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Reviews for Malone J-Dock Hybrid Kayak & Gear Storage Racks

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     this was easy to install in my barn and now my kayaks are protected (last fall they were stored outside and a tree limb fell in a storm and damaged my fiberglass yak - should have known better)
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     Since I bought a kayak recently I also needed to store it. The recommended method is to stand it up but my garage isn't tall enough for that. The next recommended method is to store it on its side. I have room on the garage floor but didn't want to leave it on the hard surface. That meant a wall mount rack and the Malone J-Dock Hybrid Kayak and Gear Garage Storage Rack is the one I went with.

Comments on Amazon led me to drill with a 1/4 in. drill bit instead of the suggested 3/8 in. drill bit. The lag screws went in snugly (compared to the loose fit mentioned with the 3/8 bit). The lag screws that came with the purchase have also had some minor complaints (bolt section on top came loose while ratcheting them in - too much torque?) so I went to the local hardware box store and bought some stainless steel lag screws as well. Those are the two things that I figured would be slightly extra work but neither is a deal breaker.

Once I mounted the rack they seemed sturdy and solid. Upon lifting the kayak onto the racks they continue to seem very solid. The two racks are spaced far/close enough apart to support the kayak so as to prevent undue stress on the hull. They don't stick out too far from the wall (extend less than our 50 gallon recycling can) and getting in and out of the car on the side it's hanging on is still pretty easy and roomy.

The only other complaint I have is that the kayak I have (Necky Manitou 13) does NOT sit on the small padding section in the middle of the two grey/black bases. Instead they're resting on the slightly textured base that surrounds the pads. Since the kayak isn't moving I'm not worried about abrasion but I think I'll still purchase some padding of my own to place on the area in question.

Easy installation, solid support, not a space eater and a decent price make this a purchase I'm happy with so far .

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