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Reviews for Looksha 17 Kayak by Necky Kayaks

Rated: 9/10 Based On: 4 Reviews

Looksha 17 Kayak by Necky Kayaks

Length: 17' 4" - Width: 23.75" - Starting at: $1799.90
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Submitted by: Slow LeakSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I've been a kayaker for 20 years. I prefer Necky boats. I currently have two Zoar sport and one Looksha polymer kayaks. I had another Looksha, but sold it to a friend to get him into paddling. I have taken the Looksha out on numerous day trips, overnighters, and once, 5 days 75 miles unsupported.

I truly believe it is a well thought out touring boat. It blends speed, durability, stability, comfort, and the ability to carry a load into a durable affordable package. There are many other boats available. Some of them may edge out the Looksha in one category, but taken as a whole, I say nothing else comes close. I believe it so strongly I bought one, TWICE!

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Submitted by: richSend Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     Tried one at a local rental place... Great size and fit. Only thing was with the right rudder control. The cable inside that adjusts length had a sharp spot (metal wire strands). That rubbed on my right leg.
Easy to operate, stable and great for dragging up onto shore
Might not be the fastest, but stable

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 8 of 10

     17 Looksha is a great touring boat. It has great initial stability. It's secondary stability could be a bit better. For its length it is lighter weight than I expected. I felt it was a nimble boat and was very responsive. It's a little wide so I think it's a little slow for its length. Definitely better suited for a larger paddler than me but still a great boat. Got a little worried in the surf because its sleek bow has a tendency to dive. It never threw me but it was enough that I decided not to do that again. Also has a tendency to "wind cock".

All in all I would recommend this boat especially if you're a larger paddler or if you want a good boat you can paddle all day and stay comfortable.

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Submitted by: Juan OteroSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I just had the opportunity to paddle a 2011 Necky Looksha 17 plastic version that a dear friend lent me for a couple of weeks. She comes with all the whistles any serious kayaker looking to cover some water could ask for.

The New 2011 Necky Looksha 17 incorporates the ACS seat which puts the manufacturer way ahead of the bunch with its multiple adjustments points such as the thigh support feature, easy customizable backrest and solid feeling on a seat that really seems one with the boat. The little pull up strings that release the adjustments tabs are also an excellent idea.

Overall a roomy cockpit able to harbor a large range of body types allowing for great comfort as well as excellent control on rough water. When the wind picks up badly a solid rudder system aids on tracking. Adjustable foot pegs could do better on such a great high performance boat. Carrying capacity is almost obscene for you have so much room in each of the pantagruelian hatches that it is hard to find a complaint on that one. The cross lock hatch cover system with the well proven neoprene covers allow no water in even when rolling.

Rolling; for a boat of these specs one would think rolling would require a lot of effort yet it does it easily once you pass the high secondary stability point to flip it.

To finalize, I liked the boat a lot, roomy yet controllable, big yet nimble, fast fair tracker even with some wind, excellent craftsmanship in a boat that can do a lots of things better than just right. I even used her to fish for stripers with no stability worries.
Now I want one!

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