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Reviews for Conduit 13 Kayak by Perception Sport

Rated: 8.83/10 Based On: 6 Reviews

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Submitted by: JonSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     Purchased this kayak for 500 bucks during a sidewalk sale at a local dive shop. This is the first kayak I've owned, although I have used various others. I absolutely love it for these reasons:
- Tracks remarkably straight unless wind is really strong.
- Storage. I do a lot of camping and can fit everything I need in the 2 compartments (which have been 100% water tight thus far) and under the bungee straps.
- Speed. I literally go twice as fast as my buddies who purchased cheaper models at discount sporting good stores.
- Style. I just really like the way it was designed/looks

I have noticed a few people complain about the comfort of the seat. I guess I am not going to complain about it although I have sat in more comfortable seats. I do start to get a little sore when paddling for hours on way to a campsite, but I think I would in almost any kayak seat.

In my opinion this a great kayak and if you're looking for a kayak in this price range, I would highly recommend this one.

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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 10 of 10

     The Conduit 13 is potentially the absolute best boat out there for its price. It may be considered a hybrid of a recreational and a touring kayak, being longer and narrower than a rec kayak, but shorter and wider than a touring kayak. This gives the single layer polyethylene hull speed and tracking not found in rec kayaks but also more stability than a touring kayak. It does not possess many accessories, but its two watertight bulkheads and wonderfully adjustable seat are all one really needs, and extras for fishing or photography are easily and cost-effectively added to personalize one's own boat.

The lack of accessories is also completely outweighed by this boat's wonderful handling properties. Having only used such smaller rec boats as a Swifty, Otter, and Future Beach Fusion, this kayak is a complete dream. While the others plow through the water, this slices. Of course, this boat does not compare to much more expensive boats, but it is amazing for its class. The extra $200 - $300 worth of length and design that gives this boat such performance over the rec boats is completely justified.

Turning radius and ease is also superior to boats of similar price, the 13 foot length is just long enough to provide good tracking and yet short enough to facilitate sharp turns, especially when the boat is on edge.

These handling descriptions apply to my personal experience on flat water, and I have not used the kayak on chop over 6 inches. According to other reviews, though, it will handle substantial waves satisfactorily.

From my experience, however, this is fast boat, and I am sure that an adept paddler will be able to keep up with a touring group quite well, especially in less windy conditions. If wind proves to be troublesome, however, one may add a Perception rudder kit to the rudder-ready fittings on the stern for $175 on Amazon.

I am exceptionally pleased with this boat, as I am sure any beginner, intermediate, and a few advanced paddlers would think.

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Submitted by: WTBSend Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I purchased the Conduit 13 after trying a couple kayaks and found for the money it was the best buy. The seat is very comfortable and the roomy cockpit allows me to move around when needed. The two dry hatches are dry for now. I limit my kayaking to back bays and creeks. I will have to say tracking is good, but with winds higher than 15 knots the boat begins to wander a bit. I do plan to add a rudder for the windy days.
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     Like this boat. Have paddled several and this one is my favorite so far. Also the longest boat I have used. My main use is flat water and for that this is very stable, seat is comfortable once adjusted and cockpit is roomy and comfortable without being too wide open.Boat is lighter than rec boats this lengths and easy for me to load. Tracks and glides pretty well. Very enjoyable. I will have this one for a long time.
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Submitted by: Send Email
Rating: 9 of 10

     I got this kayak in replacement for another that did not track as well as I wished. Have only been out once, in very rough water with high winds, and as long as the kayak is pointed into the wind or even cross wind, it tracks very well. With 20mph winds at your back, it takes a bit to keep it straight, but there is the ability to add a rudder. This is not, by any means at all, a whitewater boat. More suited to open water and slow moving, deep creeks. Great boat for touring smaller lakes!

Stability was very good, and with the hard chine, it edges very nicely, making the boat maneuver more like a shorter boat. Paddling hard resulted in very little yaw, which helps with tracking and glide.

I think there is plenty of dry storage space, and yes a little water got in, I think most from hosing the kayak off when I got home. The seat is comfortable, and offers a lot of adjustment. I wish it had thigh braces, but I think I can work with the foot braces and back rest to get a good hold of the kayak.

Overall, for the money, I think this kayak earns a 9. Tracking in tailwind could be better, but I don't paddle much in wind, so not an issue really. Also, thigh braces would have earned it a 10, but would have also increased the cost. I recommend this to anyone looking to tour some small lakes or deep slower moving creeks/rivers. If you have a problem with tracking, a rudder kit can help take care of that!

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Submitted by: View Profile Send Email
Rating: 7 of 10

     I bought this the first week in April and as of today (May 25) have been out almost a dozen times.

+ handles well for a boat its size, is fairly maneuverable and quite stable.
+ its hardy. I pulled in one day after a sudden rainstorm struck. As I was loading the yak onto my car a gust of wind struck and slammed it onto the pavement. There was barely a scratch on it. This is very comforting to know.
+ it tracks pretty well on flat water and on waves.
+ it's pretty light for its size. I have like zero upper body strength and can still carry this 51 lb boat for short distances.
+ roomy cockpit. I am able to take my 10 lb dog out with me and we are both comfortable. I wouldn't try it with a large breed dog though.
+ storage. This model has both stern and bow hatches, which is good because I like to go stay out all day and even enjoy kayak camping
+ glides easily through water. I can stay out on it with little effort on my part.

- the seat is ridiculously uncomfortable. When I'm out I like to be out all day and usually by the end of the day my lower back is sore and bruised from the uncomfortable seat. This is the first yak I've ever had where this has been an issue. Most (Old Town, Pelican, to name a couple) have been so comfortable I could sleep in it if I wanted.
- The hatch covers are rubber. In the heat of the day they are very easy to slip on and off, but in cold weather, they are a bear to get back on. They are such a pain in the ass to put back on that I leave them off in cold weather.

Overall this is an excellent kayak, one I would recommend to friends and family. However, the uncomfortable seat is bad enough that it prohibits me from giving it the full 10 rating.

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