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Reviews for Tribe 13.5 Kayak by Perception

Rated: 8.75/10 Based On: 8 Reviews

Tribe 13.5 Kayak by Perception

Length: 13' 5" - Width: 33.75" - Starting at: $649.00
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Rating: 9 of 10

     I am satisfied with this kayak. It is stable and feels sturdy. It fell out the back of our pickup onto the road and was not damaged. We have used it on flatwater and some calm ocean with no problems. We did see some kayaks with extra features but they cost a lot more.
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Rating: 10 of 10

     The Perception Tribe 13.5 is the best sit on top tandem kayak period. Stable, tracks well and it has a 3rd center jump seat so you paddle solo a must have on any tandem kayak. We use this kayak on springs, rivers and the gulf and island hoping. Great kayak!
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Rating: 5 of 10

     Rented this unit for a 2 hr trip down the New River launching near Radford, Va. My wife and I are evaluating kayaks for a future purchase. Overall, it was OK. But, our initial observations, immediately upon launching, was this boat was lacking in control and maneuverability of single kayaks. Towards the end of our 2 hour trip we encountered strong winds blowing upstream. It was a chore to keep pointed on our mark.

The standard seat supports are weak. I wish they were stiffer and higher.
The kayak we rented had no dry storage, paddle holders or adjustable foot rests.
I sat in the stern but felt as thought I was sitting higher than my partner in the bow.

May be OK for recreational use on lakes, but we will continue looking for our dream kayak (light, dry storage lockers, paddle holders, adjustable foot stops, easily controlled in strong currents and wind).

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Rating: 10 of 10

     Our family tribe 13.5 has been a part of the fleet for a year now.
Con: it is heavy.
Pro: it is stable.
The tribe has been down the river and did great with two adult. It's been on lakes with an adult and two kids, and again it did great. It's also been paddled solo and stable enough for adults to stand and fish from. I've added hatches and rod holders and for the money it's a great versatile boat! The only addition I might consider in the future is a downwind sail! It's definitely a keeper in my fleet.

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Submitted by: AntTheKneeSend Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     Wow!! I don't mean to sound too enthusiastic but I went to Pelican Sports in Morris Hills, New Jersey to buy a OK Malibu Two XL. On my way out of the store I noticed the Tribe 13.5 tucked into the back corner. I inquired about this kayak to the sales rep (Jim), who was very very helpful by the way and he told me that is was Perception's answer to the OK Malibu Two XL. Upon closer inspection I noticed the apparent build quality of this boat was excellent. The hull was shaped in such a way that made it feel sturdier and less likey to warp under heat and pressure whereas the OK Malibu Two XL's hull was flat in the front quarter making it susceptible to warp. In fact the model that was on display at the time WAS slightly warped and it hadn't even left the store yet!!

I have nothing against OK and have heard nothing but positive reviews about them. However I believe that the Perception Tribe 13 is the clear winner as far as a tandem that can be converted to solo goes. I took her out for a day trip in the Raritan Bay solo with about 40 lbs of gear. She tracked well for a big wide boat and wasn't as slow as I expected either.

I am sold; extremely happy about my purchase and here are my two favorite things about this boat. 1) it's $200 cheaper than the Malibu Two XL!!!!!
2) go solo and take the two seat straps off and lay down, you wouldn't believe how comfortable it is!!!

I do not work for Perception and am not affiliated in any way with Perception. This glowing review is here because I was overwhelmingly compelled to tell people about it. I did a lot of hemming and hawing and researching before deciding to buy a new kayak and the OK Malibu Two XL appeared to be the best one on paper. Maybe it is a good boat, but if you get a chance to see both of the together you will know why I went with the Perception Tribe 13. Can't wait to outfit it for fishing!!!!

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Submitted by: RPS
Rating: 9 of 10

     Just bought the Tribe 13.5. Considered an number of other recreational tandems. VERY pleased with the purchase. Adapts very quickly and easily to a competent solo. Not great for speed but face it that's not the target market. Would have gone "10" but for the weight. Several competitors are about 10 lbs. lighter.
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Rating: 8 of 10

     A couple of concerns first: top surface could be better for washing dirt off, sides of kayak are little high - wind catching.

Positive: Tribe 13.5 is very stable, tracks very well, but is good enough maneuverable. This kayak is very comfortable for 2 adults + child, or 1 adult + kids. Having tankwells with bungeed are great for short fishing trips or small picnic items.

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Rating: 9 of 10

     Just purchased this boat as a general use boat for my family, We have used it on local lakes and rivers with great success, it is very popular with the kids, they kick my wife off when ever they have a chance. It seems to handle well even for a big SOT, it is very stable (naturally) and the seating flexibility is excellent, it can be paddled as a single, double or even triple if you can get the kids in sync :-)

If you are looking for a stable and flexible family boat, this one deserves a good look. We can't wait to try it in ocean surf!

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