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Reviews for S16 Kayak by Stellar Kayaks

Rated: 9.33/10 Based On: 3 Reviews

S16 Kayak by Stellar Kayaks

Length: 16' 0" - Width: 22.00" - Starting at: $2140.00
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Submitted by: JimSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I bought a new Stellar S16 Advantage in May of 2014 and continue to love the boat. First of all, its great-looking, with a red deck and white hull. Fit and finish is outstanding, inside and out. I've owned many kayaks and this is my favorite so far. Weight is amazing, only 38 lbs for a 16 foot sea kayak. Seems to be pretty tough too, with three layers of fiberglass on the bottom. Hatches are very roomy and really like the concave hatch covers; easy to remove and put on. All fittings are recessed with drain channels around the hatches.

It feels "tippy" when you first get in due to the rounded hull, but that design contributes to the great speed of this boat. It leans very smoothly and you can easily bring the cockpit coaming right down to the water's edge to facilitate turns. Seat bottom is very comfortable for several hours on the water. The backband is adjustable fore and aft using adjustable webbing; I just wish it were somewhat higher. It's great being able to adjust the foot braces while seated too.

Nice to have a rudder; I've used it in rough water in Long Island Sound and it really does the job to keep me on track. Still getting used to the SmartTrack rudder system, with the peddles above the foot braces, but seems to work well; takes some effort to deploy since its spring-loaded, but easy to raise. Sitting in it I seem to be closer to the water than other kayaks I have owned, but a standard spray skirt fits very well over the cockpit.

All in all, the Stellar S16 is the lightest, most responsive, and fun to paddle kayaks I have ever owned, and for a very reasonable price.

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Submitted by: Greg WilliamsSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     I paddled the S18 advantage and found it a little long for me. I ordered a S16 fiberglass advantage without even seeing one from Headwaters Kayak Shop in Lodi, Ca. While awaiting delivery I discovered my boat was in Washington so being retired and an "enthusiastic customer " I drove up and picked it up from the Stellar booth at a kayak show (nice helpful people).

I have paddled it many times now at several places. I am really happy with my purchase. The fit and finish is really good ,and the strength and appearance of the layup reminds me of my last Kevlar boat. The hatchcovers seem to work better than most I have used. I find the seat very comfortable, but I have replaced the backband with a seatback from an Eddyline Skylark. I have a bad back and always have to change my seatback.

The rudder works really well and causes less drag than my last ruddered boat. It tracks good and I will say that I find myself using the rudder a little more to correct for windage than I'm used to, but it does work well, so. Primary is good, but my back keeps me from exploring the secondary, but I know it's there. Sorry, I don't roll.

This boat seems a little quicker than my last, which was a 17' Tempest Pro. Which reminds me, I had the used 07 Tempest pro for only a short while as I discovered it weighed 56 pounds when I got it home. I liked the boat, and have a cart, but my back and age made it difficult to move it around. My previous boat before the TP 170 was a Kevlar Perception Sole, 41 pounds, and I wanted to stick close to that weight. I looked at Valley, Seda, Qcc, Epic, and they all have great boats but in Kevlar most were over $4000, and still were lucky to be under 44 pounds. WoW, my S16 advantage was under $2700 and weighs 38 pounds. When I paddle at my local lake I seem to be less tired and sore, and I am paddling more. Have you heard the saying a good kayak is one you use?

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     Last Saturday I met with Drew Harrison at the Alder Creek Kayak and Canoe store on the Columbia River to test paddle the Stellar S16 and S18. I weighed these boats with my bathroom scale, the S16 Advantage at 39 lbs and the S18 Excel at 34 lbs. The seats and back bands were comfortable and the 32" long cockpits made getting in and out a snap. I then paddled these boats on the river south of the store. This is a no wake zone, with heavy power boat traffic. The current was approximately 2 mph with a good breeze blowing against it. The result was a mixed chop, which would have been very unsettling in my WSBS EFT. I found both boats to be very stable in these conditions. The S18 was slightly faster and the S16 was slightly more stable. The rudders on these boats did not work well and I could have used them in these conditions. These were 2010 models, they are switching to SmartTrack rudders and pedals for 2011. I would rate these two boats at a 9 out of 10 because of their rudders. I am placing an order for a 2011 S18 Excel.
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