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Reviews for Fun Runner 70 Kayak by Jackson Kayak

Rated: 6.67/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

Fun Runner 70 Kayak by Jackson Kayak

Length: 8' 2" - Width: 26.38" - Starting at: $1149.00
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Submitted by: BHSend Email
Rating: 3 of 10

     This boat is disappointing to say the least. I haven't experienced a boat like it since the Whip-it. The tail makes for a terrible beginner boat and is less than appealing to experienced paddlers... The outfitting felt cheap and the amount of flex was unnerving. Don't waist you money.The boat is trying to straddle two worlds and is appropriate for neither. A fellow paddlers cracked the first time down the river. Junk boats.
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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     A more agile and playful Zen? A faster Fun? Both could describe its positioning. It will out-carve the Zen and definitely lay down some play moves that the latter won't. However, it gives away speed and, with a low volume stern, is vulnerable to unintended enders. That also diminishes its ability to punch holes, along with a bow that will submarine, subject to the paddler's weight and seat position. The trim for play moves doesn't serve you well for running the rough stuff.

It isn't as flickable or as loose as the Fun. But, attainments are much easier. Slip out of a surf and you still have a fighting chance of paddling back onto the wave.

It's extremely lightweight. That is a plus to many but some prefer a kayak that will take a beating. The seat position is easy to adjust. The boat has the usual Jackson outfitting; that is, light, simple and can be repaired in the field. The seat and forward bulkhead (footrest) are secured by cords, which are prone to stretching.

I'm not wild about the color combos. The latest models appear to all be fitted with a GoPro camera mount on the deck, whether you want it or not. Jackson used to brag that they don't put any unnecessary holes in their hulls. Now they're selling you out with this.

Bottom line is that you have an agile and fun ride. But, you might be able to achieve close to the same results without the grabby tail by going down a size with another river runner.

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Submitted by: LarrySend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     This is my first season paddling the 70 gallon Jackson Fun Runner. I like it. I like it a lot. I sold an 80 gallon River Runner boat because while it could get me down river comfortably in either big water or technically demanding conditions it just wasn't fun to paddle and "Fun" is what it is all about. The Fun Runner gives me that.

The Fun Runner has good speed plus allows me to some basic front end surfs. No, it is not a play boat. If I want to play and run a river I have my Jackson 4 Fun. If my preference is river running in larger water or something I want that volume for, then my Fun Runner is my go to boat. It has good speed and volume. The volume in the bow and stern help keep the boat on the surface. The bow volume too allows me to wear a larger boot than normal for those long grunting portages. The boat too turns well and is easier than some boats for rolling.

Negatives: it doesn't do everything, and no boat does. Also, like others said, you either love Jackson Outfitting or you hate it - me I am in the middle. I own 2 Jackson ww kayaks and that speaks for itself.

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