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Reviews for Stealth 10 Angler Kayak by Emotion Kayaks

Rated: 9/10 Based On: 5 Reviews

Stealth 10 Angler Kayak by Emotion Kayaks

Length: 10' 3" - Width: 30.00" - Starting at: $569.00
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Submitted by: lkcSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     i recently just bought this boat off craigslist as i have been searching for one for a long time. i did quite a bit of research and with my smooth moves of negotiation, i was able to get the seller down to $250! not bad for a brand new boat that had only been out on the water once! i have only taken it into the gulf off dunedin, fl, through the channel and around caledesi island, but so far i am digging it. i have no issues with it veering off and tracks pretty well. a lot of people who say it veers, it is more than likely their paddling that is causing it to do that--usually veering away from the dominant hand.

this is my first SOT, and i used to own a dagger element--but like i said before, no issues so far with usability. i am giving it an 8 just for comfort for now. i took the seat out and installed my own, but still have an issue with sliding (i just need more straps). and the molded foot wells--i am a bigger fan of the adjustable tracks but that will be my next boat when i can afford a tarpon. i have yet to fish out of it, but it's still the best deal yet!

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Submitted by: POPPYSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I will rate this kayak at a 9 since this is the first kayak I have ever owned. I live in South Louisiana and have put this kayak into some serious swampy areas, as well as into the surf on the Gulf Coast. It is a very stable platform, as I have not tipped over one time yet. Its maneuverability is great in tight spaces. I plan to start using it to fish a lot more when the weather gets cooler. My wife can even handle it. My only complaint is the hatch cover (mine has the clear plastic cover) which will let water in in chop or rains. Other than that I think it's a great platform.
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     The Stealth Angler is the fishing version of the Temptation. I felt some trepidation when it arrived for two reasons. First the strap assembly to adjust the seat back was installed incorrectly. The strap you'd pull to adjust it was attached to the boat on both sides and the strap with the buckle wasn't attached to anything. Also, the scrap plastic cutouts from installing the "fishing" add-ons, and all the "sawdust" was still inside the kayak. That did not give me a lot of faith in the manufacturer. When I called to complain about the straps, the lady who answered acted like these defects were no big things. She did offer to send out a new strap kit so I could fix it. There were installation instructions included that were easy to follow.

On the water the boat is easy to use. Being only 50 pounds it goes on and off the roof of my CR-V pretty easy. Getting in and out is very easy. Great for a fat middle-aged guy with bad knees. I like the paddle holders and use one to hold my wading staff. The boat is comfortable, even for long periods. It didn't come with scupper plugs, but those foam practice golf balls fit right into the holes (from the bottom).

I haven't gotten the hang of the handling yet. It seems to want to veer off in a direction on its own. The river I'm on most often changes a lot and so does the current. Lots of twists, turns, downed trees, gravel bars, rocks, stream barbs and wing dams. It's mostly pretty shallow so when something blocks or alters the current, the bottom scours out and the flow speeds up, usually right up against the obstruction. It takes some serious paddle drag to steer through that and if you start going in a 45 degree angle or sideways it can get pretty scary. On some bends, the boat turns completely around. It is nearly impossible to go upstream through these areas. You have to really dig in hard, and then of course the boat "walks".

Now to be fair, my last 10 footer, a sit-in with a dihedral hull, did this too. It however was really tippy, so I was afraid to edge it, especially around strainers. I capsized pretty often. My Emotion seems like it WANTS to be edged, and I'm thinking of adding some knee straps for doing just that. One thing handling-wise I really like is how easily I can float perpendicular to the shore in quiet water. Gentle draw strokes are enough to keep you going in this orientation. It's whisper quiet too.

I haven't fished from it yet, as I generally like to paddle to my spot and then get out and wade, but next week I'm going to try some deeper water, so I'll find out how that works. I do know that the Scotty Rod Holder provided, does not hold a light spinning outfit well, and, like the "water bottle holder" shown in the video, is too far forward to be of much use to me, (5'7"). The other bottle holder is too shallow and too close to keep a bottle upright. I'd hate to try a can.

Over all, for a $400.00 kayak I'd recommend it in a heartbeat.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Here is an updated review of my Stealth fishing version of the Temptation. Now that I have had it for a few months and been out in it at least 30 times I feel I can give a little better review.

The Temptation is very stable overall and gives me a very confident feel while I'm paddling. It will take a lot to tip it over. It paddles well and tracks pretty straight for a 10'yak. The only time it sways a little is if I really dig the paddle in and pull super hard, almost like if I was racing it but all other times it paddles straight.

I easily carry all my fishing gear and my 230lbs in it with zero problems. The Temptation don't have any bad traits that I can find. The built in foot rests are fantastic. I don't think I will buy any kayak that don't have this setup. The ones in the Temptation are comfortable with shoes or bare feet. Great feature. The built in seat and the new fold up backrest is surprisingly comfortable. I have to admit at first I was skeptical but after talking with Josh at Emotion kayaks he said give it a try before buying something different. Glad I did because I find it to be very comfortable and my back never hurts even after 4 hours in the seat. I did buy a cushion for my rear but after using it I find I really don't need it.

For me I have plenty of storage in the back for my fishing crate or whatever else I want to bring along plus I still have the hatch in the front to put things inside the hull if I need to. I have not been camping so I didn't need to use it yet but I have it just in case. The built in cup holder is nice plus with the little indents beside the cup holder I can place a lure or two in each one so that's a nice feature.

After all the use, the color of the yak looks just like when I bought it. I have the granite color. The bottom has some scratches but after all the use it looks great when I wash it. I do keep it inside a shed when not being used. The only thing that I found is I had a little water inside the front hatch but I must of got it when I washed it. Drained it out and it never happened again. I might not of had the lid on tight.

Overall if you looking to get into kayaking and want a great SOT design don't hesitate to look at the Emotion Temptation for a nicely priced, stable and all around fun kayak. Can't go wrong if you ask me. I will get many years of service out of it that's for sure.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Today I finally got to take out my new Stealth fishing version of the Temptation. It was super windy with gusts well over 20 plus mph. Went to the local creek close by to just try out my new Kayak. I hopped in and paddled upstream. Even with the super high winds I had little trouble going upstream.

The Temptation is very stable and even when sitting sideways on it resting my feet in the water it was very stable. The built in foot rests are awesome and super comfortable. The stock seating for being molded was surprisingly comfortable (never thought it would be but it was excellent). Paddled around for about 2 hours overall and was very happy with my Temptation as it is a great little SOT. Even for my weight at 230 and 5ft 10" tall I couldn't have been more comfortable and relaxed. Built in paddle holders are very nice to have. Simple design that works great.

Glad I chose the Emotion Temptation. It might be on the smaller size but it comes up huge with excellent overall performance and tough to beat for the money I spent. I bought it to fish and just overall have fun to get into kayaking and this kayak is a great little do it all yak.

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