooks very well. The elastic bungee cords are anchored by a metal end that was simply inserted into hole and turned flat against the plastic. The metal end may cause punctures to float bags. Recommend taped against hull.

The hull is not sealed in the bow or the stern, it is completely open. The stern has a couple thin long pieces of styrofoam for floatation. I don't have much trust with that. The kayak is made via twin sheet thermoforming. That means two separate pieces of the polyethylene were heated, vacuum formed/fitted, and then joined together. As a result, the entire centerline has a ridge. The ridge allows fingers to grip it, one added bonus. The seat is formed from the top piece vacuum formed in a downward motion. It seems very cheap. The stern storage hatch is simply a shallow depressed area with a cover, it does not allow access to the main stern area of the kayak.

In a nutshell, you get what you pay for. I wish I purchased a different brand in the 600-800 range, but the price was right for now.

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